7 Tips On How To Prevent Ankle Injuries For Soccer-Players

Soccer is a renowned sport and millions of people follow it. Players have to work hard to learn the techniques, however, it has its own list of injuries. These injuries can happen either during a game or while practicing. One of the most common injuries is an ankle injury. It can happen anytime during the tenure of a player. It can happen at every age and level i.e from youth to pro. If you have played soccer during high school then it is a high probability that you sprained your ankle at least once.


This does not mean that you cannot return back to the field. If you know the correct rehab process then it is very likely that you will be back on the field in no time. It will also save a lot of money for the physiotherapist. There can be different types of an ankle sprain. It depends on the severity of the sprain. Some of the most common ways to sprain an ankle for a player are getting tackled low or incorrect body force which forces the foot to move in a wrong way. Another reason is stepping wrong or an uneven field and stepping on another player`s foot accidentally. Some injuries can be fine within minutes, however, some other may take months to heal. It is very important that you give the ankle time to heal otherwise you will keep injuring yourself.

There are certain shoes which are available in the market. They help prevent the injuries. You can get them in the market as soccer cleats with ankle support . These products will help support the ankle and even prevent injuries. There few other ways to prevent the injury, let us look at some of them.

1. Strengthen ankles with the help of calf raises

If you have ankles sprain the best thing to do is to rise up on your toes with no weight. This will help strengthen all the muscles and ligaments which are present in the joint. It is even better to keep your balance while your eyes are shut. It gives more strength to the area.

2. Land correctly

It is always good to make sure that the muscles in your feet and ankles are tightly clenched. Most of the time while running we either step on another player`s foot or an uneven patch on the field. Try to balance yourself while jumping or running so that you save yourself from hurting the ankle badly.

3. Wearing an ankle brace

The ankle brace is available in the market and can be used for support to the ankles. This is because the ankle brace supports the ligaments around the ankle. You can either use a crap bandage or wear an ankle brace for necessary support. Some people believe that using the ankle brace always can weaken the muscles around the ankle in the long run. You can also search for phrases like “soccer ankle support” to get more info on this

4. Be alert

In most cases, ankle sprain happens when the foot turns inward. If we keep this in mind you may be mentally alert to make sure this does not happen and subconsciously you can reduce the risk of twisting your ankle.

5. Use a theraband

Our muscles can be strengthened when you apply a force against a force. There are 4 ways to use a theraband known as eversion, inversion, plantar and dorsiflexion.

6. Wearing the right shoes

Shoes play a vital role in sports and it is imperative that you wear the right kind of shoes while playing. The shoes should not be too loose and should have a wide toe and with good cushion sole.

7. Proprioception training

This is an important training which helps you improve the awareness of your own body position. It can be done by balancing on one foot and balancing with closed eyes.


Even if you take all the precautions the chances of getting ankle injury is very high. If you get hurt then make sure that you stop playing immediately and do not put too much weight on the hurt foot. Use ice, compression, and elevation along with rest for quick healing and to reduce the swelling. With strong muscles, the chances of injury are very less. Make sure that you take precaution on and off the field as well.

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