The Best Shoes For Standing All Day: Yes It Is Possible!

If you are a person whose normal day routine subjects you to long hours of standing, then you just landed at the right place as this article will help you choose the best shoes for standing all day.

Nursing, hospitality, and hairdressing professions are some of the fields that requires people to stand or walk for long hours without sitting down. If you are one such person, then you must consider investing in shoes that will provide you with all the comfort to sustain you through all those hours of standing.


If you don’t invest in a good pair of shoes, then you might end up subjecting your feet to swelling, soreness and as a result of standing for long in uncomfortable shoes you may also develop health complications like back-aches, joint pains, knee pains sometimes you could experience constant fatigue.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

When it comes to choosing the best shoes for standing day, all that concerns looks and style are not of top priority but rather everything that will assure you total comfort and stability to endure the standing. Here are some factors to look for when shopping for such a shoe;

Shape Of The Shoe

Pointy shoes tend to be quite uncomfortable as the pointed front is usually too thin leaving very little room for the toes. For this reason, your toes get squeezed in there causing them to swell and get bruised.

Consider The Floor Of Your Work Place

Whether it is a concrete, tiled, wooden or ceramic floor, you should choose shoes that you can stand with on the floors without sliding over or slipping. To get this right, you should always go for shoes with anti-slip soles to keep you safe when working on slippery floors. Also be particular about the lace up system, shoes that tie up with laces or Velcro are great as they will tie properly providing you with adequate support.

Good Cushioning

The best shoes for standing all day should deliver great cushioning and support for your feet. Shoes with great cushioning will provide you with utmost comfort. You can work in them all day without getting tired or uncomfortable. It is even better if your get insoles or shoes with memory foam cushioning for that extra feel of comfort. You can also consider buying shoes with low heels as they offer great arch support, remember comfort is key.


On the subject of brands, there are very many shoe brands in the market today that provide comfortable shoe ideal for standing all day. Such brands include New Balance, Clarks, Dr. Martens and Dankos. These brands are well known in the footwear market, and if you look them up on the web, you will realize that they have a proven record of providing excellent shoes. So, if you need quality and comfort, you should go for quality brands like the ones mentioned in this paragraph. Some may be expensive, but nothing compares to the comfort and safety.

Reviews Of 5 Best Shoes For Standing All Day

1. Danko Women’s professional clogs


If you are on a mission to find the best shoes with very little heel height then the Danko women’s professional clogs just ends it. This shoe is an excellent choice for professional women looking for shoes that keep their feet comfortable while standing all day.The company itself prides itself in manufacturing shoes that provide uncompromised comfort and support for your feet all day if that is not enough to woo you then I don’t know what will.


  • The shoes is made of genuine leather for durability and comfort
  • The synthetic sole gives you adequate support on any floor type
  • This shoe features 1.75” inch heel which is not too high or low but the perfect height for arch support
  • It also designed with Roomy reinforced toe box protection and a polyethylene outsole for adequate shock absorption
  • The wide heel structure provides great stability with the shoe


  • These shoes are stylish and sturdy
  • Designed in multiple color variations making it a great choice for professions with strict rules on dressing.


  • Most users have complained about the shoes being not true to size; they are smaller in size

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2. Clarks Women's Ashland Alpine Slip On Shoe

Women’s shoes from Clarks represent a combination of style, comfort, and fit. If you have never worn a shoe to work and all you feel is like Cinderella in the fairy’s shoes, then you definitely should try this alpine shoes for women by Clarks.They are an irresistible choice of shoes that are not only of good quality but are also reasonably priced. You may find yourself buying one, two, three or even more pairs as they are also available in different colors.


  • The uppers of this particular shoes are made with genuine leathers which assure you total comfort and durability
  • The shoes feature a cushioned footbed for added comfort
  • They have inside gore for easy putting on and taking off
  • The upper part is adorned with buttons giving it a fresh 90s look
  • The wide width is great for people with feet deformities


  • These Clarks Alpine shoes are very light, making them great to stand in and walk in with ease
  • The shoes named above are very comfortable and true to size
  • For its qualities, the shoes are reasonably priced
  • Has multiple color options
  • This shoes from Clarks are made with high quality genuine leather


  • The majority of customers praise the shoe. So there is nothing negative to write about

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3. Giorgio Brutini Men's Chelsea Dress Boot

Giorgio Brutini is known for manufacturing high quality and comfortable outdoor shoes. Even at that, most of their shoes especially the PRO line of shoes are very good for standing all day.

The Giorgio Brutini Men's Chelsea Dress Boot  are part of the pro line of shoes by this manufacturer which have proven to be of greater quality and offering maximum comfort for men’s feet.


  • A unique feature of Timberlands PRO line of shoes is the anti-fatigue technology which helps to improve feet support preventing you from feeling fatigued during the day.
  • These shoes feature Chelsea-style stain resistant Scotchguard protection.
  • The 1.5’ low stacked heel provide great arch support
  • It is made with synthetic soles and leather upper for maximum durability and comfort


  • Provide great comfort and support on your feet, therefore, great for standing all day
  • The fit is awesome and true to size
  • These Timberland boots are easy to slip on and off


  • No major drawback has been registered so far

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4. Dr. Martens Men's Octavius Lace Shoe

This Dr. Martens shoe is a great pick for everyday office and casual wear. Its good looks and quality built make it a perfect shoe that can easily be worn with jeans, work uniform or office wear and still look good.

The style and technology incorporated in designing this shoe make it ideal for putting on while standing all day.


  • Features 4 eyelets that make it a perfect fit for men
  • It is air cushioned to keep it resistant from oil and fat; this also makes it shock absorbent
  • The slip on resistance make it ideal for wear even on slippery floors
  • Features classic Doc dna
  • Made with leather uppers and synthetic soles


  • Quality built
  • Comfortable for standing all day
  • Has excellent shock absorption
  • Slip resistant
  • Can be worn with both casual and official wear


  • The toe box is quite narrow especially for people with wide feet.

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5. New Balance Men's MW411V2 Walking Shoe

New Balance is a footwear company that has been in the market for a very long time. This company is known for producing excellent cross training shoes as well as casual work shoes. The New Balance men’s MW411V2 is one of their amazing men’s shoes that can be worn as work or as casual wear.

If you want a shoe that will not put you between choosing style and comfort, then you’ve got to try this MW411v2 model. It is a great shoe that will erase all the painful long-standing days and replace them with maximum comfort and support all day. With these shoes, you can say bye to painful toes and back aches.


  • It is made with flexible 100% leather shape even after breaking in
  • The rubber sole help to keep your feet stabilized all day
  • This lace up shoe has perforated upper to allows your feet breathe
  • Features New balance applique at quarter panel


  • Offers great comfort and style
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offer great arch support
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • The fit is not too wide

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Final Word

If you stand all day on a regular basis, it is important to wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Inappropriate footwear when standing for long hours can be a menace to your feet causing pain on the back, heels, and knees.

The best shoes for standing all day are shoes that are comfortable and fit well without squeezing your feet too tight or causing any pain. The tips mentioned in this article will help you make a proper choice regarding the best work shoes for you.

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