A Guaranteed Guide On How To Get Rid of Fat Knees

From a health perspective, since fat at the knee sides is a distant away from the vital organs, it is harmless. However, though harmless from the health perspective, when you wear shorts or outfits that expose or rather reveal the adipose tissue. When you have fat knees, instant self-consciousness feelings ends cropping up under such circumstances thus leading to some forms of frustrations. The good news is that losing this excessive fat is never a complicated ordeal with discipline being the only prerequisite. how to get rid of fat knees

Although it isn't possible to spot this fat reducing, being under a solid workout plan complemented with a well structured dietary plan and changes will help you burn the excess fats, not only from the knee area but from the entire body. Tightening and toning of muscles around the knee area will result in leaner looks. We will here discuss how to get rid of fat knees.


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1. Eating Plan

Foods to Eat

As far as eating is concerned, the rule of the thumb is you eat only the healthy foods as you cut on the daily food intake. This one-two combination in turn automatically creates a caloric deficit that causes one to burn the excessive fat found within the entire body as well as on the sides of the knees. Eating nutrient-dense foods, mainly plant based e.g. beans, wholegrain, vegetables and fruits will help you cut your caloric intake by up to 500 calories and even more.

Things to Avoid

Your calorie-dense beverages intake need to be restricted if you are to burn this extra fat. Beer, wine, sweetened teas, soda, slushies and processed fruit drinks are all known to have high caloric amounts. Often, these drinks are overlooked in weight loss structures. Replacing all these drinks with herbal teas, water, and dietary beverages will promote the loss of fat on the knee sides even further.

It is also important to either eliminate or restrict your intake of animal products. If it’s difficult for you to become a vegan during this time, use fish, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products instead of the high saturated fat animal products.

Appetite Stabilization

If you are used to eating junk, it will be difficult to completely eliminate them from your program. Rather than thinking of elimination, consider replacing these junk foods with healthy snacks. Try as much as possible not to eat in between meals but if you feel hungry in between, eat healthy snacks such as apple slices among other fruits except bananas. You can also go for the whole grain crackers and dried fruits among others.

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2. Fitness Plan

It is only after you have been able to control, limit and regulate your appetite that you can move to the second step namely the fitness plan.


Perform cardiovascular exercises so as to burn fat not only around the legs but the entire system. This is to ensure that the entire body is balanced. It is risky to target only one section of the body while neglecting the others. After you are done with the general body cardio workouts, you can move to the workouts that target the knee muscles.

Some of the exercises that are great for the knee muscles include stair climbing, indoor & outdoor cycling, running, brisk walking, brisk walking and running on the treadmill among others. For faster fat loss, you can interval low intensity exercises with the high intensity ones. A good example is to sprint for 2 seconds followed by a 40 minute jog. Other low intensity exercises that can be used to interval the high intensity ones include frog jumping, brisk walking and stretching among others. Do the exercises on three days a week, nonconsecutive.

Leg Presses

You will need to invest in leg presses. These come in a wide range, starting with the simple wearable ones that will cost you about $30 and below to the leg-press machines that cost a bit higher. In the case of a machine, sit on its sit, placing your feet at shoulder-width apart. Try pressing the platform as if to move it off the support as you turn the safety handles to the sides. By bending you knees, lower the platform down, stopping when your thighs get close to your abdomen. In a steady motion, push up, till your knees are just about to lock up and repeat the procedure as many times as you can.


Standing with your feet almost hip-width apart, grab the dumbbell and hold them at your sides, ready to do the reverse lunges. With your right foot, take one long backward step and lower yourself till your knees are almost at 90 degrees. Let your front knee be in line with your ankle whereas your rear knee is kept off the floor for a few seconds. Rise up and repeat with the left leg backward and continue the alternation.


Execute a number of star squat sets, making good use of your body weight. With your arms at the sides and your feet together, lower your body into a deep squat, and get to the position where your hands hold the floor as if you are waiting for the Go alarm in an athletic competition. Kick one of your legs back as you raise it high to your highest possible position. Repeat this with your other leg.

Concisely, some of the best exercises, which are the perfect answers to how to get rid of fat knees, include walking backwards…uphill, stair stepping, lunges, biking, squats and other cardio exercises. This is of course after stopping to eat junk. Patience is important in this whole thing. If you are expecting it to happen in one week, you may get disappointed. Give it a few weeks to a few months, as you become diligent with both the meal plan and the workouts and you will surely gain your confidence once again.

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