Charlottes CBD Vape Oil Benefits For Pain And Other Surprising Benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a type of cannabinoid, which is a compound derived from cannabis ormarijuana plants. CBD isn’t the compound causing a “high” effect when taken into the body.


Another cannabinoid, known as THC, is responsible for that side effect.Vapers are now embracing the infusion of CBD oil into their vape juice. There are many healthbenefits associated with CBD that makes vaping CBD a better option than regular vape juices.It’s also becoming a natural antidepressant and stress reliever for those who have health issues.

Make sure you only purchase your CBD vape oils from a trusted CBD shop.

CBD oil offers many health benefits, such as aiding weight loss. However, the most commonbenefit is relieving pain. Here are some examples.

Relieves Arthritis

CBD is an effective treatment for those suffering from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. In a studydone on rats, researchers found that inflammation due to arthritis was significantly reduced andthe rats displayed little to no indications of pain in their joints. This is because CBD alters thepain perception, leading to pain relief with no side effects. These results of CBD are encouragingand promise a bright future for people with arthritis. However, more research is needed toconfirm that CBD oil is an effective treatment for arthritis pain, and more human studies areneeded.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Researchers believe that CBD is capable of interacting with your brain receptors and the immunesystem. Receptors are the cells responsible for sending signals to the sensory nerves of yourbrain and they respond to external stimulus. CBD influences these receptors, resulting inpainkilling effects and reduction in swelling, which helps with pain management. This meansthat CBD oil could potentially help people with chronic pain.

A 2015 research on the use of cannabinoids for chronic pain reports a positive result. Theresearch showed that cannabinoids could be used for the effective treatment of some types ofchronic pain, including neuropathy (nerve pain). It could also help improve the quality of lifewith fewer side effects than other medications.

Relieves Chronic Migraine

Research on the use of CBD oil for migraines has not been extensive. Still, people with chronicmigraines get fewer migraine episodes after using CBD. However, as with the other benefits,there’s still a need for more research on the direct effect of CBD on migraines. The only knownfact is that it directly interacts with the brain and affects its responses to pain. Since most studieshave used animals for testing, clinical trials with humans are needed to fully understand andinvestigate the effects of CBD oil for its potential benefits for migraines.

Vaping CBD oil is beneficial if you’re experiencing severe migraine because inhaling itintroduces the compounds to your bloodstream much quicker than other methods. CBD oil usedvia vaping is also less likely to cause side effects, so first-timers may want to start with thismethod.

Currently, there are no guidelines for the right dosage to relieve migraine. You can use between2.5 mg and 20 mg per day for chronic pain. Then, observe yourself on how a specific doseaffects you to know the right dosage for your needs. Start with the lowest dosage and increase asneeded. Better yet, consult your doctor for proper guidance.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

One of the main reasons people go for CBD oil is it’s little to no side effect, unlike over-the-counter prescription medications that may damage your liver. Other than possible drowsinessand nausea, there are no other reported significant side effects of CBD inhalation.

The risks associated with vaping CBD oil depend mostly on how you use it and your state ofhealth. If you have other existing conditions like asthma, cough, or lung problems, you shouldconsult your doctor for advice before using CBD oil or vaping in general. Because humanstudies on the use of CBD are limited to confirm its benefits, its other potential side effects arealso a mystery.

If vaping is not your thing, you may opt for other ways of using CBD oil. There are lotions,capsules, and even gummies available on the market. Another way is using it sublingually byputting a few drops of oil under your tongue. Always consult your physician to work on a planand to determine which works best for you.

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