How To Perform Butterfly Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

Do you want an exercise that can help you get a flat stomach or good-looking six packs in the shortest time possible? Keep on reading this article.

A great body especially great abs and flat stomach is every man and woman’s desire. Many people tend to spend a lot of time and money in the bid to achieving a good-looking body. However, if you do not incorporate exercise into your daily routine, even a strict diet only cannot help you achieve a fit body. Exercises like crunches can help you lose extra fat, work your core and also enhance your overall body movement.

On crunches, one of the best crunches for abdominal muscles is butterfly crunches. These types of crunches will not only focus on getting rid of abdominal fat but also strengthening and toning up these muscles. If you want to develop abs or a flat stomach, you should adopt the butterfly crunch as a part of your regular body workout.

This type of crunch is very easy to perform; all you need to do is spare a few minutes of your exercise time and some dedication.


Benefits Of The Butterfly Crunch


There are very many types of crunches you can do. All of these crunches are beneficial to building core stability and upper body muscles.

Butterfly crunches, in particular, are very beneficial in building body mass and giving your body a total workout. However, these are not the only benefit of this particular type of crunch. Here are more:

  • First of all, butterfly crunches do not require any equipment to perform. You do not need weights or anything. The only thing that may be necessary especially if you are doing it on hard ground is an exercise mat. The mat will help to ease pressure on your back. It also helps to make you comfortable when performing the crunch.
  • Butterfly crunches contribute to building core stability. When your core muscles are stable, you develop good posture and efficient body movement.
  • The butterfly crunch if performed correctly can also help to work out and tone your abdominal muscles, which is particularly useful to women who are looking change the look of their tummy and men in needs of great looking abs.
  • Butterfly crunches are a good choice of abdominal muscles workout as it can also be performed alongside other workout exercises for maximum results.
  • Additionally, all crunches and not just the butterfly crunch can be conducted anywhere even in the comfort of your home. You do not need to go to the gym or any special place to perform them.

How To Perform The Butterfly Crunch

To do the butterfly crunches follow these steps:

Step I: Sit Down

This is the starting point of the butterfly crunch. Simply start seated and drop out your knees wide open. At this stage, you should also bring your feet close together. Ensure that both soles of your feet come into contact. Try as much as possible to bring your heels closer to your body although this may vary with how flexible and mobile your lower body is.

Step II: Lie On Your Back

While in the sitting position, drop your body so that you lie flat on your back with your knees and soles still in the position as in step I. As you lie down, put both your hands behind your head and relax out your elbows. Ensure that your chin and chest do not come into contact. At this point, you will realize your body is somehow in a butterfly shape. This is where the name butterfly crunches originate.

Step III: Crunch Up

As you form the butterfly shape, crunch up. This means you press your lower back into the ground. Lift your shoulders off the ground as you maintain the distance between your chin and chest. Crunch up with your abdominal muscles contracted. As you do this, ensure your soles are pressed together so as to engage every part of the body.

Step IV: Repeat

go back to starting position and repeat the process. Do at least 10 sets for a complete rep.

Below is a video with complete set of butterfly crunch workouts:


From the information above, it is clear that butterfly crunches can help you a great deal in not only achieving a great looking abdominal region but also help to work out your core muscles and improve your overall body movement.

Butterfly crunches are easy to perform, and as it is indicated above, it requires no equipment has and can also be performed anywhere. The primary objective of this type of crunches is to contract the abdominal muscles. Though the technique used to perform this exercise may be similar to other crunches, the spreading out of the knees is what makes it unique. In that when doing the crunch, it becomes difficult to maintain a flat spine, which consequently works out the rectus abdominal muscles even more.

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