Best Ankle Brace : All You Need To Know Before Buying

Are you thinking of buying an ankle brace? Do you know what it takes to get an ideal one that suitably suits your needs? You should never worry because this article right here has all information to help you in the process. Your ankle is a critical joint of the body in regards to motion and running. It is prone to injury especially when running or playing different types of games. It is for that reason that you need to invest in the best ankle brace that will be helpful in protecting your ankle from injury and providing the comfort that shoes cannot offer.


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What Is The Significance Of An Ankle Brace?

One of the questions that most people ask regarding this gear is, what’s, is its importance? Let me tell you now. A major benefit of this equipment is that it helps in immobilizing your ankles after an injury as they heal. Mostly, after an injury, your ankle cannot be subjected to intense pressure like before and thus the need for ensuring that they get the necessary compression and heat to your bones during the healing process.

Braces are helpful in applying adequate pressure as well as keeping your ankle tight thus averting any possible cases of another injury from occurring.

Types Of Ankle Braces In The Market

It is important to note that ankle braces are different based on the kind of injury sustained. Essentially, the severity of the injury is what determines the type of brace that you would need. They are classified into three groups which include the following,

1. Mild Ankle Braces

these are also referred to as lightweight ankle braces. They are suitable for a first degree or rather a slight strain.

2. Medium Support Ankle Braces

these braces are appropriate for people who are actively involved in sporting activities. They are designed for second-degree injuries and ideally, will enable you to carry on with lateral actions.

3. Maximum Support Ankle Braces

are suitable for third-degree sprains or acute twisting where there is little or no ankle firmness. They are ideal for protecting you from repetitive or new injuries especially if you have previously suffered from a serious injury.

Guide For Selecting A Suitable Ankle Brace

Some crucial factors need to be considered when buying an ankle brace. It will not only enable you to get the best out of this equipment but will also allow you to stay safe, which is critical when using them in solving your needs. Some of these factors include the following;


Different athletes use ankle braces for various reasons. These reasons range from prevention of ankle sprains be it low or high, recovering from injuries sustained in previous outings and obtaining additional firmness and confidence for sore ankles among many other reasons.

What you need to know is that in the market, there are various braces customized to meet different needs. This is to say that you will always find a brace for your particular purpose; just establish why you need one by visiting a physician who will give you guidance on the kind of brace that you need.


The strength of ankle braces varies depending on the manufacturer, quality of material and manner of usage. Some manufacturers are known to be producing highly durable ankle braces while others do the contrary.

Regarding quality of material used, those manufactured using high quality materials such as Neoprene tend to last relatively longer than the other materials. When it comes to the manner of using this gear, when subjected to intense usage and improper care, they will wear out rather fast than when used the other way round.

Of essence is to carry out enough research to help you in understanding the brands, materials, and type of usage that will guarantee you ideal durability.

Fit And Comfort

These are arguably the most fundamental factors that you must have in mind when buying ankle braces. The reasons are pretty obvious, aren’t they? Efficiency is based on these two elements since they determine whether or not you will ultimately be able to attain desirable results.

For one, if the fit happens to be loose, you will not be able to get the essential steadiness and protection required. Nevertheless, if it happens to be too tight, it will restrict blood flow thus ends up numbing your feet, thus the need to choose a brace that offers the right fit and comfort.


The cost of your preferred ankle brace depends greatly on its type and manufacturer. The cost is obviously a critical element to consider because it is only right foryou to get an ankle brace that matches the amount you are paying for. An important thing to have in mind is that low prices at times do not necessarily reflect poor quality, but still you have to be keen when buying those that are lowly priced.

Important Consideration To Have In Mind

Ankle braces are critical gears that should never be misused in the aspect of healing or protecting the ankle. Safety precaution is essential in ensuring that you use an ankle brace that is suitable for your needs. It is understandable that ankle injuries often happen unexpectedly, be it in sports or other ventures. Significantly, prevention is always a better approach to undertake, and it all starts with getting a suitable brace which starts by establishing its extents and severity.

In this case, it is imperative to seek doctors’ advice before you think of buying this gear. 

Top 5 Best Ankle Braces

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1.ASO Ankle Stabilizer


This ASO Ankle Brace is arguably one of the best braces to have graced the market. It is the most preferred among many collegiate and professional athletes worldwide. This popularity is probably because of its lightweight construction which provides exceptional lateral and medial support without necessarily hampering quick moves.

Most of the sportsmen get value from this brace derived from a combination of factors which include durability, unsurpassed comfort and support. It is keenly designed to ensure that you get the stability and comfort when using it.

The brace is manufactured with higher quality control standards with an elastic cuff that improves stability and support as well as its ballistic nylon material that provides ideal durability. It is designed in low-profile that makes it easy for fitting in any shoe.


