Best Pre Workout Without Creatine 2017: All You Need To Know

Many of you might be wondering what Creatine is? Well, if you are a fan of the best pre workout without creatine then you might have come across this term but if you are yet to; it is a stimulant included in most workout supplements.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Creatine is almost like a magic potion for body building and holding up on endurance exercises. It is an organic acid that helps to supply energy to the body during exercises allowing you to workout longer and better.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Why Do Some People Prefer To Use Creatine Free Supplements?

You should know that this ingredient and its consisting products have been around for quite some time, over two decades actually. And although very many people appreciate and love using it, some prefer not to. But why? The prolonged use and popularity of Creatine have led to alot of research being conducted. Reports based on the research indicate that while Creatine can be an excellent exercise supplement, it can also jeopardize your overall health and fitness goals. So, pre workout without creatine is considered to be the best and safest bet.

For starters, excessive use and dosage of Creatine has been linked to renal failures and neurological problems. On the other hand, the stimulant also has side effects even when used in standard dosages. Some of the side effects include gastrointestinal problems, dehydration, muscle cramps, and muscular injuries. Additionally, Creatine is an osmotic ingredient. It works by retaining water in the muscle cells and thus might not be a good option for those looking to lose weight.

Nevertheless, Creatine supplements are not the only ones you can use to boost your energy. If you can’t stand the side effects of Creatine, already have a supplement with Creatine or just prefer not to use them, there are very many supplements that are Creatine free.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pre Workout Without Creatine

As a fitness enthusiast or pro athlete you must admit that choosing a workout supplement has become harder by the day. It is even harder to stay focused especially when presented with an array of shinier products to choose from. To be able to choose the most ideal pre workout supplement, here are a few things to consider;

  • You need to research the market well before making any choices. Read through the various customer as well as professional reviews to see what others have to say about the product. Look at the things people like and don’t like in the particular product you intend to buy. However you shouldn’t tailor your needs based on what others say. Remember that all products won’t work the same on everyone. So look for one that is suitable for you.
  • Another thing to do is to be read the ingredients label carefully. Most products that have a long list of ingredients are usually under dosed so choose carefully. Additionally, if you find ingredients with complicated names then let it be. To be able to understand the ingredients in Creatine free products you need to be familiar with them.
  • Cost is another thing you must be mindful about. Consider the serving for the product and the buying cost. You must assess how long the supplement will last you before you buy another one. If you work out regularly, this is something you just take into account to avoiding cringing on your budget too much.

Here are our picks of the Creatine free pre workouts you can buy

Our Top 5 Best Pre Workout Without Creatine Products

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Jacked factory Nitrosurge pre workout booster

Do not succumb to assumptions that Creatine free pre workouts do not work. That is a far-fetched lie. These products work just as good as other supplements do and even better than some.

Made with science premium ingredients, Nitrosurge works to provide boosted levels of energy, strength, muscle endurance and ability for powerful pumps. The formula contains Beta-Alanine, an ingredient that helps to maintain focus during exercise and also delay fatigue during the process. Eventually, using this product will enable you to achieve great aesthetic and fitness results with minimal side effects.

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  • Helps to speed fat burning
  • Jack factory provides a 100% guarantee for this Nitrosurge supplement
  • Contributes to building muscle mass
  • Boost performance levels
  • Tastes delicious


  • Ideal for the average consumer and not pro athletes and gymnasts
  • The solution is too strong. If taken in high quantities can cause irritable skin and excessive pulse rate
  • Does not work for everyone, some users do not experience the powerful muscle pumps advertised with the product

2. Legion pulse pre workout supplements

There are obviously a good number of pre workouts in the market currently with every manufacturer claiming that their product is the best. While this may be true, some of the ingredients used in making the supplements are just picked without the consideration of how it will affect the user. Legion Pulse on the other hand backs its products with extensive scientific research. The ingredients used here are all well researched and picked to create a product that will provide you with desirable, safe and consistent results.

