The Best Trampoline Brand In The Market This 2017

Want to buy the best trampoline brand for you and your family? Then read this article to the end.

Often when you embark on buying an expensive piece of sporting equipment, it is usually because you want to become the best at that given sport that you love. But then again what about when you are buying one for recreation and general exercise purposes?

Trampolines are fast becoming a popular piece of fun and exercise equipment in many homes. Most many families enjoy the convenience and fun that these equipment brings and thus have since embarked on owning one. The problem, however, is choosing the best quality brand of trampoline that will offer you safety, quality and affordability all in one package.

Here is how to choose the trampoline brand for your home.


Tips For Choosing The Right Trampoline Brand

If you're thinking about purchasing a trampoline, here are some things that you should consider to get the best value product.

Shape And Size

To most people, size and shape are subjective characteristics that rely more on personal preferences than need. This is not true; before purchasing a trampoline, you have to think about how you will be using it and how you want your family to enjoy jumping on it. With this in mind, you can comfortably start evaluating the various brands and styles to find one that perfectly suits you and your family’s needs.

Well for starters, there is a large variety of trampoline shapes in the market. There are rectangular, round, square and octagonal shapes available. Round trampolines are designed so that the jumper can remain in the center when jumping while octagonal ones are developed to provide a larger jumping surface that won’t be pulling you in the middle.

Rectangular trampolines, on the other hand,will provide you with a larger space and better responsive action. They are however best preferred for completive sporting like gymnastics. For the square shaped ones, they tend to be similar to rectangular trampolines only that they are usually more compact and do not give as much bounce response.

Once you have identified the best shape for you, choosing a size regarding the space you want to put it and needs will be a breeze.


For trampolines, you only need to search the market to realize that there is a multitude of brands available. Each of these brands claims to offer the best value and high quality trampolines. While this can confuse you when choosing one that is cost efficient, you just have to avoid getting sucked in the temptation of buying the cheapestbrand that you find.

Why not cheap? Because cheaply is expensive. You will end spending more on purchasing safety accessories and replacement parts as they will break down within month’s even weeks of using it.


With or without kids, safety regarding trampolines is an issue of concern that must be put into consideration. With the many variations of trampolines available today, you will obviously find retailers that sell used equipment. You must be careful when getting such. The best trampolines you should buy is a new one if safety is your number one concern. Buying a new trampoline will give you the opportunity to evaluate the manufacturer and their safety features.

However, if you must buy a second-hand trampoline, you must then carry out aproper inspection before you decide to bring it home. You should check that all parts are in good shape especially the pad, spring, and mat. Ensure that the frame pad doesn’t bow under pressure and that the springs still have their elasticity. It will also be wise to check for how long the particular trampoline has been used;if for a short period you might, just might have a good bargain.


Quality will depend on how you want to use your trampoline for. Is it for exercise or just for fun? Regardless, you should always strive to invest in a good quality equipment. Buy a trampoline with a good quality pad as this is the most important part of the equipment. Check the pads thickness, durability and resilience, also check that the frames are sturdy and that the overall constructed is of excellent quality because poorly constructed trampolines can significantly compromise your safety and that of your family.

In any case, never depend much on the price of the trampoline, if you find that the cost is too low then think twice before purchasing it.

Our Top 3 Best Trampoline Brand

Below are our best high ranking trampoline brands in the current market. With the following brands, you won’t have to regret buying a trampoline from them as the features, price and customer service offered is desirable.

1. Skywalker


Walk into any sports equipment store today and ask for the best quality trampoline brands today, be certain that Skywalker will be among the top three mentioned brands. This is a brand that has a long history of success and dependability behind them. Their trampolines provide not only long-term service to customers and but also provide unlimited fun to the users.

Advantages of Skywalker Trampolines

First of all, Skywalker specializes in mostly square and rectangular shaped trampolines that are best known for providing a good bounce for the money. Since most experts recommend the above-shaped trampolines for exercise, getting one from Skywalker will be an excellent idea. The trampoline will give you a durable design and as well as an exclusive jumper experience.

