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Why, When And How To Use A Hammer Strength Chest Press

There is a never-ending debate about whether you should use free weights or machines in the gym. While I mostly sit on the free weights side of the fence, I do feel that certain machines can benefit your training greatly in many situations.

Some of the better machines out there are hammer strength machines. Hammer strength machines are actually somewhat of a middle ground between free weights and the type of machines found in many commercial gyms that rely on pullies and cables to lift a stack of pin-loaded weights.

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Maximize Your Chest Gains With The Svend press

Looking for a new exercise to add to your chest routine? Maybe something that provides a different type of stimulus than your flies and bench presses? Enter the Svend press. Unless you know your strongman competitors, the name of the exercise is going to sound rather meaningless. That is because it was utilized and made popular by elite strong man, Svend Karlson.

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How To Perform A Dumbbell Hex Press For More Chest Growth

The dumbbell hex press or “squeeze press”, as it is sometimes known, is one of those rarely used exercises that deserves way more attention. Especially if you are training for bodybuilding or aesthetic purposes, the hex press needs to be considered.

After all, everybody wants to build a more impressive set of pectoral muscles. A chiselled, well-built chest is key to attaining a balanced physique; it will also help you bench press more weight.

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The Best 7 Tips And Tricks To An Insane Chest Workout

Here’s the Problem Insane Chest Workout

Chest day for 90% of us consists of running to the flat bench, throwing on more weight than we can handle, wearing ourselves out, and then doing a couple other miscellaneous chest workouts that all do just about the same thing. That’s why 90% of us, despite all our hard work, don’t see the results we desire.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know On How To Do A Push-Up


Have you ever done push-ups and wondered why people talk of incredible results within a certain time limit yet you see no many positive results even after doubling the duration you were told to reach the set goal? Do you always do these pushups and feel your arms hardly bending and your hips hitting the ground? This is probably the reason why you do these exercises forever but no results are realized. You are doing it the wrong way.

A push-up is one of the workouts that involves the total body functional movement with a great resultant increase in strength. It is also characterized by the engagement of the core together with the lower body. The workout is a bodyweight type of exercise thus can be done virtually anywhere. The ton of variations that comes with this form of exercise will liven things up for anyone who learns how to do it right. Therefore, whether you have unsuccessfully been trying out this workout, or your zeal for the workout drives you to fine-tune your form, there are details below that will help you perfect your push-ups.

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How To Choose The Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises For Your Health


If you are just starting out to workout for impressive chest perks, it is possible that you would always want to give it all you have. Some would go crazy to the extent of weight lifting the chest only for a long time. If you are not careful, you might just end up with a weird shape because of a much bigger chest than the rest of the body.

Instead of only relying on the weightlifting, you could still opt for the chest bodyweight exercises. These exercises will get you working out even better than when you would have to workout only with the weights. The exercises are also great for those who do not have access to a gym.

If you are interested in using chest bodyweight exercises, you might want to consider the following.

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Check Out The Best Muscle Building Workout Plan

If you are looking to workout more often, then the goal probably is to end up building muscles. Building your muscles is not going to be easy, but with the right workout, nothing is impossible. You would often want to feel that actually at the end of the day at the gym, the workout was worth it. The best part with working out for muscle building is not hard at all. With the right focus on the workouts, the rewards can be amazing. Below are some of the routines you could use as muscle building workout plan.

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