How To Improve Muscular Endurance With Simple Exercises

Muscle endurance can be equated to what we know as stamina. This is the when a set of muscles can exert force repeatedly and consistently over a certain period. You do not need to be a professional athlete just to end up with a great body with impressive muscle endurance.

Muscle endurance helps many body functions to be done correctly. Some people are now more active thanks to the exercises associated with muscle endurance. These exercises will also determine just how much energy you get to have throughout the day.

With muscle endurance, you do not really need to workout using heavy exercises, but rather they are some simple exercises you can use today. Some of the common exercises to use include planks, sit-ups, body weight squats, pushups, and walking lunges. How to improve muscle endurance should be fun, check out the workouts in detail below.


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It is a common exercise that might look easy, but wait until you try it out. Below is how you get to do it right.

What you will need

  •  Mat


  • 1. The starting position is when you lay flat on the stomach with the hips touching the ground at this moment and your upper body lifted using the forearms.
  • 2. Now, proceed to clench the lower back and use your legs to elevate the hips from the ground to a substantial height. Clenching your shoulders too could help with easy support of the whole weight.
  • 3. Hold this position for as long as it is possible for you. Most people would last for about 45 seconds and then they have to relax.
  • 4. After the 45 seconds, go back to the starting position on the ground. Rest for 15 seconds and do another rep.
  • 5. At some point, you will start to feel your arms quivering. Such is an indication that you are pushing yourself to the limit, which is still a good sign. The arms will stop quivering after some time when you get used to the exercise.

Check out this video on planks

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If you are looking to rip the abdominal area, this could be the exercise to use. It also helps with muscle endurance on so many levels.

What you will need

  • Yoga Mat


  • 1. The yoga mat in this case is important to keep your tailbone from feeling uncomfortable when rubbing on the ground. With sit-ups, you do not need a lot of hard surfaces.
  • 2. The starting position for sit-ups is to keep your back flat on the mat, slightly bend the legs, but keep the feet flat on the ground. Now you are ready to do the first sit-up.
  • 3. By clenching your stomach muscles, you can now bring up the torso to a position that is flush with the thighs. Make sure to resist using momentum when bringing up your body.
  • 4. Hold your torso up for a second, and then slowly take it down back to the starting position. Do not free fall as resisting the fall helps with better muscle endurance.
  • 5. For each set aim for at least 25 reps. Do 5 reps and increase them with time.

Here is a quick video guide on sit-ups

Body Weight Squats


Well, you do not need weights to actually have fun with the squats. Sometimes your own body weight could help workout with the squat exercise.


  • 1 The starting position would be when standing upright with the back straight and the feet slightly placed apart. You have to keep the feet outside your shoulder width so that you have an easy time balancing.
  • 2 Your arms should be straight away from the body too for the starting point. Proceed to bend your legs and then drop down to the height of the knees. At this point, your legs will be forming a 90 degree angle with your thighs.
  • 3 Hold the position for a second or two and then push the body weight back up through your heels. During the exercise, you will feel the back straining meaning it is working out and also the same for glutes and hamstrings.
  • 4 The exercise also needs you to keep the chest out and the back straight at all times for a good form. Never at any time let your torso be parallel with the ground.
  • 5 The more reps you do, the better you become at doing this kind of workout. You will always get better with time.

This video guide should be awesome for those who might have any questions about body weight squats.



Pushups are fun, but they also need a lot of stamina to get going too. Do not think for a moment that pushups will be easy for you.

What you will need

  •  Yoga Mat


  • 1. The yoga mat for the pushups is something optional. You can choose to use it or not. The starting position is just like the plank. You have to lay flat on your stomach, keeping your back straight.
  • 2. Raise your lower body from the ground into the plank position. This time, you will be holding the weight with only the hands on the ground and not the elbows.
  • 3. While keeping your back straight and the head facing forward, lower the body until the chest touches the ground.
  • 4. With your palms, you need to push the body weight back up to the starting position. Just like that you done the first rep of pushups. You will need more than one for muscle endurance.

This video should show you more on how to do the pushups correctly

Get stronger from today

Now that you know how to improve muscular endurance, then you should be in a position to workout more effectively. The mentioned workouts are not the only ones you can use to build muscle endurance, there are many others available today. It is all about what you can do on your own. Just make sure you workout correctly to avoid injuries.

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