A Guide To The Best Vibration Machines 2017

Introduction best vibration machine

The popularity of fitness machines among athletes and other fitness enthusiast has grown tremendously in the recent past. This popularity may be attributed to the fact that many people now prefer to work out in the comfort of their homes and thus manufacturers are taking advantage of this need to make available a variety of commercial and domestic exercise machine for both needs. 

A good example of this is the body vibration machine that allows you to train and workout at your own comfort and convenience. Vibration machines are developed to help stimulate non- functional parts of the body or rather parts that seem not to function properly through the vibration technique.

The best vibration machine in the market today is one made with high quality steel. Vibration tools made of steel are proven to be sturdy, highly durable and stable. There are however other models made with plastic materials that are almost of the same quality as steel.



The Benefits Of A Vibration Machine

  • Body vibration helps to increase your muscle strength and bone density
  • This training technique also helps in the weight loss process
  • It also contributes to improving blood circulation while reducing body inflammation
  • Allows you to work extensively in your space and at your convenience

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Besst Vibration Machine

If you go shopping for a vibration machine today, you will find a variety of them from different manufacturers and retailers; each of the sellers will try to sell their products to you promising you the world. However, if you are not careful, you might end up buying a machine that is not in line with your needs.To avoid such a situation, read the following factors of consideration to help you make a wise decision when choosing the ideal vibration machine for you.

  1. Before buying a vibration machine, consider the type of machine that is best suited for your needs. There are generally, three types of the these machines;Oscillating machine – this machine involves a natural type of vibration and vibrates while tilting from side to side. These types of machines are thought to be the best regarding comfort and user efficiency.Horizontal vibration machines – machines in this category include a horizontal vibration actionTri-planer vibration equipment – tri-planer machines vibrate while tilting both vertically and horizontally while the vibration platform remains constant. Compared to oscillating vibration equipment, the tri-planers are considered less convenient and less comfortable for working out.
  2. Quality is another important aspect to consider when buying a vibration machine. As I said, most of these machines are made of steel while a few are made of plastic. It is upon you to ensure that the machine you buy characterizes high quality material and construction.
  3. A good vibration machine should have upper vibration straps; these will enhance the quality of workouts as well as increase workout results.
  4. Warranty is also important to look at to avoid buying a defective machine and get stranded with it for lacking a warranty to back it up
  5. The size of the machine in consideration of your space is also important to consider
  6. Given that it is a machine, you will want to buy one whose noise levels are low. Some of these machines are too noisy they can literary shake up your house
  7. Remember to buy your machine from a reputable dealer as some may be cons selling low-quality machines. Make use of reviews and customer ratings to gauge the reliability of a dealer.

Reviews Of The Best Vibration Machine

1. Confidence Slim Body Vibration Machine

Via Amazon.com

With a Confidence Slim Body Vibration machine, you get to experience a faster, comfortable and convenient workout. This machine is high quality and retails at about $250 which is pretty affordable for a machine of its quality.

The most notable features on this vibration equipment are the display control and navigation menu that is simple and comfortable to use. Also, the design is appealing to the eye and small enough to fit in a limited space. It is the ideal machine for home vibration training.

Importantly, this Confidence vibration equipment has up to a 50-speed setting that is also simple to adjust making the machine ideal for use by people of all abilities.


  • It has user-friendly settings, display and navigation menu
  • The machine is easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Can accommodate users of all skill levels


  • The handles could be placed a little bit higher as their present position is not that comfortable for taller users
  • The machine’s elastic band tend to offer little resistance

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2. Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for a top quality vibration machine, then the Professional Dual motor machine is the ideal equipment for you. This machine is reputed as the best vibration machine in the fitness market today, and it is also a top rated brand.

On quality, the machine mentioned earlier is of superior quality since it is made with high quality steel. Additionally, their features are tremendous and will blow your mind away when using it in your workouts. Just to mention but a few, this particular fitness equipment has 60-speed settings that can be adjusted to suit any ability level. Also, it has a digital display that allows you to monitor your progress as well as arm straps for upper body support.

What’s more is that the machine is one of the noiseless pieces you will get in the market. Apart from being noiseless, it has leveling legs that can be balanced to be used on any floor.


  • It is high quality and powerful
  • Helps to relieve back pain and exhaustion
  • It is noiseless


  • The machine aggravates knee issues if not set correctly
  • The user manual is not clear
  • It is quite pricey

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3. Merax Carzy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Via Amazon.com

With the whole body vibration craze in the fitness industry today, getting a machine that is well worth the price has become quite a challenge. What’s worse is that most available machines won’t meet your needs 100%, well it is expected that it can’t be perfect, but sometimes it needs to cover most if not all of your workout needs. The Merax Carzy fitness machine, on the other hand, is just splendid.

This machine performs well for what it is designed for. With just 10 minutes of your daily workout time, this machine will help you burn body fat, improve blood circulation, tone your body and enhance your body strength. In short, 10 minutes a day on this machine is enough to help you achieve your desired body weight and shape


  • The Merax Carzy vibration machine is affordably priced and works very well
  • It has a silent motor that works without making noise
  • The display console is easy to operate
  • The base is solidly built


  • The parts of this machine tends to wear out quickly due to vibrating at high speeds
  • The top of the machine shakes quite a bit at various speeds

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4. Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

Via Amazon.com

If you are into body vibration workouts, you are going to adore this Pinty exercise machine. The machine is not only affordably priced; it is also solidly built and performs well for what it is built for.

Featuring a 2000W motor, this Pinty vibration machine will totally shake your body off burning that extra fat and helping you reduce weight. What is more, is that it remains quiet throughout the workout period.


  • The machine is easy to set up
  • It also has easy to operate display console
  • It is compact in size and will, therefore, take very little of your space
  • The 180-speed settings make it ideal for use by users of all ability levels


  • Although it is of good quality, it is not as sturdy as you would expect

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5. Ancheer Fitness Full Body Vibration Machine

Via Amazon.com

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic to fitness, losing weight or burning fat. It is all perseverance and patience that you need to get to that point that you so much desire. The Ancheer vibration machine works no less. All you need is at least 10 minutes of your time to work out on the machine daily.


  • Like most prefer, this vibration machine works quietly
  • It is also compact in size and can be transported easily


  • It is quite heavy

Get yours here:


Vibration machines give you an option to work out better and get to a fit, healthy and a more functional body. This article will greatly help you to choose the best vibration machine for your need. And once you have one, you will realize that training is much easier, comfortable and convenient.From our round up above, the Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine is the best possible machine regarding quality and functionality. Although it is a bit pricey, this machine will give you the most result.

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