How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

There are different types and brands of exercise bicycles in the world today but all these are categorized into three classes. These are the spine bikes, upright bikes and lastly the recumbent bikes. But what makes the recumbent bikes a unique choice and how do you go about choosing the best recumbent exercise bike?

First, an indoor exercise bike will allow you to workout in an environment, which you have absolute control over. This is in addition to the display consoles that come with most of the recumbent bikes. Such consoles keep you updated on progress and performances through feedback metrics collection i.e. distance RPM and heart rate. These are just but a few core benefits. The purpose of this article is to help you choose the best recumbent exercise bike and to begin with, let’s have a look at the 5 best products on the market.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Why Recumbent Bikes?

1. Comfort

Of all the exercise bikes, there is none that is as comfortable as the recumbent bike. If you are therefore that person who is exercise-phobic, probably, it is the recumbent bike that you have been lacking. You can perform workouts without stress or strain

2. Focus

There is no argument that cycling is the best cardio workout but the use of the recumbent bikes has its own benefits. All your focus is directed towards the spinning process by the legs as all the other cycling activities have been removed from the equation. Your back will, therefore, be well supported with the spine being in neutral position and neck relaxed. Such offers a perfect situation for even the injured to regain or maintain fitness.

3. Rehabilitation

Unlike most of the other bikes that are recommended by fitness experts and gym instructors, the recumbent bikes are mainly always recommended by physicians. It is especially the case with the injured persons or those who are unfit to engage in the traditional or conventional workouts. The comfort and focus features associated with the bike are reasons enough to entrust the equipment with the injured.

Factors Of Consideration When Choosing The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

There are a number of things you need to know before even setting out to look for a product to buy. These include:

  • The frequency at which the bike shall be used
  • Will the bike be used for just you or a number of family members as well?
  • What is the fitness goals that you want to achieve?
  • How much floor space is available or you are willing to dedicate.
  • Will the equipment be permanently stationed or it will always be set up temporarily.

With such points in mind, you will find it easier to choose a product, brand, and features without having to go for something you do not need or one that has too many features that you won’t use anyway. Remember that the more the features, the more expensive a recumbent bike will be. So if you don’t need some features, you would rather save the cost.

Design Features To Consider

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I. Indoor Bike Computer

There are three main features you may want to consider when it comes to the recumbent exercise bikes. These are:

  • Downloadable Data Capabilities: Allows you to download your data into some workout apps thus enabling you to record your progress
  • Resistance Adjustment & Pre-Programmed Workouts: Most of the recumbent exercise bikes come with controllable pre-programmed workouts that give you a variance of resistance levels. Talking of resistance- resistance is the main game on recumbent bikes.
  • Data Tracking: Lastly, it will be prudent to go for equipment that can track fitness progress by recording data in form of distance, time and calories. This encourages you to push harder and longer.

II. Flywheels

The ideal flywheels to enhance the road feel momentum are the heavy models. Some of the best recumbent exercise bike come with perimeter-weighted flywheels for mimicking as well as further enhancing the feel of being on a real road bike but in a smooth & quiet way.

III. Adjustable Seat Position

A seat that adjusts fore and aft helps you get the perfect fit of a bike. In other words, you must perfectly fit on a bike if you want to get the best out of your recumbent equipment.

IV. Durability & Quality

Durability can mainly be determined by the reviews of users who have owned the bike before you hence the need to search through reviews. In addition, the longer the warranty, the longer you will take with the bike.

V. Weight Capacity

It is only logical that if you weigh 250 pounds, you should go for a bike that has slightly higher weight capacity than your 250 pounds. Most of the products above have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Know your family or personal needs before making a choice.

VI. Speakers And Fans

Lastly, it is classy for one to consider some of the nice extra features that come with recumbent bikes. Such features include charging USB ports, fans for cooling you off as you workout and speakers among others. Listening to music as you workout will keep you pushing.

Top Five Recumbent Exercise Bikes on the Market

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

For the quality, features, and performance of the Schwinn 270, one expects to part with up to $2,000, only to realize that it costs much less than $1,000. In the editor’s opinion, this is the best recumbent exercise bike you can find on the market. As you enjoy the workouts, you are also kept connected to the outside world via its Bluetooth and media shelf connectivity.

