The Best CrossFit Weight Loss Exercises To Try Out Today

The issue of losing weight has been troubling for many people today. You will find that they try to all types of exercises, but they feel that they are not losing weight. Since CrossFit is now popular, some people believe it probably is the time they tried it out. They need to know if these types of workouts will work for them.

There are some people who have come out to criticize the whole use of CrossFit exercises for weight loss, but just like any other exercise, there will always be critics. A number of exercises exist today that could help you lose weight easily and stay in shape.


CrossFit weight loss exercises are quite many, so you need to filter them and starting working out towards achieving your goal. Some of the common works to use will include:

The exercises are quite many, it is not possible to cover them all. You simply need to identify ones that work for you and stick to them. The trick is to remain consistent with the workout to reap its benefits in the end.

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Any CrossFit weight loss exercise package will never miss running as an option. Running for many people can be scary sometimes if they think about the distance to cover.

That should not be the case as running helps with increasing the heart rate and metabolism in the body. You will have a better chance of dealing with your weight loss issues when you consider running.

With running, you can do it outside or still use equipment for training. Outdoors sometimes might not seem ideal for some people; thus they end up using the treadmills for their running workout. With the treadmill, you can always change the incline positions to make it harder and burn more fat while at it.

When you use the running option, you have to make sure that you keep it realistic and still push yourself to the limit.



Sit-ups have been the choice of exercise for most people looking to lose belly fat. You need to start today looking for it as an option too. It is part of the CrossFit weight loss exercises that if done correctly will lead to many benefits.

Sit-ups can be done anywhere and at any time. You simply need to get into position and burn the belly fat more often.

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Sumo Deadlift


If you have ever worked out using deadlift exercises, then it should sound and feel familiar with this type of exercise. The difference is how you position your arm and it is a lot tougher than your standard deadlift exercise.

What you will need

  •  Barbell
  •  Weights


1. Starting Position For The Exercise

Load the bar with enough weight you know that you can handle. Stand behind the bar with your feet set wide outside your shoulder width. This should help you have better stability when lifting the bar. You now need to bend at the hips in order to grip the bar.

Make sure that the arms are insider the legs. For the sumo deadlift, you can use a mixed grip, hook grip, or a pronated grip. You now need to relax the shoulder to lengthen the arms for a perfect grip.

2. Picking Up The Bar

You might still lower your hips if you need to get a better grip. Take a deep breath and pull up the bar with the weight. At this point, you have to keep your head looking forward and the chest out. As the bar is coming up, lean back when you get it past the knees.

Bring it up until it touches the thighs. Make sure to pull the shoulder blades together at this point. Rest it for 2 seconds and get ready to go down again.

3. Return To Starting Position

To complete one rep of the exercise, you have to return the weight back to the ground by having to bend at the hips. Make sure to take it back slowly to help increase your muscle endurance.

Get better at the exercise with this video.

Clean And Jerk Exercise


Clean and jerk exercise is not going to be easy, you have to brace yourself for a tough workout. The exercise is not just for helping with weight loss only, it can also help build strength, flexibility and better coordination. If you do it correctly, your coordination will always be on point, even when working out other types of exercises.

What you will need

  • Barbell with weights
  • Gym chalk
  • Athletics tape


1. Preparing For The Workout

To help with stability and better grip, you will need to apply the chalk on your hands and still tape the wrists. The wrists will now have better stability when holding the barbell for the workout. Proceed to load the barbell with the appropriate weights that you can lift for the exercise.

2. Performing The Clean Part

Keep your feet flat on the ground, the chest up and arms straight then pull the barbell from the ground up. This part could easily resemble the deadlift exercise, but here there is a slight backward movement. Make sure to retain the arms in a straight position at all times.

Keep going until the barbell is past your knees, at this point, the shins will be vertical and most of the weight would have shifted from the mid-foot to the heels now. By extending the hips it will help accelerate the bar movement to the thighs.

You need to drive the barbell upward from the thighs on your upper chest and shoulders. To help with easy driving of the bar, slightly squat to get the bar on the shoulders and upper chest.

One the bar is on your shoulders, you need to come from the squat position into a standing position.

3. The Jerk Part

You will have to reset the grip and feet position for the jerk part. The grip for this part should be wider than your shoulder width. It is the same thing for the feet too. Get into a quarter squat position to help build the kinetic energy for the jerk exercise.

Now that you are in the right position, you need to raise the barbell all the way above the head. Keep your arms fully extended at this position. Then you need to bring the barbell down to the chest area and rest it on your shoulders. By bending at the hips, you can now take the bar again to the ground. You would have finished a complete rep of the exercise.

Doing 5 reps of the exercise for a beginner is something you should be proud of yourself. As you can see, it has a lot of movements that you have to keep in mind always. Check out this video for clues too.

Workout smart to lose weight…

The exercises mentioned above are all great for weight loss. You need to work out smart to get more benefits from the exercises. With weight loss, it is not just about the exercise, you have to make sure that your diet is also watched too. Having a proper diet with the best exercise will always lead to better weight loss.

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