The Best Effective Weight Loss Cardio Exercises In 2016 That Will Make You Surprise

When it comes to losing that stubborn body fat, it is often frustrating enough to have some people just quit on the way. You might have tried probably some weight loss pills and other exercises, but it seemed to take a long time, or it was just not happening. You have to be smart about what you choose as the best weight loss cardio exercises. Not all exercises will have the best impact you are looking for.

To effectively lose the body fat, you have to keep an open mind about using cardio as the core exercises. With the right training, it should be something that will be realizable in no time. Below, we get to learn about some of the best weight loss cardio workout to try out today.


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1. Walking – Burn Up To 400 Calories In An Hour


Walking is something that we do more often, but not all people can say that.

Some people would just use their cars to pick them up from their house to the workplace and then back.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time at the gym weightlifting just trying to burn the body fat, this could be a nice way to go.

Burning 400 calories per hour might not be a big value, but it is still important for someone looking to burn some calories easily.

     Source: www.verywell.com

Walking is commonly recommended for those who are beginners to the cardio workouts and obese people who cannot use other types of methods for now. It could still be a great exercise for those who might have been injured before and are looking to recover. Some people who are looking to take on major training programs in a few months, walking would be the build-up stage to the higher intensity workouts later on.

2. Running – Burn Up To 600 Calories In An Hour

Source:https: us.acacia.tv

Comparing it to walking, it is so easy to see that there are more calories to burn when using running as a cardio method. Those who have used before can agree it helps with the way you lose body fat and the improvement of a person's cardiorespiratory fitness.

For those who want to burn fat consistently, then this could be just the method to use. The running activity will stimulate the metabolism in your body and make it last even longer as you keep running.

There is always the use of jogging too as a variation of running to help in burning the fat. Giving your body a challenge in terms of workouts will make it better at shedding those extra fat deposits in the body.

It is not just about helping with weight loss; running is still important for flexibility. The workout will help in working on the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and hip flexors. If you want the running workout to be effective, the frequency has to be 3 times a week and keeping it within 30 minutes per run. If you can do that, then it is possible that you will end up burning more fat in your body.

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3. Cycling – Burns Up To 600 Calories In An Hour

As a kid, there was a time you would just love to ride your bike around with ease. That changes as you grow and decide to take on more comfort such a car and forget about the bike.

What most people do not realize that cycling is an important way of working out too. With the right frequency of cycling, you will be just burning more calories, as you would have been running.

The best part about running is that anyone can do it. You simply need to hop on a bike to get started. For those who might feel that riding outside is uncomfortable for them, there is always the case of stationary bike.

You need to make sure it is properly mounted and get on with the workout with ease.

Experts can agree that cycling is low impact, but still, a high-intensity method to use for stripping body fat. For those who are athletes, this could be a great way of improving your fitness and performance too. If you can space 45 minutes for each session for cycling, then you can start seeing the benefits soon.

4. Rowing – Burns Up To 840 Calories In An Hour

Source: www.prevention.com

You might have always thought that rowing was a very simple exercise that might not have many benefits. It is only when you get onto a rowing machine that you can appreciate the level of workout you get with the machine. It has now become among the best weight loss cardio workouts provided that you learn how to row properly.

Here is a quick video on how to row properly.

From statistics, it shows that you can easily burn up to 840 calories in an hour with just rowing. Other than that, you will still be working out the main muscles in the body. For those who are looking for a total body workout, this could be the best way to go for them. Since it helps burn a lot more calories, you can always expect other people to be intrigued and try it out too.

5. Jumping Rope – Burns Around 1000 Calories Per Hour

Jumping rope can be regarded as a high-intensity workout that helps you with burning more fat than the other many cardio workouts.

It is also an easy workout, it might be hard at first, but it gets better with time. Jumping rope for a long time has been seen to be also great for working out the shoulders and calves. When you try out the workout with jumping rope, you need skill, patience, focus, and a lot of strength to keep going. Not many people can jump rope for even 10 minutes.

Being a high impact workout, you need to only use it for shorter periods. Using it for longer sessions could easily lead to having impact injuries around the hip or lower leg.


Just like that, you now know about the best weight loss cardio exercises. The trick with cardio workouts is to start gradually and progress further into building more stamina towards the exercise. The key is to workout just right, so do not end up straining yourself so much to burn the body fat. It is also a game of patience; you have to wait a bit with these workout exercises if you are looking to lose weight. Share the article with your friends or leave comments below if you need something answered.


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