How Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life

There are so many benefits to physical therapy. While medicine can help manage chronic conditions or pain due to an injury, sometimes you need a little more in your life to get back in working order. Physical therapy (PT) is all about managing conditions or preventing future ones by using the right movements to increase mobility, balance, blood flow, and restore function back to that part of the body. No matter where you are in the healing process, physical therapy is a great option for making sure you’re in optimal health. Here are a few ways PT can be a life-changing experience for those dealing with medical issues that inhibit the ability to move throughout life normally.


Lessen Pain

Not only can physical therapy lessen the pain you feel, but in many, it will completely rid you of pain altogether. It is beneficial for a plethora of chronic conditions. Multiple sclerosis, for example, can be treated with PT by making patients more balanced, strengthening muscles, and preventing spasms with stretching exercises. PT can also reduce pain for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and even urinary incontinence.

Avoid Surgery

After an accident, injury, or because of chronic pain, you may have the option to choose between surgery and physical therapy. While there are high risks with surgery, depending on how invasive, physical therapy can deal with the same conditions and improve them with little risk to you and your body. Sure, it may be more time consuming to attend physical therapy appointments than to get a quick surgery and let yourself heal for a week or two, but the risks of an invasive procedure make this an easy decision for most. Physical therapy is almost always a safer option. Even if your condition is so severe that you still need surgery, physical therapy will prepare your body for this procedure. Therapy can cut down healing time or improve your chances of a full recovery post-surgery, and can also help you get back to normal after surgery. Many who go through surgery, such as a knee replacement, need physical therapy afterward to get themselves back on their feet.

Manage Diseases

Not only can physical therapy help your body recover after an injury, but it can also help combat other diseases you may be experiencing. Many with diabetes experience benefits from PT, as exercise can help manage blood sugar spikes. It can also be beneficial to those with heart issues, such as heart failure, as well as those with lung problems. Fluid in the lungs can be kept in check in a non-invasive way with the proper breathing exercises.

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