A Comprehensive Guide To The Top 5 Ab Roller Reviews

Ab rollers are stomach exercise accessories used to complement other lifestyle activities with the aim of developing some effective crunches. While doing the stomach exercise, it is important that other body parts such as the arms, neck, back or legs are also used for leverage. Ab rollers have been used for quite some time now to strengthen the stomach muscles, more so with the aim of developing six packs. The question is, “do they really work and which ones are the best Ab rollers on the market? Ab Roller Reviews


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

What Are Ab Rollers?

These are essentially simple, compact and inexpensive workout devices. The device features a roller wheel that has been connected to a piece of a rod which acts as the handle for the user to hold while working out. The rollers work core muscles in the arms, lower back, shoulders and upper back and above all, some abdominal sections.

Do They Really Work?

Many people have rushed to start an activity they don’t understand so well. The aftermath is a failure and the same people end up talking ill of something they don’t understand so well. If you come across an individual having those strong abs and is a person who regularly does Ab roller workouts, don’t just rush and start doing the workouts. Maybe you may need to ask them how they ended up with such an impressive six pack.

The Ab rollers are very effective in not only helping you develop a six pack but for strengthening the entire core. The only caution is that if you want to see its impact in a week or a month or two, forget about the Ab rollers and instead go for some other workout forms. Ab roller results can be well be appreciated if you faithfully do the workouts for a year. This sounds pretty long indeed but as they say, that which ripens quickly also does rot quickly.

Waiting for a whole year may be heartbreaking. So how do people manage to develop strong abs and stomach six packs within a short time? The combination of other more effective and faster workouts with Ab rollers will give you a smile within a few years. The best form of workouts for this cause is sit-up variants, push-ups, and the plank. These combined with the Ab roller workouts and diet change, you will be guaranteed of both the short time and the long time benefits.

Buying Guide Of The Best Ab Rollers

a. Number Of Wheels

Ab rollers come in one or two wheel forms. The first one is that which comes with a single wide wheel, whereas there is that which features two thinner wheel options. This second two wheel option can either be used as a single or double wheel roller. This allows you the ability to change your sit-up skill levels as well as the balance requirements. On the other hand, the single wheel units, which are always wider, are often angled and less stable thereby allowing you to work on your abs and obliques. Unlike the double wheeled rollers, the single wide Ab rollers can be worked in and out at various angles thus beneficial to different muscle groups.

b. Handles Vs Foot Pedals

Ab rollers can also come with additional foot pedals on top of the hand grips. The most important thing is to ensure that the handles are ergonomically designed hence comfortable to hold and workout with. It has to have the capacity of holding your full body weight with the wheel still easily rolling forward and backward. And when using different muscles and angles in all directions for effective workout routines, the handle must be able to accommodate all these.

c. Reviews

The main reason for seeking for Ab roller reviews is so as to ascertain its durability. It may be quite difficult for you to know how durable a roller will be by just looking at it. However, Ab roller reviews, written by different users will give you a clear picture of whether it will serve you for a week or it will give you real value for your money.

d. Non Slip Features

These are essential hand grip and wheel features. If the wheel slides when you are working out on a hard floor surface, you may hit your head on the ground. On the other hand, you don’t want to lose a tooth or two simply because your hand slipped off the handle.

Important Points
  •  You can get decent abs without having to engage in direct core exercises
  • Visible six packs result from a combination of lean diets followed by exercise
  • For your abs to be visible, you have to lose weight. No matter how much world class they are, they won’t be visible if you are too fat.
  • An Ab wheel is one of the most effective core workout tools

Top Rated Ab Roller Reviews

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Carver

Via Amazon.com

It is one of the tools that can allow the user to carve out some of the most visible and most impressive six packs within the shortest time possible. It's a wide-wheeled roller, with a base capable of stabilizing your movements with your body remaining centered. You also have the choice of moving in and out at angles.

