Choosing The Best Squat Rack: Things You Should Know

A squat rack also referred to as a power rack, is sturdily built and securely enhanced equipment that’s designed for intense upper body exercises. Varied workouts such as squats, military presses, pull ups and bench presses etc can be performed to necessitate for strength buildup. Squat racks have been designed to assist weightlifters in their endeavors to strengthen tone and build core muscles with maximum stability and safety. When you are shopping for the best squat rack, there are some things that you need to put in mind. Since there are many products on the market, choosing the right product might be a bit challenging. Below are reviews, together with a buying guide that will make your selection process much easier.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Factors Of Consideration When Buying A Best Squat Rack

Size & Fit

Power racks aren’t small in size and one must always consider where they will place the product. The available space in your home gym must be one that is capable of accommodating the machine you want to go for. Always compare the depth, weight and height of the power rack you want to go for in respect to your own weight and height so as to optimize the relevance of your purchase.

Upon installation, there needs to be enough ceiling room that enables you to do pull-ups without much trouble. There should also be some space lefts around the machine so as to allow easy maneuvering of the user, rack or even for barbells/weight plates, storage.

Safety Bars

Safety catch bars or J-hooks are always incorporated in power racks for holding the weight bar during workouts, preventing it from dropping over the user. It is wise that you consider safety bars that are easy to install as well as to use. Similarly, always make sure that the machine you have has different height adjustability of the safety catch bars.

Weight Capacity

Novices at weightlifting need a squat rack with a maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds with the pros regularly considering up to 1000 pounds of capacity. On average, these machines range from about 400 pounds to 1000 pounds and even more, with the higher capacities being ideal for long lasting durability as well as for intense workouts.

Storage Posts

Some power racks today come with storage pegs that have been factored in the design to be utilized in the storage of weight plates. This is not only ideal in the saving of space but is also essential in the lowering of the rack’s center of gravity thus grounding the machine more firmly to the base. The result is an improved stability during workouts. It will thus be prudent for one to consider going for machines having such storage pegs rather than those without.

Anchor Pins

The resistance bands need to be hooked up to the barbell and power pack so as to boost the resistance to a user’s workout as one goes up during squats. The resultant is not only better workout intensity as well as attaining of quicker results. It is thus prudent that your power rack of choice comes with some tiny anchor points towards the base of the machine for the band to be tied up. The ultimate resistance achieved will really be impressive.

Hole Spacing

The uprights always come with holes that have been factored in the design for height adjustability of the safety pins. The smaller the gap provided by a machine, the better its flexibility will be. Power racks with 1-inch hole spacing are ideal for anything more than 2-inch gaps compromising the flexibility a great deal.

Accessories That Go With A Squat Rack

Squat racks can be used alone. However, there are some important accessories that should go with this machine if one is to optimize their workouts at home. Below are three of the must-have accessories to boost your squat rack workout plans

Additional Accessories

The best squat racks are those that feature as many accessories or accessory compatibility as possible. This is because the more the accessories, the better the versatility thus increasing the number of workouts you can perform with the machine. This reduces the boredom that can be accompanied with one workout style. As a result, you will work out more frequently and for longer durations of time. Some of the most common and much sought after additional accessories include pull-up bar, a weight bench, dip bar, Lat pull attachments and the grin chin ups extra parallel bar among others. 

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Squat Rack

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. XMark Fitness Multi Press XM-7619 Squat Rack


This XMark Fitness product featuring an Olympic plate weight storage system has been designed to enable the exercise enthusiasts the ability of pushing beyond their limits thus realizing superior results. Featuring an 11-gauge 2” x 3” steel frame construction and accompanied with a 9-position extra heavy duty gun rack that is chrome plated, the model also features a baked powder coat finish thus making it not only performance oriented but also durable, scratch resistant and also with skid resistant feet. It is thus inarguably the very best squat rack on the market.


  • Super versatility thus can be used to perform squats, dead lifts, upright rows, bench presses, calf raises and lunges etc
  • 11 gauge super strong 2” x 3” steel mainframe that has been powder coat finished for durability and reliability
  • Olympic plate weight storage for orderly and organized storage
  • Impressive 400 pound load capacity model featuring a 9-position chrome gun rack for use by a wide range of people with different body heights. This is complemented by its 2 adjustable safety spotter hooks


  • May allow you very little wiggle room

2. BodyCraft F430 Power Rack


This is yet another power rack designed for them that wish to push their bodies to the limit. It is a great addition to the public gym as well as for your personal gym at home. Featuring a rugged 11 gauge steel tubing construction that measure 2” x 3” steel, it is yet another strong, durable and very reliable squat rack you can always trust to invest in. the rack is easily adjustable thus making the workout process more enjoyable. The only challenge may be working with the un-numbered catch holes along the strut’s sides. You may have to memorize your primary and secondary safeties or rather go ahead and number them yourself. All in all, it is one of the best squat racks, one that is reliable and you can depend upon.