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  • Awesome Console: This product features a very impressive console, having 29 programmed workouts. Rarely would you hear of such a number of programmed workouts even in the bikes costing up to thrice as much? The bike also allows users to download their workout data hence better performance tracking.
  • Fun Workouts: The high number of programmed workouts has been credited for the stimulation of easier and more fun workouts, which get credit for getting your heart rate up. And out of the 29 programs, 9 are heart rate related.
  • Quality: The Manufacturer of this product has gained a reputation in the over a century of its existence for producing quality cycling products around the world. This product has specifically been built with enough strength to withstand even the highest speeds and forces.
  • Workout Performance: You stand a chance to have better workout results in a progressive sequence, thanks to the 25 resistance levels that have been aligned with the high speed and high inertia perimeter flywheel.


  • The chest strap for heart rate monitoring hasn’t been included in the package. 

2. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

This is yet another excellent recumbent bike that is found within the mid-range pricing category. The product features everything that one needs to lose weight and tone the body, all these at maximum comfort. The bike is almost the same with the 270 version, though it has been slimmed down a bit. However, it is still a market leader.

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  • Price: This is the best choice for those who aren’t desperate for an overkill resistance and Bluetooth. It serves you pretty well but with no extras.
  • Accessories: Transport wheels, 3-speed fan, USB data transfer, in-close speakers and water bottle holder among other features for smoother functionality.
  • Impressive Console: Features 9 profile programs (3 mountain rides + 3 fun rides + 3 challenges). It also features four heart rate programs that can be customized, 2 user profiles for storage of personal information and 2 fitness test programs for measurement of improvements in physical fitness. In total, it has 22 programs
  • Quality: Schwinn is just among the few companies where you can base your buying judgment on the name. The 10-year warranty is an indication of quality by itself.


  • It doesn’t come with the heart rate chest strap monitor for those who would have wanted to use such a feature

3. Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000

This happens to be one of the best recumbent exercise bike for a budget buyer. It is a well built semi-recumbent type, and even at its price, doesn’t compromise the comfort of the user as they ride on it. However, it is worth keeping in mind that due to its price, it comes with fewer features. The main thing you get is solid workout equipment designed to offer you comfort and challenging workout performance.

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  • Console: In overall, the console won’t impress you, but within its price range, it’s very impressive.
  • Design: The equipment is one of the best well-built machines with an impressive quality. At just 63 pounds, the bike is stable, featuring extended leg stabilizers that keep the equipment in place when you are at the peak of an intense workout.
  • Comfort: The bike comes with an oversized seat as well as large foot pedals that accommodate most of the potential users with comfort being guaranteed.


  • Only eight resistance levels but this is common within its price range.

4. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Recumbent Bike

This is a sturdy accessory that is among the most popular within the budget range of recumbent exercise bikes. With a weight limit of 300 pounds, this product comes with so impressive features and attributes, most of which are only found in the midrange and upscale bikes.

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  • Performance: It offers the user a challenging cardiovascular workout experience while at the same time minimizing the stress subjected on the back and joints
  • Console: Large and easy to read LCD display that allows for monitoring of heart rate, time, distance, speed, and burnt calories, as well as scrolling and scanning throughout workout data.
  • Design: Features a large pedal design, padded oversized seat cushion, a backrest, extended leg stabilizers and transport wheels etc for improved performances
  • Heart Rate Sensor: The hand grip heart sensor style is a great way of checking and tracking your cardio workout. Such a feature is very unusual in budget recumbent bikes.


  • It has very few features and lacks entertainment accessories common in the upscale products.

5. Sole Fitness LCR Bike

Sole Fitness LCR is a standout bike, featuring a 30-pound flywheel together with an ECB resistance system designed to create a quiet performance and challenging workouts. It is one of the best recumbent exercise bike as evidenced by the number of reviews, most of which are positive.

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  • Comfort: Features a back support together with a seat, both of which are angled in such a manner as to reduce joint and lower back stress and strain. This guarantees comfort
  • Design: Has a low profile frame design with an impressive 350-pound capacity and is lightweight enough to be moved from location to location.
  • Performance: It offers a smooth and quiet performance with extra-impressive resistance challenge also being guaranteed.
  • Pulse Grip Heart Rate Monitoring: The ergonomically designed sensors allow you the capacity to track your cardio workout performance.


  • It’s not iFit Live compatible
  • It’s a little bit difficult to assemble as compared with most bikes


The editor doesn’t believe in listing just any product on the market but only the top most. The bikes listed above are most affordable and with all the features needed to help someone achieve their exercise goals. They also have impressive capacities, with all of them being capable of handling users up to at least 300 pounds.

All in all, the best recumbent exercise bike on our list is the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. The bike is affordable, durable & long-lasting and comes with impressive designs and console that can’t even be found in/on bikes thrice as much expensive as its price.

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