Best Sauna Suit: Buying Guide And 5 Best Picks For 2017 Reviewed

What importance does a sauna suit have that may compel you to own one? Best Sauna Suit

Presently, the topic concerning sauna suits is becoming controversial each day, and since there are several reviews of these clothing outside there, it becomes rather difficult for someone to make a decision on whether or not to invest in it.

Nevertheless, it has been established that despite the controversy surrounding this fitness gear, its pros outweigh the cons. In other words, investing in the best sauna suit will significantly help you lose weight as well as help you maintain fitness.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Understanding Sauna Suit In A Broader Perspective

A sauna suit is essentially a type of costume that is made from waterproof material intended to make you plentifully sweat when wearing it; hence losing a significant amount of weight. To achieve this, you must ensure that you use the suit appropriately and that you observe all the necessary precautions surrounding the suit when using it.

All the same, before we jump into reviewing the ideal sauna suit to have for your exercise, it would be suitable to look into the benefits that a sauna suit brings forth and if it could be worthy to invest in or not. Once we have determined this, it will become relatively easy for you to evaluate what we consider as a superlative sweat suit for effective weight loss.

Benefits Of A Sauna Suit

Critics argue that this gear only makes you lose more water rather than weight. This is not entirely true; as with a sauna suit you won’t just lose a significant volume of water weight, but you will also enjoy other additional health and fitness benefits like the following;

Higher Metabolism

A sauna suit causes a rise in body temperature, which consequently leads to corresponding increased metabolic rate.

This means that as your core temperature rises, there is a need for your body to put itself out in reducing it. At the same time, other functions of the body increase and ultimately burn body fat to help in providing energy essential on doing so.

Enhances Immune System

you need to understand that sweating is a way of staying healthy and as you sweat, antimicrobial peptides are produced which then help to fight viruses, bacteria, and fungus by breaking them and eventually making them innocuous.

Assists With Water Retention

Quite a good number of people carry around excess water in their bodies. This condition is referred to as water retention, and in most instances, such people usually feel bloated or experience swollen feet and fingers. A sauna suit helps to solve this problem.

An Ideal Way To Detox

according to experts, sweating is a good way to detox. But why so? As you sweat, the body uses this time to eliminate harmful toxins through the skin. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to drink or eat anything to detox that might in turn cause harm to your body.

Things To Factor In When Buying A Sauna Suit

When looking for best sauna suit to buy, what you need to know is that they vary in many aspects. In this sense, it is prudent to ensure that you understand the different options available in the market and ultimately make your choice based on elements that best suits you.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that you must also put into consideration when purchasing a sauna suit, which includes the following;

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Size is an important factor. A tightly-fitting sauna suit is not necessarily appropriate for you because it hampers efficient circulation of blood within your body. A loose suit or one that is too large in most cases will cause rubbing as you exercise thus reducing efficiency. It is therefore advisable to go for a size that fits your body well.


PVC, Nylon, and Neoprene are the common types of materials that are used in manufacturing sauna suits. The quality of all these materials is different, which means that their durability will also differ. Neoprene is, however, considered as the best material to go for because it can be able to handle high-intensity exercises and temperatures without wearing out quickly.

Of importance is to ensure that you are not allergic to the material used as most people tend to be allergic to neoprene.


Safety when purchasing a sauna suit must be considered. Other than performance and durability, it is vital to look into the possible risks that you would be subjecting yourself to when wearing any sauna suit. Some of the aspects that determine your safety with a particular suit include the knitting pattern and ventilation. These aspects play a pivotal role in determining the difference in total body heat and rate of cooling that is essential when wearing these suits.


Sauna suits vary in price; this variation is most of the time dependent on quality and brand manufacturer. But regardless of these, you need to ensure that the particular suit you choose is suitable to your budget and that it is also worth the price you are buying it for.

Attaining Best Results When Wearing Sauna Suit

Seemingly, many people think that wearing a sauna suit is enough for you to lose weight. The fact is that you will be able to lose water weight and a little fat due to high rate of metabolism but that would be insignificant. What you should do is to exercise appropriately, take it easy and take breaks in between the exercises to enable your body to cool down.

Also, keep in mind that results take time to show, therefore patience is a virtue that you will need to exercise when using this particular gear.

The 5 best sauna suit In The Market Reviewed

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Kutting Weight Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit (Unisex)

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This sauna pant has an innovative design that highly improves your core weight loss areas. It provides a comfortable fit that allows you to either wear it alone or under your regular workout clothing.

The suit is made with a 2.5mm neoprene material and features ventilation zones on underarms and inner leg parts. It also has a zipper that allows you toget in and out of the suit conveniently.

This Kutting weight suit is systematically designed to strengthen sweat levels and produce unmatched water weightresults. It does not matter the type of workout that you are involved in because, with this suit, you won’t experience any restrictions during workouts.


  • The 2.5mm Neoprene material helps in providing a relatively soft feeling and great fit that helps in enhancing your workout intensity.
  • Mesh ventilation in underarms and inner leg sections helps in providing breathability and comfort without substantially losing body heat.
  • The suit is unisex which means that it is not limited to either gender and can comfortably be worn by both ladies and gents.
  • It comes with a triple reinforced zipper at the front that helps in enhancing its usability and durability.