  • Each size fits into any foot, whether right or left
  • Stabilizing straps forming figure-8 like structure for maximum ankle support
  • Low profile hence fits all shoes
  • Ballistic nylon boot
  • Elastic cuff closures improves support levels and puts laces at right places


  • Getting its right-sizing is an intensive undertaking.
  • The material needs a bit of break-in, but after a few weeks, you will never realize that you are wearing it.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a suitable choice more so when you are looking for a fairly priced brace, specifically if you are suffering from a low ankle sprain.

2. Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap


If you are looking for an ankle brace that will hasten your recovery period and at the same time minimize pain then you got to have the Sleeve Stars Plantar. This brace is designed with an extra compression strap that provides unlimited support as well as incapacitating pain from a sprained ankle.

The material used in manufacturing this gear is a high quality fabric that provides a smooth feeling when in contact with your skin. They are lightweight thus making it easy for you to get the essential comfort when using them. It is designed in a manner that one size fits all thus suitable for both men and women.


  • Hastens the recovery process by allowing efficient blood circulation and easing pain from foot discomfort
  • Comfortable enough so you can wear it anywhere, anytime
  • Extra compression strap provides adequate support ideal for preventing new injuries
  • Made of high quality fabric that absorbs sweat quickly thus keeping your feet odor free and dry
  • They are machine-washable thus making it easy to wash and maintain.


  • Some users find its sizing problematic

This sleeve stars ankle brace offers excellent ankle support and at the same time hastening and lessening pain and soreness. It therefore is an ideal choice if you want to attain maximum performance in all sporting activities that you do.

3. McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps


This is another ankle brace that is manufactured with one of the most reputable brands. It is proven from a study that it is 3-times effective in reducing ankle-related injuries. Its construction features a single-layer polyester material and has stimulation as a result of the athletic tape design which has a figure-6 strapping configuration.

You can adjust this ankle brace fully without unlacing it or removing your shoes. What’s more is that the brace has a ventilation and padded lining as well as strengthened closures. In other words, this ankle brace will help you get maximum comfort and protection during injuries.


  • Scientifically tested and proven to be effective in reducing chances of suffering from ankle injuries up to 3-times
  • Comfort fit
  • Adequate ventilation for breathability
  • Fits both left and right ankles
  • Can be adjusted fully without removing the shoes or unlacing
  • Lightweight but offers adequate support.


  • Complains that strap/lacing combination is relatively bulky

With proven track record that this brand has together with test conducted showing it reduces injury up to 3-times; it is definitely a good choice to go for.

4. SENTEQ Compression Ankle Brace


If you are that individual who finds laced and strapped ankle braces unsuitable for your needs but still wants to achieve the best ankle stability, Senteq is the best choice for you; it provides unique compression and steadiness for risk or injured ankles.

Senteq is uniquely designed using Neoprene material, which shows why it is durable, soft and comfortable. It has an extremely firm compression, up to medical standards and FDA certified. The craftsmanship incorporated in designing this ankle brace is out of this world and the material used in manufacturing it of the highest quality that you can ever have.

Moreover, it has a mesh ventilation which is important in breathability during exercise. You are also guaranteed of maximum satisfaction from using this particulargear, and according to the manufacturer, you are assured of a full refund of your money when you realize that it does not match your specific needs upon purchasing.


  • Meets Medical Grade standards and FDA approved
  • Has a compression that helps in reducing inflammation and rather stabilizes weak ankles.
  • Satisfaction is fully guaranteed
  • Has an appealing design with durable construction
  • Easy to wear given that it has no strap nor lace
  • Comfort and support is guaranteed


  • Provides relatively low support compared to structural braces

This is a suitable ankle brace to consider given that it is affordable and provides effective and desirable results.

5. Pure Compression Ankle Sleeve


There are instances when you need a kind of ankle brace that gives you ideal support without limiting your range of motion. If you are this type of a person, then the Pure Compression Ankle Sleeve is suitable for you. This ankle gear comes with an adjustable strap that enhances perfect fitting on your ankle. It is designed to offer full support and mobility such that your movement will not be restricted when using it. It is also made of a particular type of fabric of unquestionable quality that allows you to feel comfortable when wearing this gear.

Moreover, it comes with advanced compression technology which you ought to know that is fundamental in providing support and stabilization on the ankle.


  • Adjustable strap gives support anytime anywhere
  • High support and stabilization on the ankle area
  • Quality fabric that plays the role of wicking moisture and resisting odor
  • Excellent stabilization of the ankle and high circulation of blood
  • Easy to hand wash and dries rather fast
  • Versatility in different sports and activities
  • Easy adjustment due to elastic and stretchable straps


  • Seems like they cannot withstand extreme intensive use for long

Overall, it is a good quality product that is comfortable and offers great help in reducing pain and swelling.

Final thoughts

Like I stated earlier in this article, there is a variety of ankle brace options in the market. Therefore, the best ankle brace for you depends on your specific needs. What should never be disregarded before purchasing these braces is to seek the approval of a physician that’s if your need is medically driven. Braces are helpful in ensuring that ankle injuries are healed hastily and further related and recurring injuries are avoided.

All in all, the above-mentioned braces still remain the ideal choice for 2017.

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