5 Things To Know About How To Fix Uneven Abs

It is unquestionable that having uneven Abs can be very disappointing and stressful especially to someone who constantly works out at the gym. Many sports people and professional bodybuilders have always found this particular condition so frustrating and can be very aggravating. But then again, you may be built up in all sections of your body after working yourself out, lifting heavy and doing all exercises appropriately but end up having uneven Abs. It is really infuriating, isn’t it? how to fix uneven abs

Getting relatively chiseled abs perhaps could be an ideal step, to begin with, but making them symmetrical should be the ultimate goal. But what does it basically mean to have uneven abs? This is a situation where your abs appear to be staggered and are not rightly lined up from one side to the other. Having uneven abs could as well imply that the development of your abdominal muscle is not proportional either from side to side or from top to bottom. Now the big question is how to fix uneven abs ? Is it even possible?


It would be important to realize that the best approach for fixing uneven abs depends on the actual reason why they are unevenly developed. There are instances when the cause could be genetically derived. In such a case, there are little chances for correcting the uneven abs. Often, you will only need to either make your muscles bigger or smaller depending on their size but completely making the abs even in such instances can be a difficult thing.

Another reason for having uneven abs could be as a result of the fat distribution. In this case, proper dietary measures need to be taken to solve the condition. But in instances where the cause is due to inappropriate exercise, then various ways can be used in fixing such abs.

The focus in the case of inept workout should be on exercising the portion of muscles that will enable it to develop. The types of exercises that you carry out should be done in such a way that target the side abs or the oblique.

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How To Fix Uneven Abs

Checking Your Diet

This is apparently one of the finest ways of fixing uneven abs. It is vital to note that our bodies are formed in such a way that they tend to store fat on the lower half of the abdominal wall. This, therefore, makes it relatively difficult to burn the facts in that lower abdominal region in fixing the possibly the uneven abs.

Storing more fats on the lower parts of the abdomen than the upper parts of the abdomen cause imbalanced abs. In this case, changing and checking your diet plays a great role. Therefore, ensure that you avoid taking food that contains fatty substances as you continue to workout. You should always strive to maintain an overall fat body in the area of 8% to 10%.

The moment the overall percentage of fat present in the body starts to decrease, the fat accumulated on the lower ab also continues to drop and the more it continues to appear comparatively balanced and symmetrically developed from top to bottom.

Abdominal Exercises

Doing abdominal muscle exercises is also another great way of fixing uneven abs. For you to attain symmetrical abs, you need to ensure that you carry out all the abdominal exercises in the right manner. Remember there is no shortcut to this, you just have to execute all the relevant exercises appropriately.

There are several abdominal muscle exercises that you can perform such as hanging knee, single-leg raises, reverse crunches, Swiss ball planks, and decline crunches. All these and others should ideally help in fixing uneven but only when done correctly.


Surgery is also another solution on how to fix uneven abs. As earlier explained, there are uneven abs that are as a result of genetics and thus can never be fixed using any kind of exercise, or change of diet but only through surgery.

This might not be the best way to do it because there could be other side effects that it might later lead to and could be harmful to your general wellbeing. Moreover, surgery in this situation is a very expensive option, but if you are comfortable with the cost then the better.

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A Quick Review

This article has covered some of the most important and essential information regarding fixing uneven abs. Here is a quick summary of the whole article;

  1. If you have abs that are staggered from side to side, it is important to understand that it is all about genetics. This simply means that there is absolutely nothing that you can particularly do about the same rather than living with it and continuing your workout according to your schedule.
  2. In the event that you have abs that are imbalanced from top to bottom, it primarily implies that there is an issue with the fat storage on the lower side of the abdomen. The only solution to this is concentrating on lowering the overall body fat percentage to the lowest point possible. This is the only way of correcting this kind of situation.
  3. If you have uneven abs that have developed from side to side, then there is need that you concentrate all your abdominal workout movements and activities with proper form. The importance of this is that it will make it possible for you to prevent a situation where one side is compensating for the other. The other ideal thing that you can probably do is conducting unilateral work as this will ensure that you even things out.

Final Word

From the information on the article, it is clear that the cause of the uneven abs is what determines the best approach to fixing it. It is, therefore, important to understand the particular cause that has resulted in the lack of balance in your abs before considering the right approach for fixing the same. All the listed ways can yield desirable results only when carried out in the proper manner, commitment and in accordance with the directions of a health or fitness expert.

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