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Smith Machine Upright Row: All You Need To Know


Have you ever wanted a big chest that match with nice biceps? It might also come with wide set of shoulders which look more like doors. Do an upright row, it’s an effective body building exercise if you’re aiming to get what the type of body I have mentioned. Why? Well, the upright row enhances your trapezius muscles, side deltoids, rhomboids, and front delts. Putting this exercise into your routine will help you enhance your shoulder and upper back.

Well it is quite difficult if you would do it the wrong way, not to mention the injuries you would suffer. Well, there are two ways to do it, the normal upright row, and the Smith Machine upright row. Doing an upright row normally is fine, but doing it with a Smith Machine is way better.


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Why Effective Tank Top Arms Workout Is The Most Preferred Exercise

If you love it, show it off! Whether it is during a scorching hot summer or a freezing winter, showing off your well-toned upper body and tank top arms is something that you should do without hesitating. Wear that skimpy tank top which will expose your firm shoulders, your well-toned arms, upper-back and your well-lined upper muscles.

Everyone will fall in love with you including your spouse. However, all these cannot be achieved from the comfort of your bed. For you to have a comparatively ideal toned upper body, thin arms and any other desirable feature that is related to your upper body muscles, you need to do tank top arms workout.

Tank top arms exercise will relieve you from the stress of having to hide your upper-back muscles and shoulders. Probably you don't want people to see your flabby arms and out-of-shape shoulders, and so you preferred to wear long-sleeved shirts which cover every inch of your body.

With appropriate workout, everything will get back in shape, and you will be able to walk tall beaming with confidence. There are a series of tank top workouts that you can do, and they have different levels of effectiveness. These workouts can be comfortably done from the comfort of your home not forgetting that they are pocket-friendly.

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How To Do Bodyweight Back Exercises And Their Benefits

Busy work schedules, financial incapacitations or pressure from family or within makes it challenging for most people to be fit and maintain fitness. Society today has categorized people into classes such that if you don’t have the financial might, then you won’t be able to enjoy some of the luxuries or even worse amenities offered like gym services which may only be offered by particular clubs that you don’t have money to subscribe to. What is worse, is that if you can’t afford to get a personal trainer to help you through the fitness journey, then you are put at a disadvantage as all that comes at a very high cost.

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Do You Know How To Perform Crunch With Heel Push?

You have to agree with me that after the gluteus muscles or in common language the butt region, the next body region that most people desperately try to work out is the abdomen. The effort I see people putting into working out their abdominal muscles is very impressive but at the same time surprising. In light of this, crunches have become very popular exercises for strengthening and toning up the abdominal muscles. There are different types of crunches all which target the said muscles differently. If performed well, crunches can be of great benefit to maintaining a flat tummy and toned up mid-section. They can also be dangerous if performed wrongly.

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Top 5 Best Weight Lifting Belt Reviews

Weight lifting belts are associated with a lot of controversy from fitness experts, health specialists and users at large. Despite the controversy, the demand for these belts continues to rise rapidly. Read on to find out why.

Weightlifters stand to lose a lot when it comes to harm, especially injury to their spinal region. However, weightlifting belts make things easier when conducting heavy lifting exercises. The belt protects your backbone from any injury. You all know how dangerous and complex spinal code injuries can be hard to cure. A small spine injury can affect the quality of your entire life. And as you can guess, it won’t be anything positive. To be safe, you can wear the belt over your back as it will support your lower back from the pressure of the extreme weights that you may be lifting thus preventing any short or long term injuries from happening.

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How To Perform Butterfly Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

Do you want an exercise that can help you get a flat stomach or good-looking six packs in the shortest time possible? Keep on reading this article.

A great body especially great abs and flat stomach is every man and woman’s desire. Many people tend to spend a lot of time and money in the bid to achieving a good-looking body. However, if you do not incorporate exercise into your daily routine, even a strict diet only cannot help you achieve a fit body. Exercises like crunches can help you lose extra fat, work your core and also enhance your overall body movement.

On crunches, one of the best crunches for abdominal muscles is butterfly crunches. These types of crunches will not only focus on getting rid of abdominal fat but also strengthening and toning up these muscles. If you want to develop abs or a flat stomach, you should adopt the butterfly crunch as a part of your regular body workout.

This type of crunch is very easy to perform; all you need to do is spare a few minutes of your exercise time and some dedication.

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How To Do A Jefferson Deadlift

Have you ever wondered if the Jefferson deadlift could be of help to you? Perhaps this guy in your gym does it, and you wonder, ‘how in the world could he pull off such a lift?’ Don’t worry this article will enlighten you.

At first glance, this exercise may look very awkward and exciting at the same. Well it is, the strength and ability needed to perform the lift are not minimal. Look at this pictures;As you can see everything about the two pictures is not merry. This is the type of exercises you would rather do behind locked doors or in the gym where no one will see/be bothered by the funny and ugly faces you make throughout the lift.

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How To Choose The Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises For Your Health


If you are just starting out to workout for impressive chest perks, it is possible that you would always want to give it all you have. Some would go crazy to the extent of weight lifting the chest only for a long time. If you are not careful, you might just end up with a weird shape because of a much bigger chest than the rest of the body.

Instead of only relying on the weightlifting, you could still opt for the chest bodyweight exercises. These exercises will get you working out even better than when you would have to workout only with the weights. The exercises are also great for those who do not have access to a gym.

If you are interested in using chest bodyweight exercises, you might want to consider the following.

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How To Do Squats And Deadlifts The Most Effective Way

Every exercise has its own goal to achieve. As a person who loves to exercise, it just essential to know the purpose of a specific exercise you are performing. That way, you are sure of what you are up to and you know that you are not wasting time and effort for nothing.

Like every other exercise, doing squats and deadlifts have their own benefits which you can get by just actively performing them in a constant period. In this article, we will talk about how squats and deadlifts are done and the benefits you can get from doing such exercises.

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Pull Up Programs To Undergo And Benefits To Gain

Today, a lot of people who are working out think that by doing “new” methods of pull ups will help them achieve better results. However, doing the “old school” ways of pull ups are actually much better and effective. One may go and settle with a Lat Pulldown Machine and do heavy weights but performing the latter will help you build stronger and quality muscles.

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