How To Perform An Alternate Hammer Curl In 6 Simple Steps

Fitness is one of the best ways of healthy living. There are several types of exercises targeting different parts of the body that can be helpful in ensuring that you are always fit. However, when starting out or planning to start out on your fitness routine, one ideal exercise that you should always consider is the conducting the alternate hammer curl. As the name suggests, this exercise uses a hammering motion in isolating the biceps as well as building relatively bigger arms. It is regarded as one of the ultimate workouts that make help in building up your upper body.


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Important Aspects Of This Exercise That You Should Know

  • Performing this particular exercise can be a difficult thing especially if you are not aware of the necessary nitty-gritty surrounding it. In most cases, novices usually get it wrong, and the moment you are not doing it correctly, then it means you will not be building any muscle or the exercise will not be effective. What it simply implies is that you need to ensure that you get the concept of conducting this exercise right to make it possible for you to obtain desirable results.
  • An effective exercise should apparently show bear fruits and at the same time enabling you to stay fit. It would be pointless to struggle to perform a fitness exercise that does not add value to your body. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that you get the right procedure. This article will be helpful to you in providing essential tips of how to superlatively carry out alternate hammer curl exercise yourself without necessarily considering the assistance of a tutor.

6 Steps To Perform An Alternate Hammer Curl

Step 1

Start off this exercise by standing on your feet. Remember this exercise mainly targets the upper parts of the body thus necessary to stand upright. While at the same standing position, place your shoulder width-apart but maintaining your knees at a relatively bent position. Draw your abs in tightly while still maintaining the position.The core of all this positioning is to help in making sure that the moment you start the hammering, all the relevant, targeted parts of the body will be adequately reached at every motion.

Step 2

Take the dumbbells and hold in each hand. Let your palms to face inwards and allow your arms to extend slightly outer. It is always advisable that you always position your palms of your hands to face the chest every moment you are starting out hammering.

Step 3

Gradually lift your left arm in a curvature motion in the direction of your left shoulder. All this time still ensuring that your elbows are kept locked in at your sides. As you slowly lift the arm, isolate the bicep but at the same time squeezing the muscle.Repeat this step every moment you are starting out on this particular exercise as once more probably after resting for a while.

Step 4

Slowly start to bring the dumbbells back to the position that you started out on while at the same time you breathe in deeply. Hold a bit for a count and then return to the starting point


Repeat all the steps using the right hand. Importantly, this amounts to one recurrence.

Step 6

Continue repeating the steps by alternating the left and the right arms for as many sets and repetitions as you desire.

Watch bellow video:

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Fundamental Tips

When performing this particular exercise, it is important to desist from turning your wrists.

Another important tip is that this exercise provides for a possibility of some variations. What this means is that several ways can be used to efficiently performing this exercise and desirable results attained at the end of them all.

For instance, it is possible to do the exercise when you are seated down on a bench irrespective of whether or not there is back support. Alternatively, you can also carry out the same exercise by moving both arms at the same time in a uniform manner and still achieve the results, but it is always advisable that you alternate the arms for as many sets as possible.

The other fundamental tip to note is that the dumbbells usually come in various sizes. What this means is that before starting out on this exercise, you need to establish your ideal weight and obtain the dumbbells that are suitable for your weight. Going for heavier dumbbells will be somewhat damaging your muscles and not necessarily building as required. On the other hand, going for relatively light weight means that you will not be able to attain the wishful result as effective as it should be. Therefore, always go for the dumbbells that have a weight which compliments your body mass.


  • As mentioned in this article, the steps provided herein are helpful in making it possible for you to carry out the alternate hammer curl workout at your backyard without the help of an instructor. However, it would be important to note that you need to get the right dumbbells in your gym for this exercise.
  • The other significant point that you should not overlook during this exercise is safety. It is important to know that the dumbbells need to be used well during the exercise because some are heavy and when mishandled can cause serious injury to you as the user or other parties. It is, therefore, recommendable that you store them safely after use to prevent any possible injury.
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