How To Enhance Your Upper Body Region Using The Hammer Strength Row

If you are going to spend time in the gym working out, it is evident that you will be expecting to see results of your efforts after a while. A well-built upper body region particularly the area around the lats is everybody builder’s and gym enthusiast’s dream. This is because of the beautiful aesthetic appeal and improved strength that it gives the body. So, are you trying to figure out the best exercise to help you obtain anexcellent physique? Well, your ‘figuring out’ days are over. In this article, you will learn the basics of the hammer strength row which is considered to be one of the best exercises for building exceptional lats and stronger upper body muscles.


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What You Need To Know About This Exercise

There is always a misconception that one can only build stronger upper body muscles through heavy weight lifting. It is true that lifting weights plays an essential role in building body muscles, but not all muscles can be built using weights.

In the case of building the lats and an overall upper body region, you will need to ensure that you consistently follow a properly laid out workout plan. Only this will help to develop a stronger upper body and at the same time put on significant muscle mass.

One thing you should never do when performing strength and body building exercises is relying on one single exercise. Remember that the body has various muscles located in different places. Therefore, most of these exercises are often designed to target a particular muscle group. What does this mean? This means that any proper workout routine has to incorporate several exercises that appropriatelytarget your muscles of interest and that the routine should be able to give you a full body workout.

Performing only one exercise will lead to muscle imbalances and also make you vulnerable to muscle pains and injuries. For you to attain composed muscle distribution in your upper body region, it is vital that you carry out a comprehensive upper body workout, which typically involves the hammer strength row exercise.

How To Do The Hammer Strength Row Exercise

Here is a simple step by step guide to help you perform this strength exercise efficiently. Follow the steps carefully and to the latter.

What you will need for the exercise: Hammer Strength Machine


Step 1: Warm Up

Begin by warming up yo0ur body to get ready for the main workout. This you can do by doing slights jogging or dancing. It helps only to get your body in the form of a workout but also contributes to minimizing the chances of suffering a muscle strain during the exercise.

Step 2: Set Up Your Work Out Area And Get Into Starting Position

Start this exercise by sitting on the bench. Make sure that the equipment you are using has been adjusted to your appropriate height. You should also have it in mind that lats muscles are the primary muscles targeted hence you need to get enough space for spreading your arms. While still in the same sitting position, place your feet on the pads and let your upper part of the body to rest on the upright pad.

Grab the parallel upright bars and hold them tightly. Make sure that your palms face inwards as you hold the bars. This is the position that you need to hold as you start off the actual exercise.

Step 3: Start The Exercise

Now begin the exercise by slowly pulling the weights towards your chest. At the same time, ensure that you are squeezing your lats tightly. When pulling the weight, ensure that you put much stress on your back muscles as opposed to your arms. This is the only way you can build your upper body muscles, especially back muscles and get the necessary body strength that you need.

Step 4: Return To The Starting Position

You need to hold the contracted position in step 3 for a count and then gradually lower the weight back down to the starting position while at the same time ensuring that you are clutching your shoulder blades together as you breathe in deeply.

Step 5: Repeat The Exercise

Continuing doing the exercise repeatedly for maximum results. You can do about 3 sets of 8 reps each if possible.

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Tips And Rules To Keep In Mind When Doing The Exercise

  • When performing hammer strength raining, it is significant to ensure that you maintain the arch in your lower back. The essence of this is that it allows you to manage the pressure discs and consequently allow you to concentrate on the lats.
  •  Avoid leaning back during the exercise because when you do this, your chest will probably come off the pad hence reducing the efficiency of the exercise.
  • Allow your arms to extend out fully after each repetition. This will allow your lats to stretch hence making it possible for you to attain desirable results from doing this exercise.
  • Always use your hands as hooks for grabbing the bars and not necessarily for pulling the weight. Instead, ensure that it is the back that you are engaging in pulling the weight.
  • When it comes to variations, try to shift your grip positions. This is necessarily possible when you put your hands on the grips that are placed in a parallel position to the ground.
  • Lastly and most importantly, don’t overdo the exercise especially during your initial days. It is not recommendable to indulge into intense hammer rowing because it may lead to a damage of your muscles and excruciating pain.


Following the guide provided above on how to perform the hammer strength row will help you to significantly build your upper body muscles without needing the help of a gym instructor. Of importance is to ensure that incorporate the exercise into a workout plan that is not only comprehensive but also well laid out in that it contains exercises can be progressively undertaken to give you a full workout.

You should also be patient and consistent with exercise if at all you want to see change.

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