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The basis for building healthy muscle mass is training. Without adequate stimulation of the musculature (load zone, etc.), the muscle growth won’t happen. Thus, muscles will grow during and after intense workout sessions.


How your body acts after strenuous training, read below:

People shouldn’t forget the importance of proper nutrition for weight loss. A balanced diet with all necessary nutrients provides a 'raw material' for building lean tissues. Lastly, you need quality supplementation, which will help you define and highlight your muscles.

You should increase the intensity of your workout and activate all muscle groups. Preparations such as fat burners will not work without intense training. No matter how hard you hit the gym, if you have fatty layers on top of lean tissue, your muscles would be invisible.

Is Fat Bad for Your Body?

Each of us has a certain percentage of fat in the body. Lipids are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Yet, for bodybuilders and gym fans, fatty deposits are undesirable. These layers impair the appearance of these athletes and muscle visibility.

Although they are of ill reputation, lipids are essential for you. They are one of the vital nutrients that you take into the body through food. They protect you from injuries, release energy, help you withstand long and strenuous workouts, etc.

You should never cut lipids from your food intake; only limit their intake. You need this nutrient more than you need, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Make sure these are good, healthy fats from natural foods.

Get Rid of the Excess Fat

The human body has several ways to get lipids as a source of energy. Many nutrients can turn into fat. Still, there is only one way to get rid of excess weight - physical activity. It is imperative to train. Only that way, lipids won't deposit but leave your body.

As these processes take a long time, athletes sometimes need a little help in the form of fat-burning supplements. These preparations will speed up fat loss only when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

One of the most well-known and sought-after steroids is Clenbuterol. It has excelled most in the area of melting excess fat and developing lean tissue. Many bodybuilders use this compound a few weeks before their competitions, to bring their bodies to perfection.

Clenbuterol – Potent Fat-Burning Stimulant

Clenbuterol is not a classic steroid, but rather is described as a stimulant of specific processes in the body. Before scientists noticed its thermogenetic properties, Clenbuterol was used as a drug for asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic lung diseases.

The process that Clenbuterol starts is called thermogenesis (additional info see here). This compound is referred to as thermogenetic. Its action stimulates the work of metabolism and the process of burning lipids in the body. That way, the organism gets vital energy. When fat deposits melt, part of the energy turns to heat. Thermogenetic compounds stimulate the body to burn more calories to meet energy needs. That speeds up fat melting.

Preventing Loss of Lean Mass

At some point, the body's fat deposits won't be enough. The organism will look for another 'fuel.' That could easily be muscle cells. Athletes who train hard and have substantial calorie reductions are at particular risk of losing lean tissues. When they go too far with removing fat deposits, they could start to lose muscle mass.

Clenbuterol compound binds to receptors on muscle tissue and stimulates their growth. Thus, it prevents the loss of lean mass. While taking this stimulant, you should take care of your diet. It is necessary to increase the intake of protein and fiber. These nutrients will keep muscles untouched during fat and weight loss.

Clenbuterol for Cutting

Clenbuterol has a short lifespan, approximately 4 to 6 hours. It means that the body easily gets used to this compound, but also quickly eliminates it. If this substance were continuously used, the fat-burning effect would soon cease. That’s why you should conceive the cutting cycles of taking Clenbuterol correctly.

Your organism needs to 'rest' from taking Clenbuterol. It will take a while or your body to eliminate this substance in order to get used to it again. Beginners should start with cycles of one week of use and a week of non-use of this stimulant. Or they could adhere to the incrementing method. More experienced users can extend of taking and non-taking Clenbuterol to two weeks each.

‘Two Weeks’ Method

This method is also known as 'On-Off.' Bodybuilders use it because it is efficient and provides long-lasting results when repeated periodically. The point is to start the two-week cycle ('On' period) with the lowest dose of Clenbuterol (check for dosage recommendations) and then increase the dosage on specific days during this period.

After taking Clenbuterol for two weeks, take a break. That is the 'Off' part of the cycle. Your body has to rest from the accelerated consumption of calories from lipids. Also, this pause prevents the occurrence of Clenbuterol tolerance. The next cycle of taking this stimulant should start with the dose at which you ended the previous 'On' sequence of two weeks.

Incrementing Method

This cycle follows a simple pattern and is suitable for beginners. For two or three weeks, adhere to the lowest dose of Clenbuterol on all days. It is recommended for users to start with 20 micrograms per day and take that dose twice.

Then take a break for two or three weeks. Start the next cycle with an increased dose of Clenbuterol. Increase the dose by an additional 20 mcg of the substance. Repeat this procedure until the desired effects or until you achieve the highest recommended dose of Clenbuterol.

Fat burners are things that a large number of athletes, beginners in bodybuilding, and gym enthusiasts use. Their purpose is to help push the boundaries of their bodies. But these products won't bring results if you take them and do nothing.

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