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How To Perform Butterfly Sit Ups: The Best Exercise For Abs Muscle

For many gym-goers, a six pack is a huge goal. A visible set of abdominal muscles has become heavily associated with being in great shape and having an aesthetically pleasing physique. Butterfly Sit Ups

You will probably hear that diet is of great importance when it comes to revealing a chiselled mid-section. While this is certainly true, you must still build the muscles before you can reveal your six pack.

An excellent exercise for working and building your abs are butterfly sit ups or butterfly crunches, as they are sometimes known. Sit up and crunch variations have long been a staple in people’s workouts but butterfly sit ups are a rarely used exercise.

In my opinion, butterfly sit ups are far superior to the standard, more popular sit up. Throughout this article, you will learn the benefits of butterfly sit ups and how to perform them properly to build your abs.

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How To Do Incline Hammer Curls For Bigger Biceps

Everybody loves an arm workout in the gym. More specifically, everybody loves training their biceps. Rightly or wrongly, big biceps are definitely a statement of strength and an aesthetic physique. Incline Hammer Curls

I don’t know too many gym-goers that don’t want their bicep muscles to be just that little bit bigger. As a result of their constant pursuit of bicep mass, “what is the best biceps exercise” is a question asked very frequently by the masses.

You will hear various different answers: barbell curls, chin-ups and preacher curls are some of the more common ones. However, I feel that one of the exercises to be left off of the list by many people are incline hammer curls.

Incline hammer curls are in fact an awesome bicep-builder and I’m going to use this article to show you why and how to do them effectively.

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How To Build Firm And Powerful Glutes With Cable Kickbacks

Before I get into the how and whys of performing cable kickbacks for your glute muscles, I feel it’s important that you understand the reasons for even training your glutes in the first place. Training for better glutes is often and mistakenly thought of as a more feminine goal. This is just plain wrong, everybody should be training their glutes hard.

Of course, many women train their glutes for aesthetic purposes but men should do the same. A man’s “butt” is often touted as being one of the first physical features that are noticed by the opposite sex, not your biceps.

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How To And Why You Should Perform Supine Ring Rows

Your back muscles are some of the biggest and most powerful muscles in your body. They are also incredibly important for posture and structural support of your spine. Supine Ring Rows

Unfortunately, back training is often overlooked somewhat and the more visible muscles like the chest are trained more in favour. Ignoring your back training can negatively impact your strength, posture, athletic performance and your aesthetics. The muscles of your back play a part in all of those aspects.

Therefore, you cannot afford to skip training your back. If anything, back training should be prioritized for most people. An excellent exercise you can use to work all of your back muscles along with some others, which I will touch upon later, are supine ring rows.

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Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise: How To Do It Perfectly

The Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise is a good exercise especially to those who want to target their posterior deltoids. It is a medium difficulty type of exercise meaning a majority of people can withstand it. Even for those still, without enough endurance can adapt to it within a matter of weeks. This post is purposely meant to teach you how to effectively and appropriately do the Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise type of a workout for maximum benefits.

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How To Perform A Kettlebell Thruster

There are certain exercises out there that are just a gold mine for gains. These are generally big, powerful exercises that can be used across multiple different training styles. The kettlebell thruster is certainly one of those exercises. It truly destroys the barrier or upper or lower body by combining one of, if not the very best lower body movements with an equally great upper body builder: the squat and the overhead press.

Combining those two into a single movement makes it clear to see why the kettlebell thruster can be such an effective exercise.

By the end of this article, you will have learned all of the benefits of kettlebell thrusters as well as exactly how to perform them. So, let’s get right into it.

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How To Do V-bar Pulldown For A Bigger And Stronger Back

A big, thick back, in my opinion, just screams strength and power. Take a look at all of the strongest individuals on the planet and you will notice that a well-developed back is a very common trait among them. V-bar Pulldown

Your back supports the rest of your body so is vital from a strength standpoint and if aesthetics is your goal, a wide, muscular back is essential for the attaining the V-taper look.

The problem is that the biggest and most powerful muscles of the back, your latissimus dorsi or lats for short, are often the ones that are under-developed in lifters. I think a big reason for this is because it can be quite hard for you to actually feel them working, which means it can become difficult to target your lats effectively.

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Kettlebell Upright Row: How To Perform The Best Exercise For Shoulder

Are you looking for a simple shoulder exercise to incorporate into your workout routine? Then try the kettlebell upright row.

The above is an excellent exercise for people who are still new to the idea of using kettlebells for fitness as well as those that want to better their workout routine. It is an exercise that will help you get back in shape quickly and conveniently as you do not need to do this in a gym.

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Top 5 Ab Roller Reviews

Ab rollers are stomach exercise accessories used to complement other lifestyle activities with the aim of developing some effective crunches. While doing the stomach exercise, it is important that other body parts such as the arms, neck, back or legs are also used for leverage. Ab rollers have been used for quite some time now to strengthen the stomach muscles, more so with the aim of developing six packs. The question is, “do they really work and which ones are the best Ab rollers on the market? Ab Roller Reviews

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How To Perform An Alternate Hammer Curl In 6 Simple Steps

Fitness is one of the best ways of healthy living. There are several types of exercises targeting different parts of the body that can be helpful in ensuring that you are always fit. However, when starting out or planning to start out on your fitness routine, one ideal exercise that you should always consider is the conducting the alternate hammer curl. As the name suggests, this exercise uses a hammering motion in isolating the biceps as well as building relatively bigger arms. It is regarded as one of the ultimate workouts that make help in building up your upper body.

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