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When people decide to build their physiques and gain muscles and lean body mass, they tend to take shortcuts. Steroids are known as preparations that could help you reach these goals. Still, these are not for everyone. You have to be seriously into bodybuilding or gym activities if you want to take steroids. Otherwise, they will be useless.


As so many sports supplements are available on the market, an ordinary user might be confused. If you’re in bodybuilding world or you’re hitting the gym for years, you’ve probably heard for many of steroids. If that’s so, you probably read about the importance of PCT or post cycling therapy.

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After a successful cycle, your body needs rest. Every organism has its ways to reset. Steroid users need a little help in the form of anti-estrogen supplements to restore their hormonal balances. Since anabolic drugs reduce the production of male hormones during the cycle, you must get them back to normal with these supplements.

Arimistane – Potent Anti-Estrogen Supplement

When it comes to PCT, Arimistane is the first choice for many seasoned steroid users. This supplement can be a part of the steroid cycle or can be used after cycling. What makes it stand out from all others is that it is possibly the most potent aromatase inhibitor.

It means that Arimistane will effectively reduce estrogen levels. On the other hand, it provides a fantastic boost of testosterone to the body. Go here and check how this supplement can be combined with prohormone stacks to help raise testosterone levels.

The benefits of this combination are numerous. Steroids will do their magic, and anti-estrogen supplements reduce adverse effects that raised estrogen can cause. Steroid users will experience lean mass gain, increased strength, and endurance, and their muscles will recover faster. Other advantages are fat-burning, increasing libido, and a better mood, even after spending hours in a gym.

Arimistane Is an Excellent Male Hormone Booster

Don’t be confused – legal prohormones, like Arimistane, are not anabolic steroids. They won’t fill your bloodstream with the synthetic testosterone. As a matter of fact, they’ll boost the natural production of this hormone, by activating live enzymes in charge of this process.

As the amount of testosterone in the body increases, its effects will be more potent. Of course, you can’t raise the levels of this hormone to infinity. That’s why it’s desirable to use Arimistane during the steroid cycles. The combination of anabolic drugs and anti-estrogen supplements will keep the optimal testosterone levels for the best results.

The Connection between Arimistane and Cortisol

The bonds between hormones produced by adrenal glands in the human body are unbelievable. For example, the increased level of the stress hormone, cortisol, has a significant impact on the production of testosterone.

The elevated level of cortisol causes lethargy and bad mood. But if this condition lasts longer, it can cause severe consequences. A high level of the stress hormone can cause losing lean mass and storing unwanted fat.

Except for the mentioned effects, some health issues are possible too. High cortisol can make the immune system lose its function. That can be a trigger for the occurrence of infections, inflammations, allergic reactions, and so on.

Cortisol levels increase even after strenuous training because your body is exposed to stress - not mental, but physical. This ‘stress’ is desirable, as long as it doesn’t disturb the secretion of testosterone. The good news is that Arimistane can keep the level of cortisol within the optimal range.

The Optimal Dosage

When it comes to dosage, the length of taking Arimistane to lower the estrogen levels in the body shouldn’t exceed six weeks. The dosage can vary depending on the supplement’s brand, but these variations are moderate. That’s why you should always look only for genuine supplements.

The optimal amount goes from 100 up to 200mg every day to achieve incredible results. The dosage can vary if you mix Arimistane with other supplements with similar mechanisms of action. If you don’t know which products are safe to combine with this prohormone, ask your physician or a certified trainer.

Things to Be Aware of When Using Arimistane

No synthetic substance is entirely safe for use. Each of these products carries a certain risk of side effects. Whether these will appear or not, depends on how you use these preparations and whether you buy genuine products or counterfeits. Here, see tips on buying original supplements online.

Using Arimistane for a long time will drastically lower the estrogen levels in your body, but there’s no room for fear. It will decrease the estrogen rate, but if you adhere to the rules on taking this supplement, it won’t reduce them to zero.

It’s essential to understand that lower estrogen levels can have similar side effects to low testosterone. These usually are hair loss, joint issues, mood swings, and low libido. When it comes to Arimistane, it’s considered quite safe. Users reported a very few side-effects so far.

Steroids are powerful things, and you need to know how to use them properly. In the wrong hands, they can be quite dangerous. Safe and responsible use should be a priority, not only results. You will experience numerous benefits as long as you follow the rules of proper use and take quality supplements to maintain testosterone levels.

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