The Best Squat Shoes: All You Need To Know

If you are going to hit the gym for various types of workouts, then the squats can never miss in your routine. It is always important for you to gain overall workout of the body, and squatting can easily get you there. With the squatting exercise, you get to workout various muscles at the same time starting from the back to the hamstrings and glutes.

Having the best squat shoes could just even make the experience better. You will have a better chance of working out more on the squats than when you did not have the right shoes for the exercise. We get to look at these great shoes for the exercise in this guide.


* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Tips For Buying The Best Squat Shoes

Comfort Level

The comfort level is important, especially for squat shoes to be used for a long time during the exercises. Take the time to check out what is good about the shoes in terms of comfort before buying them. The product description section and buyer reviews should help know more about the comfort features of the shoes.

Some of the common comfort features would be having a shock absorbing foot bed, comfortable insole, breathable mesh upper, soft but supportive sole, among many other features. Always keep in mind these comfort features, especially if you have ankle injuries too.

Build Quality

Not many people would want to spend their money on a product that cannot last for long. The same goes when looking to buy the best squat shoes for working out. Check out the material used to make the shoes and compare it to other products in the same category.

It is through comparison that you can get to understand which shoes will have the best build quality to get you working out in them for longer. The build quality also often affects just how comfortable the shoes can be.


Well, it is not as if you just want to use the squat shoes for squat workouts only. To save your money, it would be best if you get the best squat shoes that can still be used when working out on other types of exercises.

Check out the shoe features to see if they can be actually reliable in terms of being used for various exercises around the gym without hurting you.

Perfect Fit

It is no brainer that you will really need the best design that offers a perfect fit when working out. If you get too tight shoes, it might make it harder for you to workout correctly, as the feet will feel too much pressure.

To ensure that you always get the perfect fit, you need to measure your foot frequently. It is advisable that you do this after a workout. Such a reason is because your foot often gets bigger due to the workout strain, so it is the best time to measure and find some wiggle room for it.

Top Five Best Squat Shoes On The Market

Many workout shoes are available today on the market, but not all of them would be perfect for squatting. Below, we get to look at some of the top rated squat shoes you can buy for yourself right now.

* Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Trainer Shoe Powerlift.

Via Amazon.com

A brand such as Adidas is known for making the best sports shoes you will ever need. This model is not any different either. It gives you a chance to workout better and still feel comfortable in them. The mesh upper found on this model might be synthetic, but it sure delivers on a great deal of durability. The mesh design is important for better breathability especially whenever you are working out. Breathability is important to cool your feet and eliminate sweat when working out.

The model is also wide sized so that it can fit you comfortable even if your feet tend to swell after a workout. The manufacturer made these shoes perfect for squats by keeping them lightweight and comfortable sole. You will not feel as if they are an extra load when working out with them. The additional flat profile sole should help you gain better stability when working out on those squats exercises.


  • The midsole wedge offers a great lightweight stability
  • The synthetic light weight upper offers impressive support
  • The mesh design is great for breathability
  • The flat profile outsole promotes better stability


  • The rubber outsole does not have the best durability as expected
  • Some users have complained about getting the wrong size rather than what they ordered

2. Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Weight Lifting Shoe

Via Amazon.com

You get an optimal lockdown thanks to the adjustable hook and loop step on these shoes. This makes sure that you end up with the correct fit all the time for a better workout. Comfort is always important in such type of workout shoes. For this model, you get a padded collar and plush tongue to ensure that you enjoy the comfort at all times.

The interior has a mesh lining that you need for better breathability. Any person would not want to keep on feeling that their feet are soaked from sweat. The heel and midsole design on the other hand use the EHC and Power-Truss technology to ensure you get better stability and support whenever squatting.

You will always need impressive grip when working out, it is the reason you get to use these shoes. The rubber outsole is designed to offer maximum grip so that you do not fall over with the weight.


  • The instep strap helps promote optimal lockdown
  • The padded collar and plush tongue offer needed comfort
  • The heel design offers better stability
  • The rubber outsole offers the best grip for workouts


  • The tongues often slip into the shoe when not strapped properly

3. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Shoe

Via Amazon.com

From the name CrossFit, you can even be sure it is what you need when looking for the best workout shoes. They are designed to keep you working out quite easily without feeling much of the pinch on your legs. Being great for CrossFit exercises, you can be sure a lot of strength training will be involved. You will obviously have to deal with squats at some point.

Having the full grain leather material for the upper part, this gives the user assurance of using it for a long time when working out. You should have no problem at all working out in these shoes for hours because of the comfort you get. The anti-friction lining you get from these shoes should reduce the heat people feel when wearing the same shoes for long during a workout.


  • Having the dual hook and loop straps makes them have a perfect fit
  • The flex groove outsole promotes better stability
  • The anti-friction lining reduces the amount of heat generated when working out
  • The leather construction makes it highly durable


  • The soles might be tough, but they tend to come off from the heels after using the shoes for a while

4. Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

Via Amazon.com

The powerlift series also has shoes for women. They too need the best squat shoes to have the best time working out with the squat exercise. The rubber sole will give you the right support and comfort you have always wanted in such types of shoes. You can workout for longer without feeling the strain on your legs when compared to other common models.

If you have always wanted the best fit for your feet, then the instep strap should help just do that today. You simply have to adjust it until you feel it is comfortable on your feet. The synthetic leather is what you need to feel that the shoes are lightweight and still provides the best durability at all times.

The midsole is made to be high density so that it offers better stability for those looking to workout on exercises that need better balance such as squats. The air mesh lining in the shoes should be just perfect for better breathability.


  • The high density midsole promotes better stability
  • The rubber sole should feel comfortable
  • The synthetic leather upper feels lightweight, but still durable
  • The interior air mesh lining is great for breathability


  • The lift at the rear of the shoe makes some people feel unstable

5. Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The tough exercises always needs the best squat shoes to do the workout better and more effective. That is what you get when buying these shoes today. The leather design should be appropriate for most people looking for the best shoes to keep them working out easily and still remain highly durable.

The manufacturer gave the shoes an impressive single sole design. This type of design makes the shoe sole quite durable and flexible too. It is not like in other models where you find the soles being divided into various sections. You still get a suitable height of the heels recommended by most experts in the fitness industry.


  • Full leather construction is the best for multiple workouts
  • The heel size is within the recommended height
  • The single sole design promotes flexibility and durability


  • The plastic heel often starts to separate after a while


The Adidas Performance men’s trainer shoes take it all in this guide. These shoes are able to provide a number of squatting benefits. The additional features such as a mesh design for breathability and flat outsole are all in line with the requirements for the best squat shoes. You can get this one or any other model listed in this review for a better workout. Get a pair today to start having better workouts with squats today.

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