Top 5 Best Punching Bag Reviews And Buying Guide

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Most people seem to think that a punching bag is meant for boxers or professional athletes. What most people don’t realize is that hitting a punching bag is also an extremely effective fitness activity for cardio conditioning, building endurance and also for enhancing overall body strength.


However, the problem comes in to choosing the perfect punching bag. This is mostly due to the many options available in the market that make choosing and buying one ideal bag a challenge. That is why we review what is available so you can decide what is best for you and your fitness needs.

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Buying Guide - How To Choose The Best Punching Bag

There is a variety of punching bag options in the market. Therefore, if you are going to buy yourself one, there are some things that you should know and put into consideration before you plunge into the actual buying.


Today bags come in different materials like canvas, leather, and vinyl. Though it comes at a premium, leather bags are the best option if you can afford them. The fill material also varies like cotton, hay or water. Thusthe filling should also be taken into consideration while choosing a punching bag.


The weight of the bag is probably the most important deciding criterion. If you are just starting to practice, a bag weighing 60-75 pounds will suffice. If you need to improve your punch speed and power, go in for a 100 pounds bag.


Some manufacturers are offering various types of punch bags. One of the oldest and trusted brands available is Everlast which has been around for a while now providing top quality punching bags. Outslayer is another top brand which offers a wide array of boxing training equipment. Different types of bags are sold under this brand.

Other known brands include Century and RDX.


Whichever brand you choose, the design and suitability of the bag to your needs should also be given equal consideration.

Some bags are aimed to better the punches while others help your kicks. Certain designs help train only the jabs while others help you perfect the uppercuts. There are bags available in the shape of a body with electronic controls to give you the feel of a real time fight.

Safety Precautions

In as much as punching bags are praised for being an equality effective cardio workout equipment, safety while using it is something that is often overlooked.


Inappropriate use of this bag can lead to some serious injuries. This section will, therefore, highlight some of the best ways to use a punching bag to avoid injuries and accidents during practice.

Note: while some of the issues highlighted here might seem pretty familiar, it is necessary that you take note of them to ensure that your sessions are as safe as possible.

The most common injury associated with using a punching bag is the fractured or broken hand, which often results from improper bag contact during a cross or a hook. This is why it is advisable that you aim to make contact with the bag such that the flat part of your pointer and middle fingers flush against the bag. When you make your knuckles the only point of contact with the punching bag, it can equally lead to injuries.

Another thing to note is to avoid squeezing your thumbs with other fingers when making a hit. Why? When you punch with your thumbs squeezed against your other fingers, the landing impact will be hard enough to cause a fracture or broken thumb. Thence, you should always ensure that your thumb is far away from your other fingers when taking a punch.

Also, keep in mind that a swaying bag can be dangerous if not handled properly. One thing with a swaying bag is that the harder you punch it, the more it will come back at you which can be dangerous. Therefore, you need to practice dodging so that when the bag sways, you can easily shift out of theway when it comes back at you.

Of importance is to ensure that you carefully read and understand the user manual that comes with your bag to make sure that you set it up correctly. Follow the given instructions to make sure that you don’t err when hanging or setting it up as this can also be dangerous.

Last but not least, when kick boxing; you also need to protect your feet. Because just as much as you can hurt your fingers and hands, you can also hurt your feet if you make the wrong kicks against a hard base. In this case, always aim your toes away from your knee and try to make contact with the flat part of your foot.

​Top 5 Best Punching Bags For You

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag, 103 lbs


In boxing or any other fitness activity, proper training and equipment are essential. Muay Thai heavy punching bag by Outslayer is one bag that will ensure you achieve all your goals with regards to boxing and overall body fitness.

This bag is made in the US, and it comes with an impressive10-year warranty, both of which are characteristics that indicate durability, quality, and reliability of the product.Also, the bag contains no sand fillers; itis instead filled with Outslayer. Hence, you don’t need to worry about troublesome hard spots or hollows developing within the bag.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Solidly built with dense filling
  • Superb quality, stability, and reliability
  • The bag is constructed with top quality materials. Thus it can be used by boxers who are 300 lbs.


  • The price of the bag is on the higher side
  • If you genuinely want to improve the quality of your training, then you need to consider the exceptional features that this bag has to offer.

2. Outslayer Filled Punching Bag


Another fantastic punching bag that will give you exceptional value for your money is this Outslayer Filled punching bag. The bag is sturdily and durably built to withstand regular use. The best part of the bag is the Outslayer filling that provides for a perfect density for punching.

