How To Be Healthy When You’re At Work In The Office

It’s a misconception that you can’t achieve good health when you’re working in an office setting. You can get busy with the workload and deadlines, but you shouldn’t take your health for granted. Besides, your efficiency and endurance will also depend on your health.


Take the time to read these simple, healthy ways and incorporate them into your daily work routine to maintain good health while you’re at the office:

1. Have a Nutritious Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Sleeping for hours can be compared to fasting, so you wake up with an empty stomach. That’s why your very first meal should suffice to compensate for this hunger and give you the energy to start the day. Drinking coffee alone can keep you alert, but it can also cause hyperacidity which could lead to heartburn. So, eat a healthy breakfast meal instead that includes fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. This will keep you full and energized throughout the morning. To add more to your energy and endurance until you knock off work, make sure to eat a healthy lunch as well.

2. Eat Healthy Snacks

Constantly typing and staring at the computer or paperwork is more bearable when you have a snack on the side. Instead of munching on junk food, you can promote health and bring healthy snacks for your office workmates. Buy bags of mixed nuts and dried fruits or some healthy snack bars.

3. Try An Office Massage Service

When your body feels heavy and muscles are tight, it’s the stress that’s wearing you down. You dream of a relaxing massage because you can’t leave the office yet. But who says you can’t experience a super relaxing time in the office? You can have a great massage in your office by calling an office massage service provider. Some workplaces offer office massages as part of their employee benefits, which is awesome. But if you don’t have it in your office, you can always search for an office massage therapists online or more conveniently, book through mobile massage apps like Zeel, Zennya, or Soothe at Work.

4. Have In-between Breaks

Working and sitting straight for 8 or 9 hours can wear you down physically and mentally. That’s why taking in-between breaks are important. Stand and stretch your body once in a while. To prevent straining your eyes, back away from the computer or look away from your monitor every 20 minutes.

5. Be Mindful of Ergonomics

Standing desks are becoming popular nowadays to remedy the harms of sitting for long hours. But it’s worth noting that standing for long hours also has its health risks like varicose veins and cardiovascular diseases. The point of these innovations in an office workspace is office ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study and process of workplaces to achieve efficiency. This is applied to the design and use of ergonomic workstations and tools like computers, desks, and chairs that preserve the posture and health of employees. After all, healthy employees are efficient at their work.

6. Take a Quick Power Nap

Sleeping at work can get you in trouble. You can prevent droopy eyes during busy times by taking quick power naps during breaks. This usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes. You just have to be careful you don’t end up exceeding this timeframe by setting your alarm clock. You’ll be surprised how this short sleep can restore your alertness.

7. Use the Stairs

Exercise doesn’t have to mean jogging or a full workout at the gym. You can incorporate physical exercise while you’re at the office. For instance, instead of taking the elevator, you can use the stairs. Also, don’t take for granted the chance to walk around when you have to go to meetings or have to go to another department located on a different floor. Walking is also a form of exercise, and it’s good for your leg muscles and cardiovascular health.

8. Keep Yourself Hydrated

You can still lose body water even when you’re just sitting. The air conditioning system can lower the water content in the office atmosphere. So, drink plenty of water to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. Don’t use other liquids and beverages like sodas and juices to replace water as pure H2O is your best bet against dehydration.

9. Walk to De-stress

Aside from leg and cardio exercise, walking can also serve as a de-stressing activity. Whenever you have your break, leave your desk for a short while and take a short walk to the water cooler or simply walk around to shake away the stress.

10. Pause and Meditate

Rejuvenate your mind by doing quick guided meditation in the comfort of your chair. All you need to do is take a pause from whatever you are doing, sit, relax, and breathe. Clear your mind of any thoughts while doing so. This kind of meditation only takes about 4 to 5 minutes so you can do this during your breaks.


You should be more responsible for your health. Taking care of your well-being shouldn’t be exclusive in your home or at the gym. Hopefully, these tips should be able to help you because working in an office setting doesn’t have to be monotonous and unhealthy. If you can think of other ways to promote health for everyone in the office, be proactive and make suggestions.

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