Decline Oblique Crunches: The Best Exercise To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Are you tired of the love handles on the sides of your stomach? Do you want to know ways on how you can rid of them? Oblique crunches are the answer to this. This article is focused on educating you on what decline oblique crunches are, how to incorporate them into your workout plan and how to perform this type of crunches.


About Crunches

Abdominal muscle crunches are a very conflicting type of exercises. One of the conflicts surrounding this exercise is the mixed opinion on whether it helps to kill belly fat and build good looking abs or not. While many try to cling to their opinion about crunches, the truth is that the ultimate effect these exercises have in your body depends on various factors. Factors like slow metabolism, stress, dieting, and genetics and body posture play a great role in determining the effect of crunches on your body.

If you ignore the above factors and solely focus on doing just the crunches, then it is possible you will achieve nothing. If you have poor body posture, poor eating habits and subject yourself to too much stress, the probability of you being able to get rid of abdominal fat using crunches is very minimal.

However, the good news is that you can give maximum attention to these essential factors and also work out correctly to achieve the desired waistline. How can you do this?

Oblique Crunches

First of all, you should target specific muscles around the abdominal area and work each one of them equally. Importantly, the oblique muscles which are the muscles on the sides of your abdomen are one of the muscles that most people tend to try to shed but do not target them correctly when working out.

If you want to get rid of your love handles, then you definitely have to work on the oblique muscles extensively. Drafting a good workout plan with the right type of exercises, eating a clean diet and always being in the right posture when standing, walking or sitting will help you greatly in achieving a toned, leaned, and healthy looking abdominal area.

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In this case, we are going to focus on decline oblique crunches as an exercise to help you lose the love handles. First of all, oblique crunches are a callisthenic exercise that specifically targets the oblique muscles together with the abs.

These crunches are easy to perform, full of convenience and are cost effective. For the decline crunch, you only need an incline bench. Although some variations of this exercise may require other types of equipment and some none at all, what we are going to discuss in this article is the one that requires an incline bench.

The step by step instructions that you will find in this article together with the video link will provide you with the needed knowledge on how to set up and ultimately learning how to perform the oblique with ease. There are also tips to consider for this particular crunch with the different variations to perform it. For a video tutorial, you can watch the decline oblique bench crunches at Youtube. Find the step by step instructions below.

How To Do The Decline Oblique Crunch

The decline oblique crunch exercise specifically works on your abdominal muscles as well as your obliques (the muscles on the sides of your stomach or the love handles). During this exercise, the oblique’s and abs muscles are usually worked together. Doing this crunch exercises is very easy. It involves very minimal equipment and steps to complete one rep. Follow these instructions keenly for how to do an oblique crunch.

Step 1

This is the first step where you place the bench at a strategic position and position your legs so that they are safely locked in at the top. Once your legs are secure, lay down on the bench.

Step 2

Get into the starting position by putting one of your hands on the head and the other one on the hip.

Step 3

Once you are in the correct starting position, lift your body up and towards the left side of your body. Do this in slow motion and in exhale mode. Continue crunching up towards the left, until your left elbow comes to contact with your right knee.

Step 4

Low your back down slowly to the starting position while breathing in.

Step 5

Change sides so that what you did with the left is now the right side and vice versa. For maximum results, do at least 5 reps on each side.

Things to consider when doing the decline oblique crunch

  • Always keep your abs tight throughout the exercise
  • Do each movement in slow motions and control them during the exercise.

This particular exercise can be done in many different variations. One, you can choose to perform the exercise on a flat surface although the results will not be as effective as it would on an incline bench. Another variation is by doing it with the support of weights like dumbbells, medicine bells or weighted plates. Using weights is basically meant to increase resistance thus improving the effect.

Also, instead of doing the first reps on one side, you can switch sides in every repetition. Whichever variation you choose, for your oblique crunches, ensure that you follow each step correctly.


If love handles have been a major problem in your body, then it's time you turn around the situation in a healthy, cost efficient and productive manner. You can lose the love handles by performing the decline oblique crunches.

However, keep note that if you exercise but don’t eat clean, results won’t show. Additionally, you need to exercise patience when doing these crunches. Results will not be noticeable in a day or two; it is a gradual process that depends on your discipline and determination. So take on your love handles with everything you’ve got, a sexy waistline should be your only objective.

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