  • Adjustable Spotter Arms makes it safe for solo workouts
  • Customizable and can be combined with Flat/Decline/Incline benches, BodyCraft Low/Lat Row Attachment or even the Dip Handles for better strength training
  • 11-gauge mainframe complemented with other 12-gauge steel tubing for maximum durability and dependability
  • With a lifetime warranty, you have everything you need to build strength at home throughout your lifetime.


  • Very wimpy pads on the rack hooks
  • Catch holes along the sides of the struts aren’t numbered

3. Best Fitness Power Rack (BFPR100)


This power rack offers a perfect blend of value and quality, a reason why it is one of the most popular product preferred for strength training. It has the best price to value ratio, and is arguably the best squat rack for the budget buyer. It is easy to use by even the novice, with high safety levels being accorded to free weight lifters. The product is so popular that it will be so hard for you to find a gym that doesn’t have this machine among its equipment. It is the most affordable and perfect solution for all those in need of a fully functional squat rack. So affordable it is that many have ended up being fooled by the price.


  • Designed and constructed with a 14 gauge steel mainframe of 2” x 2” thickness that’s complemented with a durable powder coat paint thus making the entire system relatively durable.
  • 23 adjustment positions together with proper safety measures guarantees a proper starting position for an array of workouts
  • Impressive 500 pound capacity means almost everyone on this planet is within the acceptable weight range allowable by the model
  • Its pricing is very favorable making it the best solution for beginners as well as those who are on a tight budget but desire to have something valuable


  • Safer for workouts in twos though also possible as individuals
  • Finishing isn’t the best as some spots have paint bubbling off

4. TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage


This is yet another very impressive power squat for the budget buyer. Its design is not only durability oriented but also one that offers an organized workout period. It allows for the addition of Jumbo Hooks, Plate Holders and Dip Bars among other many assortments of attachments. The TDS Squat Cage is yet one of the other popular strength workout machines that is found in most gyms. Its durability, capacity, safety and overall performance are very impressive in deed.


  • It’s a heavy duty 138 pound power rack that has been constructed with quality reigning supreme. It is also a very easy model to assemble
  • 31 one holes on the sides, 2” apart, with numbers thus making it useful for adjustments
  • Versatility as it can be used for seated & standing military presses, squats, shrugs, bench presses and inclines among other workouts
  • Its 1000 pound weight capacity is probably the best capacity on the market.
  • It is also one of the most aesthetically appealing power racks on the market


  • It is a bit much heavier when compared with other products within its range
  • • Requires a separate dip bar attachment which costs $100 thus making it more expensive

5. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack


The Valor BD-7 is that squat rack you need to improve your stability and security as you perform an array of strength oriented workouts. It is bliss to have thanks to the sturdiness, versatility and secure design that is characterized by the model. It features some secure pins that allow for all the weights to be put on and has ample space capable of accommodating bench for a wide range of workouts. When its value and durability are factored in, the machine would be termed as very affordable as can be seen from the array of features it provides but which lack on other products within its price range.


  • It is a sturdy power rack that is also credited for how secure it is thereby offering the user with convenience. Durability is guaranteed by the solid steel bar anchors made of stainless steel
  • Its accompanying Lat Pull Attachment featuring low and high pulleys increases the number of workouts that can be performed with the machine such as Triceps Pull, Seated row, Standing row as well as Pull ups etc
  • Safety catch bars have principally been framed to improve the safety of trainer even upon impaction of heavy forces on the bars
  • Accepts add-ons such as dumbbell holders thus saving much space as you workout and for storage


  • A somewhat chunky pulley mechanism
  • Rack is limited to the accommodation of just a few weight benches


Based on the quality of construction, durability, power-packed features and the good price, the XMark Fitness Multi Press XM-7619 is the best squat rack on the market. It comes with some of the best exclusive design features that have made it to be versatile in nature thus allowing its users to perform so many workouts in a single equipment. It performs much better than even the high end products hence its popularity and high ratings in most of the review sites. Make your choice!

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