Deadlift Workout Routine – How To Workout Properly

Deadlifting has been around for years and can be attributed to be among the most fundamental exercises people have done since the beginning of workouts. The deadlifting workout has so much effect on your body, so it is always important that you get it done correctly all the time. Some of the muscles that you exercise with the exercise include glutes, legs, hamstrings, back, shoulders, and the arms.

All those who use deadlift workout routines would often end up with the strong backs that they have always wanted. Some have even claimed that their back pains have been cured when using such a workout.


Just like many other exercises, the deadlift workout also comes with a number of variations. For this guide, we get to check out how to do perfect barbell deadlifts and dumbbell deadlifts.

The romanian deadlift is another form of lift that can be worked into your routines to enhance your leg training.

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Barbell Deadlift Workout Routine


What you will need

  • Barbell
  • Weights


1. Taking the Right Position

The correct position without a doubt is quite important for the person working out. Without the correct position, then you will end up just hurting yourself.

Start by standing with your feet apart and wider than the shoulder width. The toes should be pointing straight forward or slightly outward depending on your preference. However, make sure it is not pointing too much on the outward.

Keep the balls of your feet under the bar. By now, you would have already loaded the barbell with the correct amount of weight. The amount of weight you choose should be comfortable based on your ability to lift. There is no need to put more weight for the first few lifts.

2. Grabbing The Bar

The correct way of grabbing the bar is just as important as the position. Gripping the bar correctly will always give you an easier time to lift the barbell weight. With your knees slightly bent, grab the bar with your hands slightly outside the legs. You can hinge forward from your hips to ensure a perfect grip.

It is recommended that you use the hook grip for this type of deadlift workout routine. The hook grip is where you sandwich the bar between your fingers and the bar, but still making sure that the first two fingers after the thumb wrap around the thumb.

3. Lifting The Bar

Here now comes the work out now. You need to keep your head up, look forward with your chest out. The back should be in a flat position and inhale.

Lift the bar and always keep it close to your body as much as possible. You will start to exhale whenever you straighten the legs. Make sure you keep yourself standing on the heels and not bent forward and standing on the toes. You can proceed to bring the barbell past the knees.

This whole time, you need to keep your core engaged to ensure it feels the effect making it stronger and it will also help with protecting your spine. When the weight is past the knees, you need to complete the lift with a hip extension and keeping the pelvis in a neutral position.

4. Maintain The Correct Form

We were now past the knees with the barbell, make sure that you maintain your back straight at this point. The shoulders should also not be rolled. The arms at this point will also be straight to offer the correct support. Gently rest the barbell on the thighs for a few seconds to rest and also strengthen the thigh muscles.

With your back still straight, you can slowly hinge at the hips forward and lower the barbell back to the ground. Just like that, you have done the one rep. You need to keep doing more reps depending on how the body takes it.

Here is a video to help get started on barbell deadlifts

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Dumbbell Deadlift Workout Routine


What you will need

  • 2 Dumbells
  • Weights


1. Position Yourself

The weights of the dumbbells should be the ones that you can easily lift. You do not need to strain yourself when it comes to lifting the dumbbells.

You will have plenty of time lifting more weight in future when you get stronger. With your dumbbells loaded with the correct weight, place them on the either side of the body. Keep them slightly in front of the feet.

As for the position, you need to keep the feet wider than the shoulder width. The toes should also be pointed forward at this point. You can still point the feet slightly outward for better support if you want.

2. Lifting The Dumbbells

Now that you know about the correct position, proceed to lift the dumbbells. Assume the squat position by keeping your back flat at all times. Arching the back can have some serious effects on the spine.

Keep your chin slightly up and the head aligned with the spine. Pick up the dumbbells with your hands. Ensure that you have a strong grip so that they do not slip. Keeping the elbows straight, slowly lift the dumbbells up to the sides of your thighs.

3. Keeping The Core Strong

It is always important to engage your core when working out such type of workouts. You will always have a chance to stabilize the spine with your abs. When you are lifting the dumbbells, the hips and shoulders should be straightened at the same time.

4. Take The Dumbbells Back Down

Once the dumbbells have rested on the sides of your thighs for a second or two, it is time to take them back down. The hips will now move backwards and go down in the squat position to return the dumbbells back to the ground. All this time, keep the back straight and place the dumbbells in front of your feet.

If you would love more tips for this type of workout, here a quick video…

Keep the correct form in mind…

Some people often complain that they had injuries when working out with the deadlift workout routines. That would only happen if you forget about maintaining the correct form. It is important that you keep the correct form in mind all the time. If you like what you just read, then share this deadlift workout routine with your friends and help them get fit today.

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