How To Do Bodyweight Back Exercises And Their Benefits

Busy work schedules, financial incapacitations or pressure from family or within makes it challenging for most people to be fit and maintain fitness. Society today has categorized people into classes such that if you don’t have the financial might, then you won’t be able to enjoy some of the luxuries or even worse amenities offered like gym services which may only be offered by particular clubs that you don’t have money to subscribe to. What is worse, is that if you can’t afford to get a personal trainer to help you through the fitness journey, then you are put at a disadvantage as all that comes at a very high cost.


One thing you all need to understand is that health and fitness should be a concern for all and not just the chosen few. Do not subscribe to societal demands and make them the reasons as to why you can’t work out and keep fit. You can easily work out from the comfort of your home and without the help of any trainer whatsoever.

The same thing applies to bodyweight back training. You do not need any approval from society or money to be able to work out your back. All you need is motivation, energy, your body and the right exercises to be able to work your back effectively.

Bodyweight back exercises can help you a great in achieving the desired body shape and also maintaining health and fitness.

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Benefits Of Body Weight Back Exercises

Working out your body with the correct exercises can give you very many health, fitness, and aesthetic benefits. Some of these benefits include;

Improved Posture

We all know that the back which consists of the spinal cord is responsible for our body balance and posture. When you work your back regularly, you tend to enhance your posture as well as enhance general, spinal health.

Improved Power

Apart from the legs, a strong and healthier back also gives you more power. Therefore, exercising your back regularly with body weight exercises for more power and support.

Improved Overall Body Appearance

Bodyweight back exercises tend to broaden the upper back while strengthening and toning the back muscles. In this regard, the body tends to develop a ‘V’ shape where the waist appears to be smaller. This is a good thing for women as a small waist means you can wear your slim fit clothes with more confidence or even roll in a bikini without feeling ashamed of your body.

Shed Body Fat

Body muscles use up calories when strained. The science behind this explains that the more muscle your body has, the more calories there will be. When you work out your back, you tend to burn more and shed more calories since you will be working a larger part of your muscles.

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The Best Body Weight Back Training Exercises

There are several exercises for training the back muscles today where some need equipment’s to perform while some the only equipment needed is your body and ability to perform the exercises. In many cases, as it mentioned above, some people may not have access to gym equipment either because they are in a faraway location or simply just can’t afford to buy a bodyweight training equipment. That is the reason why in this part, I have incorporated exercises that require equipment to perform as well as those that don’t need any equipment to perform.

1. Pull-ups

With concern to body weight back training, the pull up is one exercise that most body builders appreciate. It is basically one of the most performed exercises in most gyms. Although one must have a pull-up bar to perform these exercises effectively, the benefits derived from it are tremendous. Not only will doing pull ups work your back muscles but also strengthen and stabilize your core. They are not just easy to perform but also a great muscular endurance exercise.

2. Press Ups

The press up or push up is an exercise that I learnt about since I was a small kid. I grew up watching my elder brother doing pushups on our balcony every day for reasons which I didn’t bother to know back then. At this stage, I now understand the importance of press ups in strengthening back muscles. Doing pushups greatly works your core and your upper back muscles. It is an exercise that doesn’t require any instructions therefore very easy to perform.

3. Inverted Rows


If you are familiar with bench-pressing, then you will easily understand what the inverted rows are. This exercise is in simple terms like a reverse bench press. A standard bench press often involves you pulling the weight towards your body, but in this case ,it is your body that you will be pulling towards the bar to close contact. With inverted rows, you will be able to work your back, triceps, and biceps as well as stabilize the core. What is more is that you don’t need to spend a lot on equipment or hassle with the exercise as it is not that complicated to perform.

4. Superman Exercise


On the first mention of this exercise I thought that it involves some high flying techniques that is common with “Superman” but alas, it is just the name and nothing of that flying sort is needed here. The Superman bodyweight back exercise is a great way to work the whole body. This exercise tends to work all the major body muscles which include the glutes, hamstrings, and upper back muscles. Although performing it for the first time can be challenging, once you get around it you will find that it is great for tightening body muscles pretty well.

5. Back Extension


Also known as hypertension exercise, the back extension exercise is an exercise that greatly works the entire back area this includes, the lower, upper and middle back equally. To perform the back extension exercise, you have to lie flat face down on the ground. Put your hands over your head and arms upwards while lifting your legs too as far up as you can.

6. Callisthenic Exercises

Callisthenic exercises are composed of a variety of rhythmic body movements. They do not require any equipment to perform. Calisthenics are not necessarily body weight exercises but instead work to increase overall body strength and flexibility which are essential in increasing overall full movements.


If you are looking to build your body strength, tone back muscles as well as build more mass, then bodyweight back exercises is your ultimate solution. Try to incorporate the correct exercises into your workout routine or better yet perform them separately as a bodyweight back training routine. The more exercises you incorporate into the routine, the better the results you will achieve as you will be working your back in different forms and positions. The variety of bodyweight back exercises available is too many that you cannot explore all of them. You just need to find what works for you and you are good to go.

Remember, it is not a must for you to have special training equipment’s or to exercise in a gym. There are very many exercises which you can perform in the comfort of your home and without any equipment’s. Just work out right and smart and watch your body make amazingly beautiful transformations as your health also improves.

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