What is more is the 10-year warranty provided upon purchase of the bag. Together with the brand's superb customer service, you can easily get a refund/return in case of damage within the 10 year warranty period.

Also, the manufacturers ship the bag with a heavy duty vinyl nylon cover that protects the bag from damage during shipping. The cover can also be reused for storage purposes when the bag is not in use.


  • The quality of this bag will exceed your expectations
  • Very well built and comes with a nice weight to it
  • The bag is perfect for both starters and intermediates
  • Affordably priced especially for its quality
  • Sturdy, stable and highly durable


  • It can be a bit loud when punching; this can be irritating
  • The dense Outslayer filling makes the bag springy which doesn’t work well with some users
  • This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bag that will provide you with exceptional quality at a price that won’t break your bank. In short, it is an excellent value for money product.

3. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag


The Century Wavemaster XXL punching bag is a pretty fantastic bagthat will make for a valuable addition to your workout equipment. The bag is fully packed with features that will enable you to effectively and efficiently build your stamina, strength, and tactics as a boxer or fitness enthusiast.

To be honest, the manufacturers did an excellent job at designing and building this bag as it indeed provides for an efficient, durable, stable and safe workout platform for its users.Considering its features, the bag comes with a durable and smooth vinyl cover that can be used for storage of the bag when it’s not in use. Also, the bag comes with a sturdy gel foam padding that provides for exceptional shock absorption when training. Other than that the bag is free standing and can be filled either sand or water depending on your preference.


  • Being free standing, the bag can be used by multiple persons as it doesn’t require any special adjustments
  • It takes very little space


  • Quite pricey
  • The sand and water filling makes it quite inconvenient to use as filling and punching with these fillers can be quite challenging
  • Overall, this bag is of good quality and being freestanding; it provides for unlimited flexibility and versatility. If you can beat the price, then this is a good buy for pro boxers and athletes.

4. Everlast 70 lbs. NevaTear heavy bag


Everlast is a brand to reckon with. It has been on the market for over a century and has satisfied numerous people and continues doing so with its excellent quality and durability. There is a lot of range and choice available in this brand.

One of the best Everlast punching bags available to help you with your fitness needs is the Everlast 70.lbs Heavy punching bag starter kit. This fantastic bag will allow you to focus on your conditioning and improve your swinging skills. The bag comes with everything you need to get started including hand wraps, boxing gloves, bracket mount and a chain assembly.


  • has exceptional and stability features
  • the durability and toughness of the bag is assured
  • excellent pricing


  • can be quite firm on first use
  • too basic for serious boxers and athletes
  • For those looking to learn right the first time, this Everlast 70lbs. NevaTear heavy punching bag is a definite plus

5. RDX MMA punching bag


If gaining stamina, strength and endurance are your key concerns; this RDX MMA punching bag might be your best chance. Coming in with everything you need including hand wraps, gloves, and other RDX fixtures and fittings, this punching bag offers a lot of reliability, versatility, safety, and stability during practice.

The punching bag comes with resilient shock absorbency. The shredded textile filling allows for the extended use of the bag.

Apunching bag witnesses a lot of wear and tear once it is beaten up for a few years. Butthis RDX bag is made out of Maya hide leather that comes with double stitching so that it has high endurance levels for all the beatings it receives without giving way to any wear and tear. Safety too occupies a pivotal place when it comes to this bag. The tethered loop facility at the base of the bag provides reasonable sway so that you do not end up hurting yourself because of the extra swing.


  • Stability, safety, and durability is assured
  • Excellent shock absorption mechanisms
  • Delivers an ideal amount of sway and resistance


  • There have been complaints about the hand grips getting stuck when in use
  • It’s extremely heavy weight might cause inconveniences when moving around
  • If you need a bag that will allow to not only test but also build your stamina, strength and muscle endurance, then this is your best bet. The bag is excellently priced and is quite durable for the regular user.


When you are trying to decide on the best punching bag for you, consider what you are trying to achieve in the long run. Considering our roundup above, the winning bag is the Outslayer filled punching bag because it is all-rounded regarding features and workability. The bag is fully efficient, stable, safe and reliable which are the key things an ideal punching bag should provide.

So, if you have a desire to get fit, work off stress, get a fantastic cardiovascular workout and become a super lean fighting machine, then you need to consider getting yourself a heavy weight punching bag seriously.

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