CrossFit Endurance Workout Of The Day

  CrossFit Endurance WOD

Whether you love it or hate it, the idea of using CrossFit exercises are growing popular with each day that passes. You might not be sure about them right now, but wait until you try out a few CrossFit endurance workouts.


If you want to succeed with CrossFit exercises, you have to be determined and ready to do anything to achieve your goal. Anyone who chooses these types of exercises will never dream of being a quitter.

It is true, the exercise can be quite cruel, it is why some people might just quit after a couple of sessions. That said, nothing comes easy in this world, especially in the fitness world. You have to be ready to handle any hurdles in the way to stay fit and look great.

Well, enough with the easy part, let us get to check out a few CrossFit workouts you can use today.

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Any workout would need that you get yourself warmed up first. Warm-up will help reduce the risk of ending up with injuries, pain or aches that from the workout to follow. A nice warm-up will be enough to prepare the body to handle the demands that come with exercising

What you will need


- You can start with any equipment from the list above. I prefer going for the rope first. You simply need to jump the rope for about 5 minutes continuously. The exercise will help raise the heart rate and get your legs ready for the hardcore exercise to come.

- After skipping the rope for a while, it is time to hit the road running. In this case, you will now use the treadmill. With this machine, you get to decide just how much distance you would want to cover. The best would be keeping it above 400 meters per run. It is a nice run that should get you burning more calories even before the main workout.

- A stationary bike is another great way to extend your warm-up session. You will have an easy time cycling; as you will be just seated and let the legs do all the work. Do this more often and you will end up with strong glutes.

The Workout

What you will need

  • Boxes
  • Weights


1. Swinging Kettlebell


Kettlebell swings may often look simple, but wait until it is your turn to do them. You need to swing them right to get the exercise working for you. In this workout, we need to go for 10 swings for around 3 sets.

  • To begin the exercise, get to the lowered squat position. The low position will give you more support you need for the exercise. Make sure that your shoulders are pulled back. This keeps the back to be straight and avoid rounding, which might make the exercise less effective.
  • Holding the kettlebell, swing it between your thighs and legs. The trick is to keep those arms straight at all times. You should now be able to project the kettle up and higher from the body easily. To accelerate the kettle up, use more force to move the kettle away from the body.
  • When you bring the kettle to the top position, it would be ideal to keep it above your head. Make sure that the kettle is facing forward slightly. The reason for keeping it facing forward is to prevent fatal accidents. In case the kettlebell drops, it will fall in front of you rather than the back.
  • When swinging down the kettle to its original position, take time to absorb the strain as it will make you stronger. Keep your arms straight the whole time you are working out.
  •  Now that we said 10 swings for a set, repeat immediately to make the workout effective.

Check out this video to learn more about how to accomplish kettlebell swings

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2. Rowing machine workout


A rowing machine is a useful tool for burning those extra calories only when used properly. If you end up using the wrong technique, it can be detrimental to the body at some point. Here is how to use the rowing machine correctly.

  • The first step would be sitting on the seat in a position that keeps the body centered. In this position, your sitting bones should be rested on the seat with the top of the hamstrings barely touching the seat.
  • The foot straps are adjustable, so make sure they are well adjusted to fit around your feet.
  • You can now hold the handle with your hands. The hands are supposed to be shoulder apart during this stage. You do not need a tight grip for this case; just keep it simple. Your thumbs should go underneath the handle to offer more support.
  • Get ready to start working out. Sit leaning back slightly and then proceed to pull the arms to just below the chest area or bra line. When you lean back, make sure to straighten the legs in the process.
  • When getting the arms to the starting position, make sure they go out to the shoulder width. This time, you lean forward and bend your legs too. As simple as that, you have achieved a perfect stroke on a rowing machine.
  •  Repeat the process for a minute. Take a break and continue for 10 minutes.

If you need a video to visualize this clearly, check out this one

3. Push Press exercise


For this part, you will need a weight bar with weights. Just keep in mind the amount of weight you are to lift. It should be something you can easily lift without straining too much. I know it is endurance CrossFit, but if you end up with muscle tears and other injuries, the workout would not have met its objective.

  • Starting with the grip, you need to ensure the grip width for the push press exercise is outside the shoulders. You can always go for a wider grip if you have large biceps or previous injuries that make it hard to rotate the shoulders externally.
  • The push press exercise will put more strain on your trunk and lower body. This means that you need to get the dip right. You can squat to lift the barbell easily before taking it up to your shoulders.
  •  When taking the dip, take a large belly breath and make sure to hold it there before the dip. This process will help protect your lower back and still help you transfer the energy from the legs to the barbell through the trunk.
  • After lifting the barbell, you are now in the drive phase. This is where you simply redirect your force for lifting the barbell. At first, you might end up on the forefoot or toes, but with time, you will know how to balance when lifting the barbell.

Push press can be quite hard at first, but here is a video to show give you more tips

How did that feel?

My CrossFit Endurance WOD was not going to be easy of course. You need to dedicate yourself to such exercises to grow strong in no time. Most people who have used the workouts would agree being better at other core and endurance CrossFit exercises. If you would like to engage me in these and other CrossFit exercises, use the comment section below. Do not be afraid to ask any questions at this point.

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