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Exercise is extremely important to maintain our bodies. Not only does it keep you healthy and fit, it also gives you more energy and levels out your insulin levels. Everyone should be exercising, but going to the gym or exercising at home can be a daunting task. If you don’t know how the machines work, you may be overwhelmed and unprepared to work out correctly.

Thankfully, exercise machines can be easily explained. If you follow an exercise regimen and stick to machines you know how to use, you will be exercising correctly in no time. Keep reading to learn about the most popular machines you will find at the gym, and how you can correctly use them.


Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent exercise bike may seem pretty self-explanatory. It is a stationary bike, but instead of pedaling with your feet below you, you pedal with them out in front of you. The bicycle seat has a backrest, making it much more comfortable than your typical stationary bikes. To use this bike, adjust the seat so your feet are almost straightened out when you pedal. A good workout would be to bike at a moderate pace for around 30 minutes. In this time period, you can burn upwards of 300 calories.

Vibration Machine

Vibration machines work by having an individual standing on the exercise plate that vibrates dozens of times per second. This is known as passive exercise, and it can help improve bone density and increase circulation. While this machine probably won’t help you lose weight, it can be a great addition to a regular workout to increase muscle stimulation. It is recommended to use this machine for 30 minutes a few times a week.

Mini Stepper Machine

Mini stepper machines are great to have for an at home workout. These small machines pack a lot of punch by increasing the heart rate without taking up a lot of storage space. A good mini stepper machine can be bought for under $100, and it will help you tone your muscles. The mini stepper machine works by you placing your feet on the pedals and stepping up and down. Maintaining a fast pace will increase your heart rate and provide the cardiovascular benefits that come with cardio workouts. To work out other parts of your body, you could add small hand weights while working out too.

Punching Bag

Punching bags come in a few different options. Some of them are freestanding, meaning they stand upright by themselves. Other punching bags need to be hung from the ceiling with chains, and some punching bags are attached to a stand. However, they all provide the same benefits. Whether you are working with a punching bag at the gym or at home, using a punching bag can be a great way to increase your muscle mass and power.

Punching bags are available to purchase for around $100. They come in different weights depending on your current abilities and muscle mass. To get a good workout on a punching bag, you can practice regular punching and kicking. The speed and force you use will determine the amount of calories you can burn, but using a punching bag is a great addition to any workout regimen.

Squat Rack

Squat racks are common in the gym world. They contain a heavyweight bar with different sized weights to squat with. Using heavy weights with squatting will increase your muscle mass and burn more calories. Squat racks are a great tool to use when working out. However, if you squat incorrectly you could be injuring your back.

Squat racks come in a few different forms. Smaller squat racks are available for the home gym, but regular gyms will have larger squat rack cages. All squat racks will contain the Olympic bar with weights. More expensive squat racks will combine the traditional squat rack with a benching chair to increase the different movements you can perform on one machine. The best squat racks contain multiple sized weights with adjustable heights for multiple people to use it.


A treadmill is a machine that allows a person to walk or run to get a cardio workout in. Treadmills can be small enough to fold up against a wall at home, or they can be large and equipped with deluxe features like a fan and attached TVs.

Using a treadmill can provide you with the cardio workout you need. It is easy to track how far you go, and you can increase the incline to get a better workout. To get the best workout on a treadmill, include it in interval training with your weight sets. Cardio exercise helps to burn calories, but using a treadmill during interval workouts will actually increase the overall calories you burn in your workout. If you are using the treadmill in your interval training, you only need to do 2-3 sets of 10 minutes. However, if you are working out solely on a treadmill, aim for 30-60 minutes of running or walking on an incline to see the best results.

Power Tower

Power towers are an amazing piece of gym equipment that utilizes upper body strength. Most of the exercises on a power tower will use your own bodyweight, so it requires zero weights. The power tower has grip handles that are parallel to the floor for leg lifts, dips, and knee raises. Power towers will also have a set of handles on the top for pull ups.

