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Introduction Best Medicine Ball

Medicine balls have been in existence since the Ancient Greece days. The difference between the balls used during those days and the modern once is in the construction. Whereas the ancient Greece medicine balls featured sand being stuffed in animal skins, the modern day models are made of rubber, neoprene, and nylon.

What has happened is just advancement but the principle is the same. The best medicine ball today have been designed to boost the strength, agility, and flexibility of enthusiasts. They are today very popular for home and gym workouts. Maybe you should procure a set! If that is your desire, below are some important considerations.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Medicine Ball Benefits

I. Muscle Development:

Repetition and consistency of different medicine ball workouts will tone specific areas, core and leg muscles. Some of these muscles are difficult to tone with other exercise forms

II. Balance Refinery:

There are medicine ball workouts that require the exerciser to lift or rotate while holding the ball in their hands as they perform a posture using a single or both legs. Such have proven to be effective in promoting balancing as weight shifts from a single side to the other.

III. Core Strength Development:

The core is your body without your limbs. Functional movements are very dependent on the core and it has to be strong so as to reduce injury risks. Rotational exercises with the use of medicine balls are very effective in core development.

IV. Improvement Of Coordination:

Most of the exercise routines that involve the use of medicine balls require the use of body, arms, and feet positioning. Those body elements end up being refined and taught to coordinate within themselves. Such coordination is important in all physical activities and sports.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Medicine Balls

A. Medicine Ball Sizes And Weights

The balls come in different sizes thus making them useful and available for people in different fitness levels. For instance, if you are just starting your workouts, you may want to go for a ball, not more than 8 pounds. Young children can start with 2 pound balls. On the other side, if you have been training martial arts or you have been a regular trainee at the gym, anything less than 20 pounds will look like a joke to you.

What you want to achieve will also determine the ball size you should go for. For instance, if agility and flexibility are your goals, it’s recommended you go for balls that can be picked with less effort. On the contra-wise, if you want to strengthen your core and muscles, consider the heavy loads.

B. Material

This depends on how the user would want the medicine ball to feel in their hands. There are those who would prefer to experience a leather feel such as that of soccer balls, whereas other would prefer a rubberized feel like that of the basketballs. The baseline is that regardless of your preference feel, all medicine balls should have a good texture that facilitates for perfect gripping.

C. Quality of the Medicine Ball

This partly depends on the material of use. However, it is more than just the material. For instance, there are some rubbers that stronger than others with others being thicker than some. It is only realistic that you got for one that guarantees durability. In addition, the construction of a medicine ball will determine what the ball can do and what it can’t do.

Other factors you can consider include the price, the versatility or rather the number of workout variations you can use the medicine ball for as well as accompanying products such as workout guide charts or DVDs etc.

The Top 5 Best Medicine Ball

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. The Valeo Medicine Ball Review


The model features a sturdy rubber construction with a textured finish for comfort, grip, and durability. In its package is an exercise wall chart for balance training, plyometric training, muscle building and strength training.

The blue and black colored and 4-12lb pound medicine ball is a classic product that provides the user with a very solid rubber construction that works their entire bodies. The ball is very steady and gives you the assurance of bouncing off a surface while retaining its balance for a couple of years

Benefits And Special Features
  • Price: With at least 5 years of service, complete workout chart guide, quality material, and construction, the average it costs is worth it.
  • Sturdy Rubber Construction: The ball is made from a solid rubber material that enables it to bounce on surfaces for years without wearing out.
  • Textured Surface: This is an important feature as it enables you to easily throw and catch the ball thanks to the grips that come with such textured surfaces.
  • Evenly Balanced: An evenly balanced medicine ball allows you to execute a number of exercises or rather workout variations. You can thus have fun as you workout.
  • They may leave scuff marks on a number of surfaces.

In a nutshell, this is one of the best medicine ball for exercise that enables the users to get a solid grip when they throw and catch the ball. It comes in 12. 10. 8, 6 and 4-pound options for you to choose from and will a full exercise chat, be ready to start rocking.

