How To Perform the Cable Triceps Kickbacks

Whenever you want to have a perfect contraction of the Triceps, then going for the Cable Triceps Kickbacks is one of the effective ways to do that. You can also consider the dumbbell Kickbacks, but they are not usually effective because of the high number of limitations that they do have. These restrictions include providing last few inches of the rep where real resistances do exist. At times, it’s usually recommended that you combine both the dumbbell version and the cable version. Above all, if you need to create a constant tension on the lateral head then I do believe that the Cable Triceps Kickbacks are the best exercise that you can go for.


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Benefits of the Cable Triceps Kickbacks

The Cable Triceps Kickbacks have many advantages as compared to the other forms of the exercises such as the Dumbbell Kickbacks. Here are the benefits of the Cable Triceps Kickbacks exercise that you can consider;

  • The Cable Kickbacks they are perfect for giving your Triceps that horseshoe Look.
  • They are also perfect when it comes to developing the long rear head of the triceps.
  • They also provide one with healthy pain-free shoulders that have a perfect mobility.The muscles that get involved when you are carrying out the Cable Kickbacks include;
  • The Triceps; they are the main and targeted muscles that are usually involved in this case.
  • Anconeus Muscles; these are the secondary muscles that usually get involved when you are performing the Cable Kickbacks work out.
  • The biceps, brachialis, and brachioradialis; they are commonly referred to as the antagonist's muscles that get involved at this stage.

Types And Variation Of The Cable Triceps Kickbacks Workouts

There are various variations of the Cable Triceps Kickbacks that you can perform, this include;

  1. Cable Kickback exercise having a rope attachment: In this variation, you will have to hold both ends of the rope in your working hand.
  2. A Cable Kickback exercises that have a reverse Grip: This is where you will use a D-Handle. It usually meant for one to work more on the medial head. It's usually perfect that you do combine all of this variations altogether.
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Steps Involved when Performing the Cable Triceps Kickback Technique


Step 1: The Exercise Set Up Or The Starting Position

  • You will attach a handle to the floor. You can also consider the no handle version where you will use the bar version.
  • After attaching the handle to the floor, you will grab the cable cord that is located just below the rubber stopper.
  • Using your left hand grab the pulley then stand up and make one-step forward with the right foot. Using the left foot make one-step backward.
  • You will then bend at your waist in such a way that the torso is 45 degrees and its parallel with the floor.
  • Using your right hand, you will support your torso on your right knee.
  • You will then raise your elbow so that your upper arm is at a parallel position to the floor, then allow your elbow to bend at 90 degrees as it is tucked into your side.

Step 2: The Movement Step (Execution of the Exercise)

Once you have set up the acquired position it will reach time now where you will have to execute the exercise by following the below simple steps;

  • Ensuring that your left hand is perpendicular to the floor, you will straighten (Extend) in a languid manner the arm or elbow until when your arm is locked out thus keeping it in a stationary Position
  • You will then squeeze the contraction for a single count and then return it to the normal starting position in a slow but a controlled motion.
  • Your elbow should not be dropped when you are returning to the starting position.
  • After you are done with the set of that arm, you will repeat the steps using the other arm.

Tips That You Need To Keep In Mind When Performing The Cable Triceps Kickbacks

  1. Always ensure that your elbow remains at your side.
  2. Ensure that your shoulder does remain on the same plane as your spine and that it’s the opposite shoulder.
  3. You should not elevate your shoulder towards your ear.
  4. It's important that you press your free hand against your thigh.
  5. Your elbow should not drop towards the floor.
  6. Always allow your triceps to contract for a longer period by holding to that position when your arm is extended. You need to generate a lot of muscular tension so as to keep your arm extended during the exercise.
  7. When you want to feel the work of the triceps a little better, then you can keep the elbow towards the back or lift it a little bit towards the ceiling.
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If you have performed the dumbbell Kickback, then it's effortless for you also to carry out this one. This is attributed to the positioning of the Cable Triceps Kickbacks exercise being the same as the Dumbbell Kickback exercise.

The Cable Version is usually a highly recommended exercise because it's effortless and one of the easiest exercises that you can consider because it will allow you to work out your triceps regardless of your elbows that give you pain during the other exercises.

This is also considered as a perfect option especially when you want to flex the elbow beyond 90 degrees in a very controlled movement without even you losing your tension.

For those who are having trouble to keep themselves stationery or have a weak back then its recommended that you do place your free hand on the bench or look for any other support. This can't have an adverse effect during your exercises.

The Cable Triceps Kickbacks makes use of the pulley which is an added advantage since it provides a continuous and fluid tension as compared to the free weights. This is what makes the incorporation of the Cable Triceps Kickbacks in your triceps training one of the goofy ideas. It's also regarded and taken to be one of the cheapest and best triceps exercises that you can use.

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