Secondly, Skywalker offers excellent build quality and featuresuniquedesigns like the buttonhole enclosure with the frame which eliminates gaps that might otherwise be dangerous to the jumper. These trampolines also feature a T-joint design that boosts its stability and durability.

Thirdly, finding replacement parts for Skywalker Trampolines is relatively easy. You can quickly, easily and cheaply find a spare part for your trampoline when and how you need it. If you realize that your trampoline needs a frame, pad or spring replacement, you can find the parts from many direct ship trampoline suppliers on the web.

The best part is that if you have a warranty for your structure, it is most likelythat you will get the parts directly from the manufacturer at no extra cost.


Although being of high and durable quality with a large jumping surface, Skywalker trampolines are priced on the higher side. Well if you want quality then you must also be ready to spend on it.

Our Top 3 Skywalker Trampolines

2. JuClick to replace anchor textmpking


Beside Skywalker, Jumpking is also another popular trampoline brand on account of its attention to detail. If you are a homeowner looking to have a tool for fun and fitness go for this trampolines by this brand because with this you will get good quality equipment that is sturdy and safe for daily use.

Advantages of Jumpking trampolines

Jumpking trampolines feature springs that do not give out so easily like other brands do. Their springsrecoil andelasticity is phenomenal, and so is their jumping pads. This is just the type of brand that even with kids around, you can have peace of mind without the need of constantly monitoring their activities.

Another amazing thing about this brand is its competitive pricing. This is just a fun and exercise equipment, and it doesn’t have to be too heavy on your pocket. Jumpking trampolines will save you money since you will not need to pay for a jump in a gym or pay for your kids to have fun at a recreationalcenter. Plus imagine all the inconveniences you face when using trampolines outside from home.

Value for money is what you get from Jumpking products. With the reputation this brand has gained in the market, you will immediately know what you are paying for the moment you decide to buy a trampoline by them. Customers worldwide have been buying Jumpking products for years, and it is evident from reviews and ratings that the brand truly offers value for money products.


This brand is good all round; excellent pricing, excellent quality, and maximum durability. All you need to do is buy one and get to experience the fun that comes with Jumpking trampolines.

Our Top 3 Jumpking trampolines

3. Springfree


As the name indicates, Springfree trampolines do not use springs for constructions. Instead, they utilize rods. Overall, this is a brand which like the above two, has managed to gain a positive standing and rating from customers all over the world.The innovation, technology and design incorporated in their trampolines are just incredible.

Advantages of Springfree Trampolines

Springfree as earlierindicated utilizes special innovation and designs for their trampolines. The most notable feature though is the springless design where in place of the springs, the manufacturers replace rods. Rodsinstead of springs isconsidered to bethe safesttechnique for trampolines, unlike the conventional springs where if exposedaccidentally can expose the jumper to serious risks of accidents and injuries.

The rods utilized here plus the frame are all placed underneath the jumping surface to avoid hitting them accidentally when jumping.

What’s more is the FlexiNet also utilized in Springfreeproducts;the net is obviously attached to the frame and utilizes the rods for support and stability. This makes it quite flexible as it bends with the jumper preventing them from falling off accidentally. The net also provides added cushioning for comfort and safety as it also encloses such that the gaps between the frame and surface are eliminated providing maximumsafety to the user.


Springfree products are way too pricey like its counterpart, Skywalker. While there are other cheaper brands.

Another flaw with this brand is that the design is honestly light and for those that are more concerned for safety, you might need to buy an anchor kit for safety assurance.

Our Top 3 Springfree Trampolines

Other Brands

Other top quality trampoline brands in the market include UpperBounce, JumpSport, PureFun, and SkyBound. These brands also offer value for money, durability, good quality and reliable trampolines. They also produce a variety of models to choose from therefore regardless of your budget; you will always find something that suits you from these brands.


When it comes choosing and buying a trampoline for your family,always go with your surest bet. Whether its Skywalker, Jumpking, Springfree or Upperbounce, just know that the best trampoline brand must provide you with safety and quality above all else.

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