Special Features And Benefits
  • Effective Performance: This is made possible by the carbon spring engineered inside the wheel thus improving on effective workouts over every single movement. The spring adds resistance when the roller is extended but boosts support when you roll back in.
  • Comfort: The hand grips feature a rubber material for nonslip and ergonomically comfortable grip. The overall ergonomic construction alleviates strain. For additional comfort, the package comes with foam knee pads
  • Workout Variants: The design, in conjunction with the accompanying pads, you can do a wide range of workouts with this roller.


  • The Carbon spring isn’t as durable

2. Valeo VA2413RE-AB-Wheel

Via Amazon.com

The simple but very effective Valeo design is what makes it a top pick. It is also lauded for featuring some non-slid wheels thereby allowing the users to do stable workouts in almost any form of surface. Overall, it is a very valuable product that is sought for by many.

Benefits And Drawbacks
  • Non-Slid Performance: Both the handles as well as the wheels have been designed and constructed in such a way that they will almost never slide
  • Dual Ab wheel System: The wheel system is such that you can tone and firm your abs while also making the back and arms stronger.
  • Simplicity: It is the best solutions for beginners, thanks to the fact that one can complete pushups from even the full push up position if they wish.


  • The handles are only comfortable for a short time. They ultimately wear out and cause discomfort

3. PharMeDoc Ab Roller Wheel

Via Amazon.com

It is an abdominal reinforce that feature reinforces steel handles for durable core strengthening and toning. The product is a versatile one that can be used at home and in the gym to burn belly fat quite faster than you may have thought it to work.

  • Perfect Performance: Credited for producing great workout performance as they chisel the legs, hip flexors, obliques, abs, and triceps among others
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The handles are is such a manner as to ensure non-slip grip performance so you can work out with comfort even upon sweating
  • Portable: It is one of the most compact as well as lightweight Ab roller thus making it easy to pack and go to any place at any time.


  • Some customers have complained about its durability. The approval rate, however, stands at over 87%

4. Elite Sportz Ab Roller

Via Amazon.com

It's a dual-wheeled Ab roller type that offers smooth workout performances. It comes with a revolutionary exercise performance that allows the tone core to be targeted and toned with a lot of ease. It is also credited for strengthening and sculpting the midsection of your body as it also helps build your lower and upper body parts.

Special Features And Benefits
  • Wholesome Performance: Unlike other rollers which may limit you to only a few body parts, this one works out your upper body parts, midsection and the lowers thus leaving no body part unattended to
  • Dual wheel system: Produces smooth rolling with better balance thus improving your posture as it gives you more confidence during workouts. Two wheels never wobble so there is nothing to worry much about.
  • Great Instructions: Few Ab rollers come with such detailed instructions as that which accompanies this one. As a result, it is the best Ab roller for beginners.


  • It’s a cheap construction for cheap sale

5. Complete Iron Gym Ab Roller Wheel

Via Amazon.com

It is a complete workout accessory that alleviates no upper body part. Your shoulders, neck, and arms will all be taken care of when working out with this Ab roller. It is one of the best Ab rollers on the market, probably the best by virtue of being the best on this list

Special Features And Benefits
  • Rubberized Grips: This ensures you have a smooth and comfortable fatigue free workout thereby psyching you up to complete you targeted goal
  • Interior Steel Coil: This is for added resistance and improved support and you move out and in respectively. The result is a speed up in observable results.
  • Versatile: It ergonomics makes it a versatile accessory for use on any floor surface and for any form of workout a roller can perform.


  • Not for those very heavy people.

  • Work on your hormones and an entire lifestyle overhaul if you are to see progressive and steady results.


Ensure you consider where you will use your Ab roller as you look for the best product to buy. Also know that Ab rollers haven’t been designed for giving you those six packs overnight.

There must be a change of diet, followed by other workouts such as sit-ups and complemented by regular Ab roller workouts. In a nutshell, as can be realized from the Ab roller reviews, these rollers can help you achieve a long time success only if you do it the right way.

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