5 Healthy Dinner Ideas Every Gym-Buff Would Love

If you're a gym buff and you will like to stay healthy while eating out, you need to be choosy about what you eat and when you eat especially for dinner. There are a couple of ways you can stay healthy while having a nice time out with friends at the local diner. According to Reviews Radar, here are the 5 healthy dinner ideas that you should try out as a gym-buff:


1. The Restaurant Location

Before heading out with your buddies, try to find out the location of the restaurant where you will be having dinner so you can plan ahead. Google the restaurant, check their Facebook or Instagram, or better still, call them. The goal is to find out what they offer so you can know what you will fancy for dinner when you get there and to make sure they have attractive healthy options other than a boring salad.

Check the menu and look for the healthy options and narrow it down to a few that you can choose from when you visit. When it comes to implementing healthy dinner ideas, it's never easy. We all fall short but the goal here is to know what the options are so you can choose from one of the healthy options available.

2. Swap The Sides

For most restaurants, sides often include onion rings, white rice, and chips. All of these are often quite delicious but bad for your health and if you're a gym-buff, the last thing you want is to find all the hours you've put in at the gym come to an end because you had too many sides. Swap the sides for healthier options like vegetables - steamed ones. If the restaurant doesn't have any healthy options available, you can ask them to leave out extras off your plate.

3. Reduce The Alcohol

Another healthy dinner idea that you should try is to reduce the amount of booze you take when you eat out. Alcohol comes with hundreds of calories and is powerful enough to undo all your hard work at the gym. Depending on what you drink it may also have lots of sugars, and almost always have tons of carbs.

Alcohol is diuretic and drinking too much will definitely lead to the kidney producing urine and it's even more dangerous if you will head down to the gym after dinner. Exercising soon after you had lots of alcohol will lead to dehydration while exercising a day after you had alcohol will lead to lower quality fitness sessions. Either way, you look at, too much alcohol is bad.

If you must drink it, keep it moderate but don't get drunk while celebrating a milestone with friends. Wine can also have less calories and some other health benefits so try drinking wine instead of beer and cocktails. However, cutting alcohol out completely is best. If that’s the plan, opt for seltzer water during toasts to get that fizzy feeling to replace your beer cravings.

4. Leave Desserts.

Yes, we know. It takes a lot of willpower to skip desserts, but you have to learn to say no more. Healthy dinner ideas can be quite effective, but you have to build up your will power to turn down on things that can seriously affect you. Deserts are known for being built with lots of calories along with fat and they can get really addictive so the best thing to do is to skip them altogether.

Most desserts contain lots of white sugar (as opposed to brown sugar, which is a little healthier). They offer little nutritional value, and while they taste good try blocking them out by opting out for some fruit instead. This will not only do your body a world of good, but you’ll also feel sharper and less sluggish.

5. Pack it, Don’t Eat It

When you eat out it’s easy to be in a tough situation. You get to the point where you’re satisfied, but you still have some food left. You can either pack it or eat it and become a lot more full – sometimes uncomfortably so.

Portion control is a skill and art and takes time to master. You won’t get it right away as it takes practice, but recognizing these situations before they happen is important – try eating a little less than you want (you’ll be surprised at how little food you need) and you’ll have more to pack – maybe even another meal.

It’s tough because it takes your body as much as 15 minutes to register food, meaning you might not feel full from the food you ate until it’s 15 minutes too late. As this happens take mental notes and you’ll start to recognize the portions you NEED (not want) so you can plan and pack food.

Extra tips include front loading early in the meal eating salad or complimentary breads. Also drinking a lot of water helps you feel more full so you can avoid this situation.

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