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I love doing pullouts and unfortunately I suffered from elbow tendonitis; an injury that makes it uncomfortable for me to engage in daily workouts. I have tried using different types of elbow compression sleeve but none of them alleviated the pain and so forced to work out through pain. A friend of mine advised on the use of a strap sleeve around the elbow but it also did not work as expected.


It is through this trial and error that I came across the elbow compression sleeve from Crikor and ever since I have never looked back. Its very thick with a strong fabric that allows optimal hand movement. It holds the whole elbow with desired pressure and I feel no discomfort when I work out. Despite the fact that it doesn’t dissipate sweat as other thin compression sleeves due to its thickness, it offers the best solution to tendonitis and elbow pain and I greatly recommend it.

Our Elbow Compression Sleeve Recommendations

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Each year, compression sleeves become more and more popular. Initially, most people did not actually know what they were for. Instead, they associated them with fashion or just flashy wears. This is however not the case as they are important in reducing pain and muscle swellings thus giving the wearer a competitive edge.

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The Fitness Elbow Compression sleeve by Crikor sports for both men and women come in different shapes, sizes and color. The sleeves are manufactured from a material that easily stretches for a comfortable fit. The following are some the features:

  • Multiple supports: The compression sleeve by Crikor sports is fitted with multiple support elbow fastenings that are adjustable. With a breathable copper blend snug and four way stretch capability, the sleeve provides optimal support and superior protection.
  • Instant pain reliever: Was your elbow unintentionally injured when lifting a heavy item? The elbow sleeve from Crikor provides the intended compression and maximum comfort required to relieve pain in the elbow joints.
  • Designed for all: Be it a grand-parent, an active parent or an athlete, the Crikor elbow compression sleeve provides a better option for people across all ages and fitness levels. It is infused with the best quality of copper compression fabric for maximum muscle compression and support
  • Non slip Fit: The supportive elbow sleeve is designed for perfect fit around elbows for slender or ‘fatty’ arms. This ensures comfortability, desired warmth, full arm range movements and top level performance when working out.
  • Manufactures warranty: Because of its highest quality, the Crikor compression sleeve is backed with a full sixty (60) day refund and 100 per cent guarantee but conditions apply.

The Pros

The following are some of the benefits of wearing an elbow compression sleeve from Crikor.

  • Health benefits: When worn, the compression sleeve keeps the body from moving too much. This in turn reduces swelling. It also alleviates discomfort, minor aches and pains. (It is important to note that the elbow compression sleeve does not cure injuries but helps to deal with pain).
  • Improved performance: This sleeve improves blood flow. Better blood flow means high oxygen levels in muscles. As a result, muscles will not tire or wear out quickly meaning that one can perform at a very high level for a very long time. When one is running, muscles vibrate; increased vibrations cause muscles to tire. The copper sleeve limits these vibrations thus one can go stronger for longer.
  • Comfort: when working out, it is important to feel comfortable. The elbow sleeves from Crikor are designed to wick moisture thereby providing a good feel even in summer.
  • Protection: by wearing the elbow sleeve, your skin is protected from dirt, bumps and minor injuries such as bruises and scratches.
  • Muscle recovery and faster healing: Most people wear sleeves when injured or when experiencing niggles to improve blood circulation thereby helping muscles to heal or recover faster
  • Rest day usage: Elbow sleeves from Crikor provide a feel good factor to the wearer as they fit properly and are most current.
  • Alleviation of Muscle Soreness: Wearing sleeves after workout soothes the muscles. Loosened muscles enable one to carry on with daily activities without harming performance.


It is not wrong to use an elbow compression sleeve. However, the following are some of the side effects.

  • They may be slightly tight: Compression is always good for muscle oxygenation. With tight muscle fits that are designed to ‘help’ other muscles, intended pressure for each ligament may not be optimally reached leading to strain on other body muscles.
  • They may be too hot: Wearing elbow compression sleeves means adding additional layers or components which might not be comfortable on a hot summer day.
  • They offer no additional benefits: According to the study conducted on weight lifters; those fitted with elbow compression sleeves and monitors were found to have no significant statistical difference in their oxygen intake, speed and efficiency compared to their counterparts without compression sleeves. It was therefore concluded that, unless the workout is very explosive, the elbow compression sleeve provides no significant benefit to the wearer.
  • Placebo effect: The placebo effect sometimes takes precedence when explaining performance gain. This is because the elbow compression sleeve may not provide the desired performance benefit when it comes to workouts or explosive movements.

Conclusion And Review

Despite the fact that elbow compression sleeves are not a strict requirement, they are an important accessory in your gym or workout bag. With them you will experience recovery and improvement in performance. A little help from them when your elbow is not at its best won’t hurt. Again, the cost of obtaining an elbow compression sleeve is minute compared to the benefits, manage your elbow injury and don’t allow yourself to suffer through an inflammation while you can simply wear it for maximum comfort as evident in the below review;

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