The Best Waist Trimmers: A Comprehensive Guide And Reviews

Are you in the search for the best waist trimmers this 2017? Read this article for more information.

Weight loss has become a struggle for many, and as such, they are working hard to lose weight, tone muscles and keep fit. Through the weight loss struggle, some people are getting lured by other cheaper and seemingly quicker ways to lose weight. Some of these options include weight loss pills, tummy trimming creams, and trend exercise equipment. Although the advertisements may be tempting, in reality, these options do not produce the same results as in their advertisements and are also very costly

One of the options that are ostensibly cheap and promising better results is the waist trimming belts. These belts have become very popular among many fitness enthusiasts and celebrities


What Is A Waist Trimmer Belt?

A waist trimmer is just a belt that is rather made of a material that does not give room for breathing. They are meant to be worn around the waist during workouts or any other exercise routines. Interestingly, waist trimmers tend to provide faster and better results for the waistline as compared to working out without one.

How it works

Waist trimmers work by supplying excess heat around the waistline. As a result, you tend to sweat a lot in response to the excessive heat around the area covered by the trimmer. This, in turn, leads to you shedding any extra weight accumulated around your midriff.

Before buying and using a waist trimmer, most people will doubt it as a workout companion. The truth, however, is that result will vary from one individual to the other. If you are consistent with your workouts and wear your trimmer every time you exercise, then there is a high chance for results to start to show. Remember, that the flaccidity around the waistline is just water weight; therefore, you should be consistent with your workouts and make them intense. This way, you will be able to get your waistline back in shape and also be able to maintain.

Top 5 Best Waist Trimmers Reviewed

1. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Abs Belt

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If you are looking for a full coverage waist trimmer, this TNT Pro Series belt is the best you can get. It is a unisex belt that is used by both men and women.

The TNT waist trimmer features an extra-wide design that wraps around your stomach giving you a full and comfortable coverage. Additionally, the anti-slip technology featured in the design of this belt helps to keep you safe as it provides you with a firm grip and doesn’t slip or bunch during workouts.

As if that not enough, the manufacturers have made available the belt in various sizes for different sized people. Apart from that it also has a fully adjustable Velcro that allows you to adjust the belt to your size and fit.

The TNT Pro is the only waist trimmer of its kind that features a specially designed interior for repelling moisture and preventing bacteria from building around the belt when exercising.


  • It has a sturdy and durable design
  • It's easy to clean
  • It is comfortable and efficient in retaining body heat
  • Fits the body firmly and doesn’t slip


  • Although the belt is everything good, its design is a bit bulky

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2. ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer Belt

The Active Gear premium waist trimmer belt is a great belt for shedding off the extra water weight on your waistline.

At the same time, this belt helps to retain body heat which eventually sweats you off while shedding the excess water weight and releasing toxins from your body. Importantly, this belt is specially designed to trim down your waistline giving you the shape/physique that you desire.

The ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer belt is made of 100%, neoprene material which is meant to generate and trap heat in the abdominal area. The increased circulation of heat around the abdomen will help you burn calories, get rid of the excess water weight and release toxins.

Apart from helping you get your dream waistline, this particular waist trimmer will contribute to protecting your lower abdomen and lower back muscles from excess strain and fatigue during workouts.


  • Provides superior comfort
  • Has back and abdominal support
  • Fits perfectly


  • None registered so far

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3. Waist Trimmer by Aecs F1 Premium Neoprene Belt for Women and Men

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Working out with this Aecs F1 Premium Neoprene belt around your midriff will help you get rid of that extra water weight without much hassle. The belt is specifically designed with premium latex free neoprene that is known to be an excellent heat insulation material. The neoprene material also prevents slipping and moisture absorption during workouts.

This belt features an adjustable tap that allows adjusting the belt to your size. What’s more is that once you lock the belt in, it holds firm enabling you to move more naturally during workouts.


  • This belt is made of high quality material that doesn’t stretch
  • Made with soft material that doesn’t cut through skin when you sit or bend
  • This belt is adjustable to any size
  • It is light and comfortable


  • The elastic could be tighter and offer more compression
  • No washing directions were given

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4. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Men & Women

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Just like the name suggests the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer belt will increase the temperature around your abdomen making you sweat more thus shedding more weight. The belts come with a free bonus that includes a breathable carrying bag and a Sweet Sweat gel to use with the trimmer for more enhanced workouts.

On size and fit, the Sweet Sweat trimmer is designed to contour your waist comfortably. The material is also highly flexible as it adjusts to fit your shape and size.

Like most high quality waist trimmers, this Sweet Sweat belt is made with a latex free premium neoprene material that is not only meant for superior heat insulation but also repels moisture absorption as well as limits slipping and bunching during workouts.


  • Has a high quality design
  • Provides for increased sweating during workouts
  • The belt fits perfectly, is comfortable to wear and flexible
  • It is not bulky when worn under the clothes


  • If you are allergic to neoprene, then this belt is not for you. It causes redness, itching and sometimes rashes on the skin

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5. GIRL MELODY Waist Trimmer for Men & Women Premium Slim Sweat Sports Belt Waist Trainer

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The Slim Sweat sports belt waist trimmer is made with high-grade neoprene that wraps around your waistline firmly. This belt works by utilizing the heat your body creates from working out and retaining it within the area covered by the belt, therefore, burning more calories and eventually shedding weight.

The belt is designed to fit all body sizes as it contours and fits your waistline according to your shape and size. The Slim Sweat belt is available in a variety of sizes that are made with custom adjustable fits. The flexible and also provides adequate back support when worn.


  • Has an improved comfortable fit
  • Provides proper back support
  • Fully adjustable and flexible enough
  • Repels sweat and moisture absorption, therefore, it does not stink
  • It is thin and soft


  • No shortcoming found so far

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Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Waist Trimmer

Selecting a waist trimmer can be a bit complicated especially if you don’t understand how they work. When choosing one, pick a waist trimmer that contours your body shape, size and compliments your color so that it doesn’t look odd on you.

  • Also, you need to a belt made of materials that won’t irritate your skin. This is especially if you are prone to allergies or just have sensitive skin.
  • A good waist trimmer should not just be of good quality, but provide you with adequate back support when bending or sitting down.
  • Given that waist trimmer belts make you sweat a lot, it is advisable that you one with sweat and moisture repelling abilities. This helps to avoid slipping during workouts and the belt from stinking due to too much sweat absorption.


When it comes to losing weight, exercises alone will not do the trick. A healthy diet, a consistent and intense workout routine, and determination are essential to effective weight loss. The fad diets, trendy exercise equipment, and pills may produce immediate results but will be short lived, will be costly, and in the end, they can also have a severe impact on your overall health.

If you want to lose the extra weight around your midsection, then invest in a quality waist trimmer and a gym membership instead of wasting money on the misconceived faster weight loss alternatives. Weight loss and body toning require a lot of input. You need to work hard, be consistent and exercise patience. So, do not waste your time on any products that seem to promise you faster results instead, take advantage of the above best waist trimmers and choose one that works well for you.

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