If you are wanting a full body workout based solely on your body weight, using a power tower will be your best bet. Basic power towers can be bought for a small amount of money, and they give you a great workout for a piece of home equipment. All gyms will be equipped with power towers as well. Some power towers are deluxe and will come with punching bags and other features. To get the best workout possible, alternate between leg lifts, knee raises, dips, and pull ups on the power tower. Aim for 20 reps of each, and then repeat this 2-3 times. If this is too easy, increase the amount of repetitions you do per round.

Maxi Climber

The maxi climber machines are easy to compact machines that focus on the individual pulling themselves and climbing vertically on the machine. The machine is equipped with handles and pedals that the person will hold onto and step onto, alternating their feet and climbing in place. Climbing comes with many benefits, and the maxi climber machines work out the whole body.

Because this is a full body workout, you will see definition and muscle gain on all parts of your body. This machine is great for slimming down and creating strong legs and a strong core. Most people will start with just 10-minute sessions since you are lifting your body weight with each repetition.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines focus on the individual pulling a set of handles or ropes back and forth. While this may seem like it is an upper body workout, rowing machines target the lower body most. Your quads, calves, and glutes will feel the workout first because of the work they require in stabilizing your body weight. Your upper body will also get a workout.

Rowing machines are easy to use, and they provide a lot of benefits. These compact machines are easy to use at home, and every gym comes equipped with one. Rowing machines don’t take very long for you to feel the burn. In a 15 minute session you can burn up to 300 calories, so it is great for losing weight.


Elliptical machines provide a very good cardio workout. Unlike treadmills that can put a lot of strain on joints, elliptical machines are low impact. This makes them a great option if you have bad knees that get aggravated by treadmills. Elliptical machines can be used with or without your arms, so you get to decide if it is a lower body workout or a full body workout.

Elliptical machines provide the aerobic activity that is beneficial to your cardiovascular health. 30-60 minutes a day on an elliptical machine will increase your aerobic ability and provide your body with benefits. Elliptical machines can burn a few hundred calories per session depending on the individual’s weight and intensity.

Adjustable Weight Bench

Adjustable weight benches are a must have for every weight lifter. These weight benches increase your ability to exercise efficiently. Injuries are often a concern with weight lifting, and improper positioning is often the cause. Using a weight bench can keep individuals from straining their backs by using incorrect positioning.

Adjustable weight benches can be used with lots of different exercises. They can help stabilize your back with an Olympic bar, or they can be used with free weights and dumbbells. Adjustable weight benches will be able to change their incline for the exercise you are doing. They can lie completely flat, or they can sit in an upright position. The position of the bench depends on the muscle group you are targeting. Every gym has multiple adjustable weight benches because lots of people will spend the majority of their time on these. They are also easy to have at home and fold up to be fairly compact. The most common exercises on these weight benches are bench presses, rows, curls, and extensions.

Doorway Pull Up Bars

Pull ups can be a full body workout when done correctly. The doorway pull up bars are extremely affordable, and can handle more exercises than a person originally thinks. Doorway pull up bars are easy to install, they grip onto the top or bottom of the door, and can be taken off the doorframe in a matter of seconds.

Chin ups and pull ups are the most frequent exercise performed on these bars. You can increase your pull up benefits by doing regular and cross grip pull ups. These pull ups are the ultimate upper body workout and they happen by attaching the pull-up bar to the top of the door frame. However, you can increase your amount of exercises by attaching the bar to the bottom of the door frame as well. When attached to the bottom of the door frame, you can do triceps dips, abdominal sit ups, and inclined push-ups.

Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers came from Navy SEALS workouts. They are two handles that attach to a ceiling or a door frame. Using the handles, you can exercise multiple body parts by doing different maneuvers. One can use the handles in their hands, or in their feet.

When the handles are in the hands, you can do modified pull ups, abdominal work, and upper body exercises. Using the handles in your feet increases the intensity of lunges, push ups, and abdominal work. Suspension trainers can be used for a full body workout, and they are easy to install. Some gyms will have classes surrounding suspension training, but you can get the benefits right at home as well. At home suspension trainers come with a door anchor, so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Suspension training requires many different moves, but moving through each one for 10-15 repetitions will give you a harder workout than even the largest machines.

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