Easy DIY Dance Studio Mirror Installation Guide

Unlike most people jumping around on the dance floors in clubs, professionals understand that dancing is an art. Being an art, it requires practice and passion to learn. That is why professionals could be seen spending their afternoons at a dance studio rather than being at their homes in bed watching Netflix.


Perhaps, that is the one point where artists and amateurs differ the most: artists are willing to give up something for their passion.

The Dance Studios

When you give up your time for the art, you need not only a quiet and pleasant space to practice, but there are several other factors to consider. You need someone to teach you and peers to learn with.

These are just a few considerations that a dance studio must make. However, the most important part of any dance studio is a great mirror.

Yes! Dance studio mirrors are not just meant to help dancers observe their posture and dancing but also make the dance studio look more spacious. Furthermore, the light dispersion, that mirrors create, lights up the entire area and adds a pleasant hue to space.

That is why people often get workout mirrors for home as well to make it look not only spacious but also brighter and pleasant.

Easy Dance Studio Mirrors Installation

However, mirrors are brittle and can be very harmful if broken. Specifically, considering the fact that these mirrors are often very large dance mirrors. Therefore, it is essential that a mirror is installed correctly to minimize the chances of its breaking. 

So, here is our quick guide to help you install dance mirrors easily:

What You Will Need

Although mirror installation is tricky, it still is pretty straightforward. You don’t need a lot of complex tools to install dance studio mirrors for home gym. You can make do simply with:

● A tape measure.

● A level.

● And a drill.

● A Hammer.

● A Pencil.

● A Screwdriver.

● Some essentials that come with the mirror including clips.

Once you have all these tools, you need to open up the mirror packed in a cardboard box and Styrofoam. Place the top lid of the cardboard against the wall to place the mirror against. However, placing a mirror on the floor can result in slipping and shattering right on your floor.

Therefore, after placing the cardboard against the wall, use the Styrofoam cushions placed in the box to use as the base for the mirror. Place these cushions on the floor, right next to the cardboard. Lift the mirror and place it against the wall on the cushions. Let it rest while you get to work with the installation process.

1. Measuring Space

The very first step in the dance studio mirror installation is the measurement. You need to measure the space that you will use to install the mirrors. Having said that, it is important that you choose a space that is clear of any wall sockets, so it doesn’t hinder the installation. Installing your mirrors above these sockets makes your mirrors more vulnerable to shattering.

However, if you think that you might need a wall socket on the wall later on, or if there already is one, you must install the mirror at least 24 inches above the floor. It is a precautionary step to ensure that you do not catch any wires while drilling in case a wall socket is present.

But then again, if you want the mirror to show the entire length of your body, from head to toe, you might want to install the mirror as close to the ground as possible. It is a tough choice.

Moreover, you must also consider the fact that dance mirrors are usually available in widths of 36 and 48 inches and in lengths of 72 and 60 inches. So, when you do measure your space, you must make your considerations depending on how many mirrors you will need with respect to the measurements of the mirrors available.

2. Wall Cleaning

Many people do not understand that cleaning the wall, where the mirror will be installed, is an essential step in the process. If you do not clean the wall, the dirt particles will not allow for the mirror glue to stick. Furthermore, after the mirror is installed, you cannot clean the wall and it will stay perpetually dirty.

It can create the perfect atmosphere for a bug infestation like termites. Since the mirror will already be installed on the wall, you can do little about the infestation or even realize that an infestation has taken place behind your large dance mirror.

3. Markings for J Bar

Usually for full wall mirrors home gym, a long J Bar is used to hold the bottom of the mirror in place. This J Bar also protects the edges of the mirror from chipping off and being found all over your dancefloor. Installing this J Bar is the crux of your mirror installation.

To begin marking for the J Bar you must select a suitable height for your mirror. Again, when choosing a suitable height, do consider wall sockets. Once you have your suitable height, what is left is making a straight (not diagonal) horizontal line for the J Bar. However, do not just instinctively draw a line because making a straight line is not as easy as it looks.

Use the level to ensure that the line that you are drawing is straight. Use only a pencil to make your markings at equal spaces so that you do not permanently ruin your wall paint. When you have the markings, you can combine them with the help of a ruler. Once you are done installing the mirror, you can simply erase the markings with an eraser so that there are no markings on your wall.

4. Holes for the J Bar

Once you have the line for the J Bar made, you can make the holes for the J Bar. For this, you should place your J Bar on top of the line that you just made. The line will help you make sure that you placed the J Bar straight. Once you have the J Bar in place and firmly held against the wall, you can use your pencil to make no more than 4 markings for the screws.

The J Bar will have multiple holes to help you make the marks according to your preference. What you must make sure is that all the markings are placed at equal distances. Just to make sure that your J Bar is straight, use the level again, just below the J Bar, to ensure that the J Bar is held straight.

Once all that is done, remove the J Bar and use a drill to make holes in the spots that you just marked. Hammer your wall anchors into these holes. Then place your J bar back on the wall and align the holes. Once aligned, you can tighten the screws to have your J Bar installed for holding your mirror.

5. Mirror Clip Holes

Although your home gym mirror installation is not complete yet, you can still place your mirror in the J bar. Use help to lift up the mirror and gently place it in the J Bar and hold against the wall. Once held, place the round mirror clips at a suitable position on the mirror and make your marks for the clips with a pencil.

Once the marks have been made, gently lift the mirror and take it out of the J Bar and place it in a safe spot. Then get your drill and make holes in the markings that you just made. Hammer the wall anchors into these holes. That is, it for now.

6. Mirror Glue

Next, place your large dance mirror face down on a horizontal surface to apply mirror glue at the back. You must apply globs of 3 to 4 inches that are 2/3rd inches high at several points on the mirror. Once done, lift the mirror again and place it back in the J Bar and press lightly so that the glue spreads evenly on your clean wall.

7. Screwing in the Mirror Clips

By this time, most of the work is done. However, it is not complete. The holes that you made for your mirror clips are still empty. Once the mirror is placed in the J Bar, and you place the mirror clips on top of the mirror aligning them with the holes that you just made.

Once the mirror clips have been placed, very gently drill in the screws. Ensure that the drill does not touch the mirror otherwise, the mirror will break with the vibration. If you think it does, remove the mirror again, fill the mirror clip holes with plaster of Paris and make new holes. But if you do this, ensure that you cover the covered holes with matching paint so as not to ruin your wall and the look of the mirror.

Once the drills have been screwed in, the mirror clips will firmly hold the mirror in place with the wall. However, on their own, mirror clips can look ugly. Therefore, they often come with attractive coverings to hide the holes that were made. Screw on the covering and you are done with your mirror installation.

Taking Measures for Care and Maintenance

Now your full wall mirrors home gym is ready for your use. But, to ensure mirrors stay in place and don’t generate moisture, you must make sure that space is ventilated well enough. Also, when cleaning the mirrors, avoid using heavy-duty cleaners that can cause abrasion on the surface of the dance mirrors. If you use a cleaner, do not apply it directly to the mirror.

An alternative to using cleaners is using plain paper towels or soft lint-free cloth with warm water. Old newspapers work the best. Just make sure that you dry the mirror properly after applying water otherwise it will have watermarks. Also, ensure that your dance studio mirrors for home remain dry at most times.

Maintain a safe distance from the mirror when practicing any dance routine, so as not to unintentionally hit the mirror and break it. It can be injurious and create a huge mess with glass shards flying in every direction. Moreover, the shards can fly off under furniture to later prick your feet. Always stay cautious!

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