Benefits Of An Elliptical Cross Trainer

An elliptical cross trainer is an important gym equipment found in the cardio place of any gym. Itis normally a stationed equipment whose components include foot pedals and two handles. The exercise resembles the normal pattern experienced when running walking and climbing stairs. It provides an efficient and full body workout. This article guides you through to the benefits of Elliptical Cross Trainer.


· Weight loss: This machine is beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Many people use this machine successfully in accelerating their fat loss. The elliptical cross trainer is preferred as compared to other alternative machines such as exercise bikes and stair climbers. The number of calories burnt during the exercise will depend on many factors such as the individual’s current level of fitness, gender,and age. If your main objective is to lose weight, this is the best machine to use.

· Protection of joints: The crucial aspect of this machine goes far beyond the weight loss. It includes protecting your joints. This is the difference between a cross trainer and the treadmill. The treadmill has a high impact as compared to the cross trainer which is an impact free. Cross trainers are a fantastic machine for people experiencing joint pains or problems. The amount of pressure directed to your joints especially in the hip and knees is reduced gradually.

· Prevents injuries: If you are not experienced inthe gymit can be cumbersome. Some of the machines can be unfriendly to use. This machine is simple to learn. It is one of the safest machines in the gym. You can be injured when you fall when using a treadmill but elliptical cross trainer is not associated with any kind of injury.

· Get stronger: While resistance training is considered as the best choice to strengthen your muscles, this machine is an excellent alternative to improve the strength. So if you are aiming at gaining the strength, consider a cross trainer. You can also use it as a recovery exercise if you participate in resistance training. It helps in muscle recovery and can result in general strength gain. When using this machine, keep both the heart rate and the resistance at a low level compared to exercises of high intensity.

· It works out at home: consider purchasing this machine if you wish to do the exercise at home instead of joining a gym society.

· Work the entire body: unlike other Fitness Equipments in Melbourne, elliptical cross trainers work the entire body thus providing an entire body work out. It also increases the number of calories burnt.

· Variation in the intensity of your workout: The best exercise involves variation in intensities, all of them used together to create an effective harmony. When using this machine, you can choose a run,a stair climb or an ordinary walk. For you to shift the type of workout, you need to vary the speed at which you are moving and the machine’s resistance. To improve the fitness, do some intensity interval training.

· It reduces the risk of diabetes: Just like any other physical activity, cross trainer exercises prevent type 2 diabetes. This is a chronic disease whereby, there is dysfunction of insulin which affects nearly 10 % of adults. The role of insulin in the body is to supply glucose to the cells. Glucose is a source of energy to these cells. In this chronic disease, insulin does not fulfil its function very well and therefore sugar continues to build up in the blood system. Diabetes 2 can cause certain complications such as kidney failure, blindness and cardiovascular accidents. Studies show that, apart from genetic factors, diabetes is caused due toa lack of physical activities. Exercising on the cross trainer will have a positive impact on your body’s sugar levels. When you exercise, your muscles will use all the glucose stored in the body and the sugar level will drop drastically.

· Cross trainer reduces stress: This machine makes you remain happy therefore reducing stress. Physical activities affect your brain and psychology in a positive way. It allows you to relieve stress and you feel good.These positive effects on your mood and well-beingcome as a result of your body releasing endorphins and serotonin hormones. These hormones are responsible for happiness. They provide you with a feeling of well-being which is very powerful. These hormones are believed to have an anti-stress effect. Working with a cross trainer is said to be the best medicine to reduce stress.

· Prevents Alzheimer’s: Just like the ordinary bike, cross trainer is a good sport you can practice at home without experiencing any problem even when at old age. It is vital you stay active and participate in sports regularly. Physical activities on the cross trainer will stimulate certain parts of your brain. These regular activities will reduce Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and their symptoms

In summary, cross trainers fitness equipment in Melbourne we recommend includes the beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Try them for better results.

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