Gym Workout Tips: Guide for Beginners

At last, more and more people are now seeing the importance of going to the gym. We are now seeing a band of people who are pulling themselves out to their fluffy couch to hit their nearest gym and sweat it out. While this awareness is indeed good news, it appears that something is missing in this welcome situation. People are doing their gym stuffs the Do-It-Yourself-Way.


Most people who hit the gym, do this and do that, but not really going anywhere. To truly make sound progress, gym-goers must see the importance of having a gym instructor. Because a whole day's worth of sweat doesn't mean that you've made an actual progress in the gym.

Want to know the basic stuff that you need to hear (and adhere to) from a personal trainer? Read on and find out the things that you've been missing out all this time inside the gym.

Gym Workout Tip #1 Identify you're "Why," "What," and "How."

Even before opening the doors of your chosen gym, make sure that you are already clear with these three things: Your 'Why,' 'What' and 'How.'

Ask yourself: "Why do I really want to go to the gym?" "What are the things that I want to achieve?'' and "How do I properly start?"

The decision to go to the gym is a leapfrog step towards a healthy lifestyle, but clear intentions and goals must back up this decision to support your gym journey all the way to the end. These clear reasons will pull you again and again inside the gym even when you don't feel like going.

Also, you'll be more dedicated and be forced to discipline yourself because your intentions are clear and defined.

Gym Workout Tip #2 Learn the Basics First

Having learned the importance of starting small, it will now lead us to this next important tip: 'Learn the basics first.' One of the mistakes that most gym-goers make when going to the gym is skipping the basic workouts. They want to get in shape so quickly, so they jump on those intense and fancy workouts thinking that it can make them achieve their goal right away, but of course, a personal gym trainer knows that it doesn't work that way. Left alone, gym-goers would definitely do whatever they want to do (that's why they quit early).

Trainers would definitely start teaching their trainees the proper way of doing warm-ups and cooldowns. Trainees should also expect to be schooled about proper squats, rows, lunges, and chest presses.

The keyword here is 'proper.'

Everybody knows this basic stuff, but the problem is, only a handful of gym workers truly know how to do these things properly. Knowing the fundamental workouts to do is not enough; what's more important is how to do these activities correctly. That's why gym-goers must have trainers to guide them on the right path.

Gym Workout Tip #3 Do Not Overcommit or Overperform

It's really exciting to set new heights for ourselves. This is the moment when people are so passionate and eager to change their old habits and tend to forget logic along the way. This is one of the reasons why most gym-goers quit so early because they've started with 'out-of-reach-goals' first.

Personal gym-trainers (more than anyone else inside the gym) know how to land their trainees safely to their goals. The first thing that trainers advocate is 'starting small.' They want their trainees to set their pace for bigger workout goals by establishing a doable workout routine first. It might puff the excitement of the gym-goers who expect 'Olympic workouts' right from their very first day at the gym, but this is the proper way to achieve anyone's end goal, to slice them in chunks and make them 'chewable.'

Gym Workout Tip #4 Consistency Over Intensity

This fourth tip is the reason why you need to follow our tip number 3. Staring with doable workout activities will enable you to establish consistency. You may want to put down your intense workout fantasies and get in touch with reality.

Without having a tight grip on consistency, (which a lot of gym-goers find really hard), then it's really impossible to achieve your fitness goals. That's why gym-goers need someone to discipline them whenever they feel like breaking their workout plan 'and do something more.' That is one of the most important roles of trainers, to 'tame' their trainees whenever they are tempted to go overboard, a step that might break their pace.

Gym Workout Tip # 5 Finding a Support Group

Trainers aren't just there to train us but to develop our emotional well-being as well. One of the most effective ways of trainers to motivate their trainees is to introduce them to other circles. For gym-goers who are too shy to mingle with other gym-goers, trainers can definitely help them out with their shyness.

Trainers are not doing this just for mingling's sake but to enhance their trainee's motivation to continue and strive on improving their workout program. Motivation, most especially in workout programs, can really go a long way.

Without any doubt, having a trainer by your side can give you an edge over other gym-goers who sweat all by themselves. Having the courage to go to the gym is the first crucial step towards a healthy lifestyle, but having someone to guide all the way to the end will safely land you there.

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