The Half Day Diet: What Is All About?

Most people decide to go dieting with their main aim being to lose weight. However, only a handful achieve this goal as the rest tend to give up along the way either because they run out of resources to keep up with the diets needs or because they lacked the will to continue dieting. For whatever reasons you decide to go on a diet, it is essential that you understand dieting is not for the faint-hearted or at least that is what most diet plans make us believe.

The norm behind dieting has been created such that we are made to believe that it is something which requires a lot of input, sacrifice, and stresses to the body. Maybe this is the reason why only a handful manage to get results from strict dieting.


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Is there a way to lose weight without having to worry about ditching your favorite foods and eating stuff you don’t like? There are very many ways to achieve weightless but along the way you have to make a few sacrifices.

The Half day diet, for example, is a diet program that allows dieters to lose weight through dieting but still gets to enjoy their favorite foods each single day.

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What Is The Half Day Diet?

It is a straightforward and strategic dieting program invented by a fitness expert and author from San Francisco named Nate Miyaki. The program takes users through a weightless journey that expects them to restrict their diet off carbs during the day but resume treating carb rich foods during the night.

Despite the controversy that the program does not work and that it goes against the standard dieting routine which completely restricts carbs, the Half day dieting plan argues that avoiding carbs during the day and eating them at night creates a balance in the body that is necessary for weightless.

The balance is that when the body is starved off carbs during the day, it tends to burn stored fats for energy needed to carry out metabolic activities. On the other hand, eating carbs at night enables the body to resume normal body functioning. Also, the founder of this program argues that dieting for just a Half day does not subject the body to side effects common with total no-carb diet plans.

Effects of No-carb dieting include;

  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Causes hormonal imbalances and disruptions
  • Messes with your sleep
  • It also creates an avenue for weight gain
  • Starvation and cravings
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How Does The Half Day Diet Work?

In the program, Nate Miyaki urges users to manage their carb intake to control insulin; the hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism of food nutrients. To lose weight through this program, you are expected to cut out carb intake during the day but eat carbs during the night. How interesting!

During the day, it is advised that you eat all green foodstuff and lots of proteins but you must food rich in carbs at night. This way, you make the bodybelieve that you are on a low carb diet when indeed you are not. Therefore, it will burn fats during daytime and get the needed energy for normal body functioning at night.

Nate has made it easy for users to follow through this program and ultimately achieve desired results. This program consists of three pillars;

1. Macro Optimization

Everyone looking into weight loss programs desires to shed of a good amount of body weight. However much weight you want to lose, you are expected to tweak your macronutrients to achieve this goal. Nate advises that as you optimize your carbs, proteins and fats intake by eating them at the right times, way and portions.

2. Customization

Here you learn how to customize Nate’s principles to suit your individual preferences, lifestyle, and needs. Remember that bodies react differently to things. Therefore your reaction to the program will not be the same as compared to the next person. In short, the Half day diet helps you to customize the principles to suit you.

3. Evolution

Most diet plans make you follow the same principles and procedures throughout the weight loss journey. This Half day diet, however, is unique in that it changes with each phase, as you start getting accustomed to the program your needs change so do your goals. Therefore, this program is designed with templates that take you through each phase and evolve with you.



  • As the author puts it, the Half day diet teaches you to eat to lose weight and not to starve your body.
  • It is an excellent diet program for people with busy schedules and lifestyles
  • The information presented is clear and precise. It is also available immediately you purchase the program
  • All the information presented is not based on personal opinions but rather on a proven scientific research.
  • The Half day diet works for all irrespective of whether you are male or female, young or old.
  • You are presented with enough resources to enable you to create a diet plan that suits your needs
  • The program has a 60-day money back guarantee


  • • The results take time to show
  • The plan requires you to change your regular habits and routine
  • It does have a hard copy, only digitized downloadable content.


Despite the controversy, the Half day diet plan has managed to garner a large following due to a vast majority of users confessing that the program works. On a scientific point of view, the ideas presented in this plan make sense in making the body losing weight without any side effects.

The only two things you need to see results is patience and commitment. You won’t lose weight in a day or two but after some time of total commitment and dedication towards the program. The good news is, the plan will not subject you to cheat days where you consciously submit to craving and urge to eat that which the diet restricts. You only limit your body to eating certain foods at certain periods of the day to lose and maintain healthy body weight.

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