How To Get Bigger Hips – 2 Safe Ways To Grow Bigger Hips

You feel your hips are too small? Okay, vision this, you have put on your fitting dress ready to go out, and you decide to look at the mirror one last time to ensure that everything is in check. Fine, you are all good, the dress is perfect, hair is on point, your manicureis well done, your makeup is on point, and your boobs are well shaped and show just fine. Narrowing down, your booty is, well, not so okay and you realize that your hips have not caught up with the rest of your body. You imagine if they were a little bit bigger then everything will be perfect and the dress would look much better. So you ask the question, how to get bigger hips?


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Imagining how close you are to having that perfect figure, you are now determined to get your hips bigger to fill the gap. But you want to do this without undergoing any surgery, using injections or any artificial enhancements. Because for starters, these are expensive, unnatural, and quite unsafe.

There has to be a way, but what? Exercise and nutrition.

1. Exercise

First of all, exercising for bigger hips is no walk in the park. You need to perform target exercises, those that target the four gluteal muscles that comprise, the gluteus Maximus, Minimus, Medias and the tensor fasciae latae. These hip muscles are not a small muscle group; they are quite large and play a significant role in the shape and size of the hips. Therefore, they must be given particular attention in this endeavor.

A great lower body exercise regime will target all these muscles.

Following are three great workout plans that can help you get bigger hips, however, keep in mind that these don’t assure overnight results. But with patience and dedication, you will achieve your desired results.

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The Squat

Squats are one of the most popular lower body exercises and also the trickiest to perform. They are an all-around principal training for building lower body muscles especially the gluteal region. Being one of the tricky exercises to perform, most beginners and those that are not goal oriented tend to avoid squats.

The best squats are paired with loads, either barbells, dumbbells or a weight machine. Barbells are commonly used, this only requires you to rest the barbell on your shoulders while performing the squats. Alternatively, you can also have the load in front of you, though this might be challenging when lifting heavier loads.

When considering squats, they are usually performed flat footed, but someworkouts require you to lift your ankles from the ground during the lift. During a squat, the hips should never lock out since it will steal all the load of the workout off the hips, which defeats the purpose of the squat and reduces workout intensity.

A good trick to maximize efficiency when squatting especially for first timers is to use a bench to monitor how low you go. Just put a chair underneath you, if you make if you make contact with the seat, you've gone low enough. You may also go so low that the butt makes contact with your heels. The lower you go, the more successful the squat. The gap between your feet: how wide the space between them is, will establish how effectively the hips muscles are worked.

As a solution to how to get bigger hips, your regimen should contain different types of squats. It should include at least three sets of ten repetitions.

Abductor Exercises

Mostly the side lying hip abduction and the standing side abduction are great exercises that will help enlarge your hip flexors. The level of expansion of the hip muscles contributes significantly to the overall look of your hips. For the exercises, you need dumbbells that you will rest on one hip as you stretch it out to the sides while standing or lying down on your side.

Dumbbell Lunges

The dumbbell lunges will help develop your gluteus along with the rear thigh muscle mass. It will also contribute toimproving theoverall versatility of your lower body, particularly within the hips.The side lunge especially which you perform using lighter weights provides room for muscle growth and width on the hips.

2. Nutrition

Exercising for bigger hips also requires that you watch your diet. You need bigger hips with a small proportional waist, to do this you will have to ditch junk food and adopt a healthy nutrition plan. Be careful about the foods you eat. Yes, certain foods can stunt the growth of your hips. What you need to eat are foods that help not only your hips but also contribute to improving your overall health.

Healthy fats are a good place to start with. Nice big hips require some fat but healthy ones, therefore you will need to substitute animal fats with better and healthier fats like coconut butter, olive oil, nuts, and avocado.

Aside from fats, you will also need to consume more carbohydrates that are slow digesting like oats, whole grains, etc. This is to ensure that your body stores more fats that will lead to more muscle growth. As for carbohydrates, you will need to be careful with how much you consume because you wouldn’t want bigger hips with a big stomach.

Proteins consumption is also another thing that must be factored into your nutrition plan. Lean meat, plant-basedproteins like beans and soy, and some dairy products can significantly help build your hip muscles. As you eat your proteins, don’t forget to eat some vegetables too. In as much as vegetables won’t contribute directly to you getting bigger hips, their dietary fibers will help maintain a good digestive health and thus promote better absorption of nutrients.


Building bigger hips is hard, but any resolute body building regime absolutely must include hip workout routines. As mentioned also, you need to supplement the exercises with proper nutrition to ensure that your answer to how to get bigger hips is all inclusive.

Good luck!

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