2. The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball Review


This is a worthy addition to all the workout plans. The ball gets credit from its ability to help one improve their core strength as it also cultivates coordination and promotes better balance. The strength-training ball gives good results when used for a wide range of lower-back and upper-back workouts. It is the editors choice for the best medicine ball as can be seen in how highly rated it is on Amazon

Benefits And Special Features
  • Multiple-Workout Accessory: Both lower and upper back will benefit from the product. You can use it individually or workout with a gym buddy to make it more fun to workout
  • Textured Finish: This necessitates for superior grip provision thus increasing the versatility of the medicine ball even the more.
  • 4 Pound Result Oriented Medicine Ball: It has proven to be effective as it helps to develop balance, core strength as well as fostering coordination
  • Quality Construction: Features a sturdy rubber construction capable of bouncing off hard surfaces and a textured surface for safe gripping. This increases the variation of surfaces and number of workout variants you can do.
  • Has a very strong odor

3. The Empower Fingertip Grip Review


This is a great solution for those planning to get involved in strength training as well as for cardio workouts. It features a soft and comfortable material that’s an alternative to the common conventional rubber material used in most of the medicine balls. A Power Abs DVD accompanies the product as a workout guide to help you realize quick results.

Benefits And Special Features
  • Fingertip Grip: Unlike most of the smoother balls, this one comes with little indents that will help you keep your grips as you toss the ball in the air and catch it back.
  • Great Content Distribution: Its contents aren’t clumsy as they easily move around within the ball. The construction has also been well-balanced
  • Weight Variations: It comes in the 6, 8 and 10-pound variables thus increasing your exercise options. The weight variations also helps you graduate to heavier balls whenever you gain endurance of the lighter balls
  • Results you would want: It will tone your entire body as it boosts mobility, coordination as well as core strength
  • It isn’t a hard ball

4. The SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball Review


The ball has been designed to traditionally be handheld, for bouncing, for throwing as well as for light rebounding. Its bounce ability is just moderate. Featuring 80% rubber and 20% PVC, the ball is both durable and functional

Benefits And Special Features
  • Unique & Versatile: As far as versatility in body training is concerned, this is the best medicine ball you will come across. It develops muscular power, endurance, stability & strength as it improves joint integrity
  • Extreme Durability: The high rubber content has been tested and proven to have a better bounce with its thick walls extending the ball’s life
  • Feel and Grip: It is dimpled, having the basketball-like grooves which is a great outer surface gripping texture much sought for on medicine balls
  • Variations: It comes in weight variations of between 2 and 25 pounds each with different colors, meaning you must find a favorite within the lot
  • It doesn’t bounce that much if that is a feature you are looking for
  • Smelly and residues remain in your hands during your first uses.

5. The CFF 14-Inch Wall Medicine Ball Review


The ball is availed in the 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb and the 20lb options. The 12-pound option comes in 14-inches diameter and has mainly designed as a wall ball for cross training. The ball is one of the best medicine ball to push you to those heights you had thought you would never achieve.

Benefits And Special Features
  • Impressive Results: The ball will increase your speed as it improves your strength & coordination while at the same time facilitating for coordination. It is a great cross training accessory.
  • Versatile Use: It is a high-intensity exercise tool that’s used in MMA training, personal training, cross training as well as in group fitness classes.
  • Quality Durable Construction: It comes with a proper design for wall ball use. This can be seen from the tough rubber used in its construction.
  • Color Coding: Each ball comes with its own color coding thus making it easy to make a distinction between which is which as you train.
  • Not at par with higher end balls and it is made in China if that’s important for you to know


The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball goes home with our medal for the best medicine ball on the 2017 market. The ball is durable, well textured for grip and very versatile indeed.

As a user, you are sure to use the ball for almost anything that a medicine ball can do. You are thus sure that it will strengthen your core, improve your mobility and facilitate for coordination. In the end, both your upper and lower backs and body joints will be rejuvenated.

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