How To Choose The Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises For Your Health


If you are just starting out to workout for impressive chest perks, it is possible that you would always want to give it all you have. Some would go crazy to the extent of weight lifting the chest only for a long time. If you are not careful, you might just end up with a weird shape because of a much bigger chest than the rest of the body.

Instead of only relying on the weightlifting, you could still opt for the chest bodyweight exercises. These exercises will get you working out even better than when you would have to workout only with the weights. The exercises are also great for those who do not have access to a gym.

If you are interested in using chest bodyweight exercises, you might want to consider the following.


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1.Planche Push-Up


Well, it is no easy workout as you may think. It may resemble any other type of pushup, but it is more challenging and will build your core even better. The first time it is performed by someone who knows it well, you might think it is out of this world, but you too can do it.

It will take time to workout with the planche push-ups, but at last you will get to enjoy its working even better. The workout simply involves balancing yourself on both your hands with the legs up and pulled in. With time, you will know how to extend the legs.

This video should give you a quick guide of the workout.

2. Ring Chest Dips


If you have done dips before, they are almost similar, but with the addition of the rings. The rings in this exercise are important to increase more movement. Whenever there is more movement, you can be sure it will increase the difficulty level of the workout.

With the ring workout for chest dips, you will not just be working out your chest, but also the other body muscles around your core. In the end, you will get a great upper strength.

The best thing to do would be spreading the rings far apart so that you will not have the straps rubbing against the forearms when moving up and down. If the straps rub against the forearms, they will end up removing the freedom of movement which is the sole purpose of using the rings in the first place. The video below should help you understand more about the workout.

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3. Iron Cross


If you are always thinking that you can do many strength workouts, it is now possible to test that theory with this workout. It is not your regular workout as it will help you test how strong you are. It will definitely be great when it comes to helping you workout your chest even better.

The workout is almost similar to ring chest dips, but much tougher. You will need to start by raising yourself up on the rings and then slowly lower yourself. During the lowering process, you should draw the arms out to your side horizontally until it forms a cross. You can now hold this position for as long as you can.

It might sound easy in the text, but it can be tough and helpful. After doing it for a couple of rounds, you will get to like it even more.

Use the following video as your guide.

4. Bodyweight ring fly

This could be the best ways for you to replicate the weighted flies without any doubt. You will be now using the rings, which are important to add another degree of freedom to your case. The extra movement with the rings should help a lot stabilize the muscles and even your core.

It is advisable to use the TRX system or the gymnastics rings and hang from them. Instead of doing a simple pushup, you will spread your arms so that they take the position like a fly. To understand more what the exercises are all about, check out the following video.

This workout is tough at first, but once you understand how it is done, you can really get to like it. You can now even start to have your own variations of the workout so that it feels even better in the end with a best chest workout.


These are not the only workouts you can choose for your chest. Others exist and it should be just a matter of time before you can see some results. You can always look for other workouts and keep adding them on to your list.

The best way to workout with these exercises is to use them progressively. You do not have to keep on working out hard that you end up injuring yourself. Once you have mastered the workout, it is when you can push yourself to the maximum.

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