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Optimize Your Rear Deltoids With The Lying Rear Delt Raise Exercise

Ever heard of the lying rear delt raise? Do you know how to do it?

The upper body is one of the most worked out parts of the body. But despite this, the rear delts are often ignored or less worked out. When exercising, most people do not see the need of performing activities targeted specifically for the rear delts and thus end up getting invariable results.

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Benefits Of The EZ Bar Preacher Curl For Building Your Biceps

If you are trying to put some size on your guns or you just want to have firmer upper arms, bicep training cannot be ignored. The biceps are a muscle that is very closely associated with a strong and eye-pleasing physique.

In fact, well-built biceps can be a clear indicator of somebody that lifts weights and cares about the appearance of their body. Therefore, bicep training has become an important and much-loved part of the gym routine.

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Why, When And How To Use A Hammer Strength Chest Press

There is a never-ending debate about whether you should use free weights or machines in the gym. While I mostly sit on the free weights side of the fence, I do feel that certain machines can benefit your training greatly in many situations.

Some of the better machines out there are hammer strength machines. Hammer strength machines are actually somewhat of a middle ground between free weights and the type of machines found in many commercial gyms that rely on pullies and cables to lift a stack of pin-loaded weights.

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How To Do A One Arm High Cable Curl For Bigger Biceps

Generally, the biceps get a lot of attention in the gym; most people want bigger, firmer and more aesthetically pleasing upper arms. The problem is that many gym-goers end up performing endless variations of what is essentially the same exercise.

For example, going from barbell curls into dumbbell curls and then onto straight bar cable curls. Of course, there are some slight differences between each one but they all work the biceps in a very similar fashion.

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How To Improve Strength, Power And Cardio With Jumping Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are without a doubt one of, if not the toughest bodyweight exercise out there. Being able to pull your entire body weight up to a bar is a true test of strength and control over your body.

Those that have never attempted a pull-up may assume it’s an easy movement. After all, it really doesn’t look that hard. However, those individuals are always surprised and humbled when it comes down to trying the exercise for themselves.

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Maximize Your Chest Gains With The Svend press

Looking for a new exercise to add to your chest routine? Maybe something that provides a different type of stimulus than your flies and bench presses? Enter the Svend press. Unless you know your strongman competitors, the name of the exercise is going to sound rather meaningless. That is because it was utilized and made popular by elite strong man, Svend Karlson.

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Boxing Abdominal Workout For Ripped And Powerful Abs

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet and as a result produces incredible athletes and physiques. While the physiques of boxers vary widely, one thing that is common among them is their thick abdominal muscles and super-strong core. Training the abs for boxers is an absolute must. Your abdominals and other cores muscles not only help you to throw punches but also protect you from body shots in the ring. Even if you aren’t a boxer, using a boxing abdominal workout is a great way to build a very impressive mid-section.

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How To Perform A Dumbbell Hex Press For More Chest Growth

The dumbbell hex press or “squeeze press”, as it is sometimes known, is one of those rarely used exercises that deserves way more attention. Especially if you are training for bodybuilding or aesthetic purposes, the hex press needs to be considered.

After all, everybody wants to build a more impressive set of pectoral muscles. A chiselled, well-built chest is key to attaining a balanced physique; it will also help you bench press more weight.

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How To Perform A Cable Rear Delt Fly And Why You Should Do It

The rear delts can sometimes end up as the forgotten step-child of shoulder muscles. With gym-goers focusing heavily on pressing movements and adding in raises for isolation, the anterior and lateral heads of the deltoids get the lion’s share of attention.

Sure, your posterior delts will get worked during some of your pulling movements but they rarely get as much focus as they need. As you will discover in this article, training your rear delts is something that you need to take seriously.

To train these muscles effectively, isolating them with certain exercises is a good idea. An excellent isolation exercise for the back part of your shoulders, where your posterior delts are located, is the cable rear delt fly.

I will provide a step-by-step guide to performing the exercise correctly later. First, you need to know a little bit more about your posterior deltoid muscles and why training them directly will benefit you.

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