Going to the Gym for the First Time: How to Make it Less Intimidating

Deciding to start going to the gym is one thing, but actually stepping foot inside is another. There are a lot of nerves and doubts that can fly to your mind when you are at the place and staring into different exercise machines and intense gym rats. Do not let the jitters discourage you from starting a healthier lifestyle. Here are some ways how to make your first visit to the gym less intimidating:


1. Know Your Goals

Why are you going to the gym in the first place? It is maybe your desire to be healthier, develop your endurance, or even build muscles. Chances are you are not in the gym to people watch or look at your phone. By focusing on your goals, you would be less distracted to what other people are doing and therefore be less conscious when other people are around.

2. List Down the Exercises

You won’t run the risk of standing awkwardly around if you have an idea what exercises you are going to do, not to mention you also become more efficient with your time. Being prepared gives you the confidence and make the trip less intimidating. While listing down the exercises, remember not to pressure yourself trying to squeeze in too much routines in the amount of time you will be there.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Now that you have a list of the exercises you are going to do, wear clothes that lets you best do them. Using the treadmill? Wear the right sneakers. Doing stretches? Wear leggings or pants that do not get in the way. It helps if you try out the workout clothes you have picked out at home to figure out how they feel. Aside from your clothes, also prepare a small towel for when you get sweaty.

4. Bring a Friend

The presence of a familiar face in a foreign setting can help you relax and even have fun when exercising. You have someone you can trust and not embarrassed around to navigate through the exercise equipment. Used an exercise machine not quite the right way? Laugh it off! Of course, is a bonus that you are working out and trying to have a more active lifestyle together.

5. Avoid a Packed Gym

If you have the luxury of decision of which time of day you are going to the gym, do not go during peak hours when you know the place will be packed. You would feel less pressure using an equipment knowing that there are no five other people waiting for their turn. A gym with fewer people is also a better way to familiarize yourself with the place.

6. Do not Work Out Too Hard Too Fast

You may feel pressured to work hard right away, especially if you see other people lifting impressive weights or running fast on the treadmill. Do not fret, it is your first time! Allow yourself to start out slow. Some people work out too hard in the beginning that end up hurting themselves and not going back to the gym.

7. Talk to a Trainer

If you are not entirely sure how and where to start on your first visit to the gym, talk to a trainer and ask for advice. Let them know it is your first time, the goals you are trying to achieve, and how long you would be in the gym. They can provide you routines that fit your situation.

If this is your first time attending a gym then it’s important that you find a low cost gym and if possible, one that offers no lock in contract gym memberships. That way if your change your mind about the Gym or it doesn’t suit your needs then you can easily change.

Going to the gym for the first time can be pretty intimidating. But do not worry! After a few times, those worries will go away. Just remember to remain consistent, know your goals, and keep pushing yourself.

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