12 Ways Use Of Essential Oils Can Contribute To Health And Healing!

My mother used to work in a spa salon and whenever she comes from work I used to smell her hands. As I found the smells of the oil quite relaxing and calming. And it used to take all my daily fatigue away. It was also the touch of my mother but also the beautiful smell of essential oils that used to smootheverything on me.


I wanted to know more about those aromas and oils and found this curiosity in my mind early in childhood. Thanks to my Call Coxinternet the research was actually a fun process rather than a boring one. I was interested in this thing myself and also the speed of my internet connection made the process more speedy fun.

Well,I’ll sharethe important details I gathered from my research so that you stop taking medications and better meditate with essential oils. Why take medicines when you’ve got natural things in your reach right?

Here are 12 ways essential oils can contribute to your health and healing:

1. Aroma Therapy:

Ever thought why do we enjoy smelling nice things? Why do they instantly put us to rest and make us even sleep better? Well,aromas haveits way with relaxation and are being used for centuries to give mind peace once in a while.

Well,Aromatherapyis actually practiced with natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots and other parts of the plant. And are the purest form of the oils extracted from these plants.

The inhaled aroma of these essential oils isbelieved to stimulate the brain function. The direct application of essential oils promotesthe blood healing by running into the bloodstream through direct application.

2. Get rid of Blemishes and Acne:

Skin diseases are the most stubborn health conditions among the Americans due to the swear weather conditions. People not die from these conditions but don’t also recover from these positions.

Chamomile essential oil can help you greatly to get rid of the blemishes, acne, andinflammation. Chamomile if applied with coconut oil gives instant relief to bay rashes. On the other hand,it also is a great stress reliever and provides an instantboost to your mood. And provides a good night sleep.

3. Increase your alertness with Essential oils:

Research showed that peppermint oil regularly can increase alertness by 305. It is a great thing for all those who can’t stay focused for long or are not active enough =. Now don’t doze off in your chemistry class. Take a few drops of essential oils in water and your mind will stay sharp.

4. Jojoba essential oil accelerates the closure of wounds:

Researches have shown that jojoba essential greatly helps with the wounds and accelerate the process of healing at the cellularlevel.

5. Get rid of depression with it:

Essential oils are the purest forms of the oils and contain a very strong aroma which doesn’t go away soon. Frankincenseoil is being used for over 2000 years for relaxation. It is commonly used before yoga sessions and meditations to set the mindat ease.

It is also a great antiseptic and heals minor cuts and insect bites faster.

6. Ensure sound sleep:

Essential sound and its aroma can help you sleep better. Put a few drops on the pillow or in the showercan help you have a sound sleep. Now no more sleep bothering at all. Whereas another essential oil called chamomile oil can reduce insomnia and its use provide a mild sedative effect on the brain.

7. Skin Irritation & silky texture for hair:

If you are facing skin irritation problems then get rid of it by using lavender oil. Lavender oil where is particularly known for its aroma but also provide relief against the skin irritation. It also provides a great silky texture to the hair.

8. Tea Tree oil solution to fungal skin infections:

We all have seen beauty bloggers going crazy over the benefits of the tea tree oil. It is extremely great for skin and providesinstant relief to all the skin fungal infections.

9. Get rid of Irritable bowel syndrome:

A few essential oils like peppermint can help smooth the muscle of the stomach and produce an antispasmodic effect that improves the flow of bile. Peppermint oil also helps to soothe the discomfort of irritable bowel system. According to the studies,peppermint oil can reduce IBs to 80% without any use of medicine.

10. Improve your Respiratory Health:

Respiratory health can be improved by breathing fine air and also eucalyptus steam can immensely help to alleviate a coughand respiratory congestion.

The aroma acts as medicine to the loosen phlegm in the nasal and lungs passages.

11. Improve liver health:

Use of oregano oil can improve the functioning liver and help fight the harmful organisms in the body.

12. Enhance the immune system:

Pomegranate has several benefits in itself, just imagine how much beneficialwould be its oil? It is rich in Linolenic acid. Researchers said that pomegranate oil is causing the delay in skin and colon cancer. The oil exceptionally improves the immune system.

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