7 Best Foods for Building Muscle

One of the most challenging aspects of a fitness journey is figuring out what foods work best for you andyour activity level. For some of us, it's also quite hard to avoid the things that hinder our progress in thegym as well. It's a well known fact that your diet has a huge affect on your progress building muscle!


It's pointless to start a body building journey without taking a look at what you're eating, and how muchyou're eating. When you're eating food that is densely packed with nutrients and antioxidants, it's a loteasier for your body to get in a place where it is building muscle.

So, how do you know which foods to introduce into your diet when your goal is to build muscle? Here aresome of the best foods to eat when your goal is to build muscle. Don't feel overwhelmed about gettingthem all into your diet at once, slowly introducing them is a sure key to success without feeling like thereis too much on your plate, figuratively. We made sure to add in suggestions that are friendly for thosewho do not eat animal products such as vegans and vegetarians.

Grass Fed Beef

Beef is unique in the fact that it has a helpful ratio of B vitamins, iron, protein, and zinc. Grass fedmakes a ton of difference, although uneducated people will say otherwise. It is proven that grassfed cows have more conjugated linoleic acid than the standard beef that you're going to find at thesupermarket.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of CLA, it helps you to shed body fat a lot faster as well asbuild up your muscle. It really is worth the investment to spend a bit more on the grass fed beef. Itwill taste better, too!


This is a no brainer, right? Let's explain why eggs are arguably the most common food known forhelping build muscle mass! The cholesterol inside of the yolks helps to boost the efficiency of thework outs that you're doing. They're also full of protein, which is obviously a building block toyour gains. The fact that they are super versatile is another benefit, as it's hard to get tired of thisfood when you can eat it so many different ways!


Betaine in the component of beets that makes them so beneficial for muscle growth! It is alsocalled trimethlyglycine, and it is something that supports your joint and liver health. They're alsogreat for enhancing energy and helping with recovery after a particularly intense work out session.

Beets can be hard for some people to work into their diets naturally, but there are many ways to do so! It is particularly delicious pickled, in salads, or simply topped with something like feta cheese.

Cottage Cheese

Feeling hungry before bed? Maybe you should reach for the cottage cheese instead of your usualnight time snack! Cottage cheese is a food that has a lot of casein protein, which is perfect forgaining muscle. Since this is the slowest protein to digest, it reduces the risk of catabolism whileyou sleep during the night. If you're unfamiliar with catabolism, it is when you lose muscle massdue to inactivity.

Brown Rice

There are a couple of reasons why brown rice is a lot better than the white counterpart when itcomes to fitness. First of all, it's minimally processed as compared to white rice. It's always a goodidea to avoid the heavily processed foods when you're trying to gain muscle! Brown rice is slowly digested which means you get more energy out of it. This will help you get through your work outa lot better than white rice which is digested very fast and with a spike in blood sugar.


Did you know that cantaloupe is one of the best fruits that you can eat when you're buildingmuscle as a fitness goal? This is because it doesn't have as much fructose as other fruits, so it is acarbohydrate that is digested faster which is perfect for after a work out or the period after fasting.


We know, you're probably thinking of Popeye when we list spinach as a muscle building food.However stereotypical it might be, spinach is a fantastic food to eat when you're focused on gains.

The reason behind this is that is rich in glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid which is vital formuscle growth.

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