  • Sizing is often challenging since it is not standard. You should, therefore, take your measurements and order the suit with regards to the measures.
  • It is restricted to hand washing
  • For what it offers regardingquality and efficiency, this Kutting weight sauna suit is worth every penny.

2. Heavy Duty RAD Sweat Suit

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If you are looking for a sauna suit that provides maximum durability and high performance at the same time, this Heavy Duty RAD suit is your best bet. It is manufactured from PVC and Nylon fabrics guaranteeing you maximum durability. Its elastic cuffs provide superior flexibility during exercises and resistance to tearing thus allowing you toexercise fully and enjoy the benefits that suits provide.

Moreover, the suits are available in various sizes ranging from small, medium and large and also come with anti-rips off.


  • It provides great sweat output and extended durability from the fact that it is coated with nylon and PVC fabric.
  • Its easy to clean given that it can be machine washed and also that it can be wiped down using a cloth in between washes.
  • It is resistant to tears and rips making it worthwhile to invest in because you are confident of its durability.


  • You need to turn this suit inside out for it to dry on both sides, which seems to be a hectic task.
  • The pants lack elasticity around ankles thus subjecting them to easy tear and lack of flexibility during a workout.
  • This sauna suit cannot be dried in a dryer.
  • Affordability and durability are what makes this RAD sauna suit an ideal choice to have for your fitness needs.

3. 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard Sauna Suit

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This is another unisex sauna suit customized to provide desirable results regarding weight loss. It is made from a 3mm Flex DS Neoprene material that can hold comforting warmth and also features a front zipper for easy putting on and taking off of the suit.

Also, this suit offers an excellent fit for the entire body giving you more flexibility when exercising. Seaming is well done using Union Machines, and it also has an anatomical cut that helps in increasing efficiency.


  • The front zip is essential in making it easy for you to wear it and remove it from the body without struggling.
  • The fact that it is unisex means that it can be worn by any person as long as you can purchase it.
  • An anatomical cut is great in ensuring free movement thus allowing you to roll and grapple without difficulty.
  • 3mm Flex Ds Neoprene construction helps in providing a pleasant level of warmth
  • Union Machine seams are firmly knitted to ensure that no tearing takes place on this suit while training.


  • Sweat easily pours out of the suit after some time because it lacks cuffs at the arms and legs
  • It is limited to hand washing
  • This suit is an excellent choice for those looking to build muscles as well as stay fit. The durability and flexibility that it provides is something you would want to miss in a sauna suit.

4. Women's - Kutting Weight (Cutting Weight) Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Shirt

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This is a suitable sauna suit for female fitness enthusiasts. This sweatshirt has a thickness of 1.7mm and is triple reinforced to give the best for any kind oftraining. It has a convenient side zipper and mesh ventilation under the arms sections for easy getting in and out of the suit as well as to allow you breathe during exercises.

This suit is naturally soft given that it is manufactured from Neoprene material and is designed to provide a high level of flexibility.


  • The side zipper is convenient in the sense of ease of wearing and adjusting the suit to fit your body comfortably.
  • The ventilation below the arms sections helps in increasing breathability and comfort without necessarily losing body heat which is critical in enhancing sweating and calorie burning.
  • It decreases prospect of injury since it increases flexibility and detoxifies your immune system thus making it easy for you to develop strong mental and physical stature.


  • Its limited to air drying only.
  • It is only designed for women.
  • The essence of a sauna suit is to make you sweat a lot, burn significant calories, as well as increase your metabolism and flexibility, to achieve all this, you need a good quality suit like this women’s- Kutting weight sauna suit.

5. Kutting Weight Men's Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Shirt Short Sleeve

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This suit is an outcome of popular demand for sauna suits specially designed for men. It is short-sleeved giving space for adequate ventilation and is made from 1.7mm Neoprene fabric.

The suit includes a layer of Lycra on the outer surface and also has mesh ventilations on the underarms for maximum comfort and breathability during exercise. Moreover, it is well knitted and designed with a side zipper that allows for ease of use.


  • Newly improved SweatTech Neoprene provides you with higher flexibility and comparatively soft texture than the ordinary Neoprene.
  • Short sleeve design allows for maximum sweating which is essential in ensuring that you burn enough calories as well as detoxify your immune system.
  • It has a zipper that makes it easy for you to conveniently use when wearing this clothing and exercising for effective results.
  • It is durable given that it is made from high quality Neoprene material and incorporates sturdy knitting pattern.


  • You have to be precise with your size before ordering lest you get a small or a large one.
  • It is only designed for men thus ladies cannot necessarily attain best results from this sauna suit.
  • The incorporation of new design makes this sauna suit ideal for any kind of workout in attempts of cutting weight. It is seemingly an ideal addition that you should have for your fitness needs.


If you are conscious of losing weight and especially water weight and to also keep fit, the best way to do this is to exercise regularly. And with the use of things like sauna suits, the results can only be better as they will help you achieve a lot in terms of losing weight and staying healthy.

My advice is that you consider the list above as well the tips provided in the article to help you choose the best sauna suit for your needs.

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