If you can spend a little more, then this product can be of great benefit to you. It utilizes all natural ingredients that are safe on your body and also highly effective. Additionally, ingredients like Beta- Alanine ensure that you have the highest level of muscle endurance without jitters or other forms of side effects.Overall, Legion Pulse is an excellent pre workout without Creatine that will give all the strength, energy and focus you need for a complete workout.

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  • Utilizes all natural ingredients that are safe for the body
  • Contains the right amount of caffeine which is known to provide excellent amounts of endurance and strength.
  • You get a money back guarantee with this supplement
  • Does not use artificial sweeteners and flavors


  • Relatively expensive
  • Users experience minor side effects in the first stages of using it
  • Tends to produce awkward amounts of energy that can be hard to contain after workouts

3. Genius pre workout

The market is filled lots of junk products promising users the best regarding workout performance. Genius pre workout does not just promise its label and what it has done for others is what sells it. The brand stands to be among the best Creatine free supplements and the first ever clinically dosed Nootropic based supplement.

This product consists of special all natural ingredients formulated to improve the health of the user while providing them with the needed mind to muscle connection for effective workouts. Unlike other brands that hide behind the presence of certain blends, Genius backs all its ingredients with scientific research and actual performance.

Being a caffeine free product, most might think that is not as effective in muscle endurance but the truth however is, this product contains Nootropic ingredients that enhance brain activity which creates a connection between the mind and muscle allowing you to workout effectively.

Genius is an excellent Creatine free pre workout that will give you the kind of outcome you desire for your workouts.

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  • Provides the right amount of energy for workouts
  • This formula is void of artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • Tastes nicely


  • Full scoop gives an unbearable itchy sensation

4. Primal Surge pre workout supplement

Tired of using Creatine, well you are in luck. The Primal Surge pre workout will give you an excellent Creatine free experience. From its reviews and ratings, you will realize that this product is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. This Creatine free supplement will provide you with the same exact results that you desire from a pre workout.

Along with its compelling name and reputable brand, this particular drink is formulated with the best possible ingredients i.e. Beta Alanine, Citrulline, Taurine, Carnitine, and Theobromine. This ingredient will provide you a Surge of energy and endurance needed for muscle building.

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  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Enhances the fat burning process during workouts
  • Delivers sustained energy, power, and endurance
  • It is available at great prices
  • Mixes without leaving residues in the drink
  • Primal surge is excellent quality product


  • has an itchy and burning side effect
  • you need to mix with water before drinking
  • has a lot of caffeine in it so, you need to be careful with the amount you take

5. RARI Nutrition INFINITY 3-in-1 Pre workout Powder

RARI Nutrition 3-in-1 pre workout may not contain Creatine but that does not mean that is it less effective. This supplement contains very useful ingredients that will make your workout sessions better than before.

This product is formulated with clinically dosed ingredients that will help you achieve the maximum energy, muscle endurance and pump power in all your workouts. INFINITY is not biased like some other pre workout; it is suitable for both men and women and produces desirable results in equal measures.

While most people assume that only Creatine is capable of providing the energy, endurance and power to get through workouts, they fail to recognize that the same Creatine isn’t meant for everybody. There can be adverse side effects if Creatine is used without caution. You don’t need to risk yourself, get RARI Nutrition’s infinity pre workout and enjoy greater health and fitness benefits.

The presence of B vitamins complex, Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and Bioperine will help you get through all your workouts without any jitters, crashes or adverse side effects.

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  • Great for vegan individuals
  • Great for both men and women
  • Helps to lose excess body fat
  • Enhances body building processes


  • The supplement tastes a bit bitter


ConclusionAs previously mentioned, there are very many pre workout without creatine products in the market currently. Today however you don’t have to forcefully use Creatine supplements for the lack of choice. This is not to demonize Creatine in any way but then there are people who can’t use Creatine due to health complications or simply out choice. If you are one of such people, the best pre workouts without Creatine are available all over the market. You just have to choose one that is ideal for you and use it wisely.

The products listed above are great Creatine free supplements that can help you get through your workouts better and effectively.

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