7 Ways to Increase Your T Levels While Strength Training

Many men out there feel as if they are missing something. Perhaps you feel lethargic, noticed an increase in body fat, less strength/muscle mass, or your sex drive has suddenly taken a downturn. Listen, there are a ton of ways to get you back on track. The most likely scenario—is that you’re aging—and your body’s natural testosterone producing mechanisms have slowed.


1.Be A Heavyweight

Go to the gym and lift heavy. For full effectiveness, you need to go in there and throw-up some heavy metal. You might feel underwhelmed or under-confident in your heavy weight training skills. Don’t let what others in the gym are doing deter you from your personal goals.

Age is not a factor. Studies have shown that even older men can dramatically increase their testosterone levels via heavy weight training. This means there really is no excuse. If you want to get stronger and increase your testosterone, start pushing some heavy iron around the gym.

2.High Intensity Interval Training

This phenomenon is a fantastic workout to start building into your weekly routines. High intensity interval training, HIIT, is the means of which your exercise period is short but with extreme intensity, approximately 30 seconds to one minute. Following the burst, a shorter, low intensity recovery period ensues.

This specific training method is typically used with sprint workouts. There is a plethora of HIIT workouts out there, try running a simple search to find out which one to try. Then, all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of slimming your waist and raising your testosterone!

3.Don’t Skip Leg Day

This may be one of the most neglected days during an individual’s weekly exercise regimen. But studies show that workouts such as the squat and deadlift are significant factors of overall strength. Squats may seem and feel like just a leg workout—but the exercise works a number of muscles in the body. The grit, energy and mental capacity it takes to get through a typical, heavy, hard leg workout will surely help your testosterone come out on top.

4.Workout With A Partner

When motivation is down—you can call on that one person that’s in it with you. Having someone else hold you accountable will psychologically push you to get to the gym. Strength training doesn’t work if you aren’t in the gym strength training. Additionally, if you have a spotter checking your form and helping you lift weights that you aren’t accustomed to lifting—you’re more likely to get stronger, quicker!

5.Be Consistent

Sure, you can go to the gym twice a week. However, don’t expect to see many results. The art of strength training takes time, patience, perseverance, and determination. If you can get to the gym for 60 to 90 minutes a day—then do it. Your personal life will benefit, your testosterone levels with boost and your overall happiness will rise. It’s important to value the time spent in the gym.

Every rep is important—and that one extra rep you’re able to do today may turn into two tomorrow. Stay positive. Sometimes all it takes is just showing up to the gym to regain that kick in the ass you need.

6.Keep Movin’

It’s easy to get to the gym and start chatting it up with a few buddies. All this is going to do is become a distraction. It’s going to extend your time at the gym causing you to think that you need two hours to get a workout in. Don’t make that reality. Studies show short rest periods in between sets maximizes the discharge of testosterone while strength training. Next time you get to the gym, stay focused and disciplined to keep moving onto the next set and/or exercise.


That’s right. Don’t let consistency and stupidity be confused. It’s always necessary to find that day or two to take off a week to let the body recover. Besides, the act of lifting weights is not the act that increases strength—the act of recovery is this mechanism. To truly maximize your time at the gym, it is important to take rest days—or active rest days—in order for muscles to heal and recover. Get to the gym regularly, but be smart and listen to your body.

It’s no secret that testosterone and strength training fall hand-in-hand. Finding time to hit the gym is vital to the body’s response to lowering testosterone levels. There are a few different ways that strength training can increase your testosterone levels.

The trick, though, is finding one that works for you. Be patient, there is no quick fix for lowering testosterone levels. However, slowly, over time, you will start to see results.

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