5 Tips to Protect Your Knees When Riding Electric Bikes

Cycling is one of the more popular pastimes of today. It’s sustainable and makes a convenient mode of transport for you too. Cycling can be a great way to improve your fitness levels and build core and back muscles. Unfortunately, it can also put a lot of strain on the knee. You may suffer from overuse knee injuries which occur when the connective tissue in the joint begins to erode. When this tissue is damaged, you could experience problems in your lower and upper legs also. So, how can you keep your knees protected when using an electric bike?


Always Warm Up Before Riding an Electric Bike

You probably think cycling is an easy sport and that you only need to hop on and cycle away. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Of course, in theory, you could do that, but it’s likely to cause an injury. Even with an electric bike, you need to warm up first. This is essential. You’re waking the body up and getting the blood flowing. Warming up the body gives it the encouragement it needs to get on and ride the bike to your destination. It also prevents serious injury during exercise.

You can try something easy and gentle on the body so that your legs and knees are ready for the cycle ahead. It could increase your metabolic rate which helps increase muscle blood flow and more. Warming up is about reducing the harsh impact on the knee when you start cycling and building speed. Fortunately, you could start with a basic five-minute stretch. You stretch your upper and lower legs, calf muscles, and hamstrings. This prevents tightness and reduces the risk of tiredness kicking in too early. You might not like the idea of warming up, but it’s necessary. You’re preparing the muscles and protecting the knees for the day ahead.

Posture and Riding Position Is Everything in Cycling

Poor posture counts for back pain and if yours is the same, it’s likely to cause issues to the rest of your body. You probably think posture won’t impact your knees; however, it can have a lasting impact throughout your body, including on the knees. You might experience pain to your shoulders, lower and mid-sections of your back, not to mention feel the strain on the knees. It could even impact your riding position which could make for an uncomfortable journey. It’s essential to avoid slouching or being hunched over while riding your electric bike. You want to keep the back straight and upright so that your posture is correct.

By taking steps to correct your posture, you’ll feel less strain on the back and build on the body’s core muscles. You may want to change the height of the saddle too. If that isn’t right for your stature or height, it can work against you. You may slip forward and cause injury to the knees. Remember, your body is fighting gravity; it’s trying to stay upright on the electric bike. If your riding position or the saddle isn’t right, it can compromise your body. Instead, find a riding position that is comfortable for your height. It’ll help you be comfortable during the journey and prevent unnecessary injury to your knees.

Choose a Suitable Speed

When you’re new to electric bikes, you can try too hard and injure yourself. You might not even be sure what speed is right and think your body can handle more than it is able to. It’s difficult to find a balance between speed and comfort, but important. It’s essential to find a speed that suits your style of riding and that makes your body comfortable throughout. Choosing a speed that’s too fast or tiresome could result in your knees being overworked. That creates damage to the joints and connective tissue also.

Remember, the speed needs to be appropriate for your level of fitness and cycling ability. Newcomers shouldn’t aim too high as it could result in injury. Instead, you could opt for a slower setting and build your body from there. In no time, you’ll feel ready to take on greater challenges. Starting at a slower pace could help build leg muscles, improve your core, and allow your knees ample time to adjust to riding an electric bike. Fewer injuries will occur when you choose a speed that is suitable for your level.

Use The Built-In Accelerator Where Necessary

When you get tired or start to falter, you could use the built-in accelerator. This is there to help; you shouldn’t neglect it. Remember, cycling takes its toll on your body, especially when you’re just starting out. The body isn’t used to the pace and needs time to adjust, build muscles, and increase its strength. Protecting the knees is crucial, otherwise little injuries can occur and if you don’t give them sufficient time to heal, you’ll continue to feel the impact.

Electric bikes have a built-in accelerator, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. When your legs become tired or your speed slows down, you could use the accelerator. Let the electric bike get you to your destination. You don’t have to use the accelerator all the time, just when it’s necessary. It’ll prevent overworking your knees and stop injuries from occurring. When your legs feel refreshed, you can stop the accelerator and get cycling again. It’s only needed when you feel tired, and it’ll stop unnecessary knocks to your knees.

The Magic of Therapeutic Tape

You mightn’t be aware of therapeutic tape or what it can do; however, you can help protect your knees while riding an electric bike. Therapeutic tape is something you’ll likely need in your arsenal. The tape is ideal if you suffer from an old sports injury or are susceptible to knee injuries. It’s also ideal for adding a layer of protection to your knees. Therapeutic tape is pressure-sensitive and sticks to the skin when applied.

Therapeutic tape reduces friction and pain. It keeps the knees wrapped which helps to align them correctly. When the knees are overused, there is a layer of protection from the tape. It may reduce some pain and ensure minimal damage occurs. Of course, you can’t work the knees too much, otherwise, the damage may be extensive. This is especially true if your fitness levels are low. Electric bikes work your lower body, so your knees are particularly at risk. Using therapeutic tape may prevent unnecessary injuries to the knees. Protecting your knees from the start is crucial.

The Sustainable Life

Riding an electric bike can be great for your health, fitness, and is more sustainable than diesel-powered engines. Unfortunately, common injuries to the knees may occur when riding an electric bike. Protecting the knees is crucial and there are lots of simple ways you can protect yours too. Therapeutic tape, warm-ups, and choosing the right speed are just a few you could try to protect your knees.

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